News: Mosley: Jason Garrett has a Romo problem

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Oct 18, 2011.

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    First off, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett should be commended for not taking exception to Bill Belichick's patented cold-fish handshake. Garrett believes in a firm handshake and awkwardly long eye contact, but he had bigger concerns following Sunday's 20-16 loss to the Patriots in Foxboro.

    His honeymoon period as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys officially came to an end when he elected to go completely conservative while holding a 16-13 lead with 3:36 remaining in the game. You may have heard that New England loses a regular-season home game every five years or so. But the Cowboys appeared to have the Patriots on the ropes Sunday afternoon.

    Garrett listened to that little voice in his head that told him to take the game out of his quarterback's hands and continue to trust that his defense could silence future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. Three running plays and a false-start penalty later, the Cowboys lined up in punt formation. What happened next is something we almost take for granted because of Brady's brilliance. He calmly led the Patriots down the field and then fired a touchdown pass with 22 seconds left on the clock. You don't give the most cold-blooded player in the league two chances to beat you in the final six minutes of a game.


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    Love it.

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    Garrett doesn't have a Romo problem; he has a running game problem (as in lack there of).
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    I don't know if I fully appreciated how badly a lack of a running game affected this team until the Pats game (for this season, at least).

    I rewatched the game, and F Jones was having to break tackles in the backfield and the LOS consistently. And Jones was running tough. There was no place to go.

    I think once we get our FB healthy, it should help at the margin.

    But basically, the interior of the OL is too young/inexperienced (Costa and Nagy).

    I think we will need to pick up one more interior OL in the draft next season.
  5. Cochese

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    Tony Romo is the only offense this team has. Jason Garrett has a Jason Garrett problem.
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    Garrett has a team problem and they're beating themselves. This is the weakest team mentally I've seen since Camppo was HC. Stupid mistakes and penalties. It snowballs through out the game but we only remember the 'play' or 'call' that lost the battle. B.S.

    It's a conglomeration of bad things and **** rolls down hill. There's no reason to put ourselves in the position we end up in.

    IF this coaching staff can get this offense focused, we can beat any team in the NFL.

    I'm back to holding my breath when Romo drops back.

    Big gain.....penalty. Pass.............wrong read, dropped ball, wrong route, pick. Punt..........blocked. 4th and points. TWENTY FOUR POINT lead at half.............blown. Every game it's several people, at different times, screwing the pooch.

    WOW. Just wow.
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    My sentiments exactly. I said this right after we ran the ball right up the middle 2:30 before the end of the game and give the ball back to the Pats. Jason didn't even try. You just have to "play football", as he likes to say. And tell Tony, "if you throw and INT you deserve to get your tail chewed out " the rest of the week". And let the chips fall where they may.
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    The mistakes and penalties I have to grade on the curb because they are being made by first year people. But last year and prior when Flo, Leonard, and them old heads were making them ... unacceptable.
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    Bingo. He needs to put away the Techmo Bowl guide to NFL football.
  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    Garrett blew that damn game... Hey you've went with Romo this far, why not take another chance with him now??????
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    ditto. :signmast:
  12. Idgit

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    Or...and let me go out on a limb here...there's not really a problem at all and we just didn't execute well enough on a handful of plays to hold and win a tough game on the road.
  13. Joe Rod

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    I had zero issues with JG's play calling through the first three games of the season. No problems with the Jets game at all. These last two have been head-scratchers.

    Honestly, anything over 1:30 is too much time for Tom Brady, so what did they accomplish by nursing the clock other than not leaving themselves enough time to drive down the field at the end? Hanging your hat on the running backs that had produced a paltry 2.75 yards per carry up to that point was just begging for a punt. JG put the game in the hands of his defense against one of the best to ever play the game. Not smart.

    This team has some potential, but they need better game-day management in order to produce good results. The last two games might end up as the difference between winning the Division and sitting at home.

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