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    20 Questions: Is there a coach in his last camp?

    Louis DeLuca / DMN
    Mike Zimmer turned down Nebraska during the off-season. If he's offered an NFL head coaching job, will it be too much to pass on?

    03:46 PM CDT on Friday, July 30, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************


    Training camp has finally arrived so it's time to unveil the final 10 questions in our "20 questions" series. These are some of the topics that may flow under the radar.

    What will be the most memorable moment of training camp?

    Receiver Antonio Bryant will be on his best behavior, so that leaves only one man to get under coach Bill Parcells' skin. Of course, we're talking about the Cowboys' mascot Rowdy.

    Parcells booted Rowdy out of a training camp practice last year because of "time management issues." The mascot, whose creepy smile and oversized features can even frighten adults, will have a confrontation with Parcells at some point.

    Not having a sweaty jersey handy, Rowdy will rip off his gigantic head and throw it at Parcells.

    How will the punting controversy affect the team?

    The competition between punters Ryan "Errol" Flinn and Mat "Extremity" McBriar should go down to the wire. McBriar, an Australian, gets the edge because he has a cooler accent.

    Which rookie will make the biggest impact?

    Before Eddie George arrived on the scene, you'd have to say it was running back Julius Jones. Now, Jones will go toe to toe with right tackle Jacob Rogers, who is expected to compete for the starting job with second-year man Torrin Tucker.

    How will Donald Mitchell do this year at nickel cornerback?

    With all the talk about safety Darren Woodson's injury and cornerback Pete Hunter's experience, Mitchell has been lost in the shuffle. The former SMU player was solid for the Titans and now that he's finally healthy, he should solidify the nickel spot. Mitchell is not the fastest guy in the world, but he still has the reputation for always being around the ball.

    Who will be the best backup defensive tackle on the team?

    Daleroy Stewart may be the most improved, but Leo Carson will make the biggest impact. He's one of the quickest players on the team. Carson can chase running backs down from behind.

    What coach on this staff could be attending his final Cowboys' training camp?

    If the Cowboys' defense has another standout season, look for defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to find a head coaching job in the NFL. Nebraska came knocking last season, but Zimmer stayed. He won't be able to resist if the Dolphins come calling after this season.

    Who will become the folk hero of camp?

    Two years ago, receiver Richmond Flowers won over an HBO audience with his guitar. He still didn't make the team, though. Last year, free-agent rookie receiver Aaron Boone made a lot of circus catches before injuring his shoulder.

    This year, look for a player from Arkansas named Tom Crowder to attract a crowd. He looks like a Bill Bates starter kit.

    Who are some of the celebrities likely to show up in California?

    Well, it's a safe bet that Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland will show up to see her fiancée Roy Williams. Longtime Cowboys fan and actor David Keith could make an appearance. Former Cowboys quarterback Danny White may show up looking for a job. White was fired from his coaching gig with the Arena Football League's Arizona Rattlers.

    Maybe actors Luke and Owen Wilson will stop by. They grew up in Dallas and are bound to be Cowboys fans.

    Who will be the most surprising player on the offensive line?

    Second-year center Al Johnson hasn't played a down, but he could become the key to the offensive line. Johnson's quickness and ability to get outside will allow Parcells to be more creative on offense.

    How many yards will Eddie George rush for this season?

    George will average about 65 yards per game, which will put him at around 1,090 yards for the season. He'll add eight touchdowns for good measure.


    Who will handle kickoffs this season?

    With Toby Gowin gone, kicker Billy Cundiff will have to assume the chores. He will be a slight upgrade over Gowin, who hit more line drives last season than Rangers third baseman Hank Blalock.
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    I hate Rowdy.

    Well, Parcells cited McBriar as the player who could have the most impact on the team this year.

    What does that say for Errol Flinn?

    It's still Jones.

    George is a safety net, Parcells will give Jones every opportunity to become the starter and primary ball carrier.

    BS on Flowers, even the Hutchers disliked the guy.

    I think Patrick Crayton is the most likely to become popular in practice.

    And Johnson is simply a much better player than DiNapoli and Lehr.

    He's smart, quick and reportedly has a bit of nastiness in his play.

    Bring it.

    I'll put George down for something over 500 and below 800 as long as Jules progresses.

    I do think George will be the Red Zone back, so eight touchdowns is realistic.

    Yeah, but, Gowin weighs 80 pounds soaking wet.

    If Mat McBriar has such a strong leg, shouldn't he be given a chance to handle kickofs?
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    Mosley is out of his ever loving mind. I have yet to see one fan who likes or liked Flowers. He must have Flowers' CD in his car or something. If so his taste is all in his mouth.
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    I need to do some research on who could be our next Defensive Coordinator next year. I just have this feeling that Mike Zimmer is probably gone after this season. Sean Payton's seasons could be numbered as well. Alot of people really dont understand how valuable Payton has been to the development of Carter and his skills overall as a QB Coach.

    You dont keep guys like these for too long...

    - Mike G.
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    It's going to be nice to have Carson reunited with Wiley.
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    Calm down Hollywood. I can see you sitting there with you Zimmer voodoo doll only hoping this becomes a reality.;)
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    Hopefully, Dallas can keep some of these coaches around for awhile. I think the lack of turnover in the coaching staff has a lot more to do with NE's success than people think. It would be nice for Dallas to have that kind of stability for a few years.

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