News: Mosley: Ryan 'epitomizes old-fashioned football'

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    Ryan 'epitomizes old-fashioned football'
    01:14 PM CDT on Saturday, May 29, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    During the next several weeks, will take a look at the Cowboys' draft picks through the eyes of their high school or college coaches.

    Sean Ryan didn't grow up of dreaming of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, at one point in his life, the thought of it would've made him cringe.

    Ryan, a tight end whom the Cowboys drafted in the fifth round of last month's NFL draft, won a contest to attend Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, Calif., a game in which Dallas beat his beloved Bills, 52-17.

    Twelve years later, Ryan is hoping to make the team that he once despised. And judging by the way Bill Parcells has talked about Ryan, he should have a good shot.

    Parcells disarmed a nervous Ryan, a fellow New York guy, during his pre-draft visit to Valley Ranch.

    "He yelled down the hall, 'Where's that tough Irish guy? I like those guys,'" Ryan said last month. "We laughed for about 15 minutes. It wasn't intimidating at all."

    According to his tight ends coach at Boston College, Jim Bridge, Ryan isn't easily intimidated. Ryan started six games his freshman season at defensive end before moving to tight end for his final three seasons. Bridge said Ryan had excellent hands, but would just as soon spend an entire game blocking.

    "Sean epitomizes old-fashioned football," Bridge said. "I don't think we ever used anyone to help him over there. And we were playing against people like Miami and Virginia Tech."

    Ryan finished with 447 receiving yards and six touchdowns his senior year. He was almost always the last player to leave the practice field because he wanted to catch extra balls from a machine.

    Cowboys fans may have wondered why the team drafted a tight end when they already have Dan Campbell and Jason Witten. But owner and general manager Jerry Jones indicated that Ryan would be able to help the Cowboys focus on a power running game.

    Witten has emerged as a reliable target for Quincy Carter, but Campbell and Ryan, each regarded as an excellent blocker, could be a force in two-tight end sets.

    The reason Ryan didn't go until the fifth round is because he lacks speed. He can make tough catches on intermediate routes, but he'll rarely burn a defensive back.

    Ryan needs to work on trying to catch the ball with his hands instead of trapping it against this chest, Bridge said. He also said Ryan will have to increase his flexibility in hopes of gaining more speed.

    "He is what he is," said Bridge, echoing a familiar

    Parcells phrase. "He's not the fastest tight end on the roster, but he'll be the best." Hanging in Bridge's basement at home is a constant reminder of Ryan. At one point, coaches had to ban Ryan from wearing his favorite Boston College baseball cap because it was so tattered and soiled.

    After his final college game, Ryan gave the cap to Bridge.

    "I'll never let go of that thing," Bridge said. "It's down there with all my prized possessions."


    Name: Sean Ryan
    Position: Tight end
    College: Boston College
    Ht., Wt.: 6-4, 266
    Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y.
    Quote: "He'll be tougher than anyone they've had."
    - Boston College tight ends coach Jim Bridge
    E-mail mmosley@**************

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    Great article.

    Long time no see. Where have you been?
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    I'll admit that when BP first began bringing in 'his guy' I wasn't too thrilled. I saw it as him slowing our team down, turning us into the Dallas Giants/Jets. But after a little time I can say that I'm totally on board with his thinking.

    Things are already tough in the nfc east and are getting tougher. Gibbs is in Washington with a new qb and rb , they will commit to running the ball and palying solid defense. Coughlin is now in nyc and his teams are usually very tough.. not to mention they underachieved last season under fassell. So I see BP gearing us up for a season of old time NFC east SMASH MOUTH BALL!

    All of this to me spells doom for the nfc east leading eagles.

    I cannot wait!
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    Federal Hill casa di grande

    LovE Sean Ryans potential. My two sons name in order, Sean & Ryan
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    Hell Nors I thought you named them "Three" and "Four". :D
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    very funny!!!...

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    ROFLMAO!! Rib of the day!! :D
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    Ryan sounds like a keeper. I once worked with someone named Sean Ryan. He was a big Irish fella too. It must be a common trait with that name. ;)
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    No numbers 3 and 4 are on covert operations stateside
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    Thats as Irish as it gets

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