News: Mosley: Two-minute drill with ... Kalen Thornton

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    Two-minute drill with ... Kalen Thornton

    09:27 PM CDT on Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    Kalen Thornton, Aspiring chef/Linebacker

    When did you become interested in cooking?

    I started when I was in first and second grade. When all my buddies were checking out sports books from the school library, I was checking out cookbooks.

    You do realize this is going in the newspaper?

    [Laughing] I know. My secret's going to be out.

    What's your specialty?

    I'm a big grill guy. My dad [former Cowboys player Bruce Thornton] and I can make a mean teriyaki bone-in rib-eye. I'm also pretty good with Boston pork butt and pork shoulder.

    How often do you grill?

    Dad and I will grill out for our family at least three nights per week.

    Do you feel that you're getting enough red meat?

    I might overdo it a little bit at times.

    What type of cooking equipment do you have?

    We have a regular gas grill, and we like to mix some charcoal with some wood chips.

    Who has the best steaks in Dallas besides Thornton and Son?

    I'd have to say Bob's Steak and Chop House. And I like III Forks a lot, too.

    How many recipes do you have?

    I keep hundreds of recipes on my computer. When I see something I like, I hold onto it.

    Do you watch the Food Network?

    Oh yeah. And I try not to miss Emeril Live.

    Would you consider doing your own cooking show on the team's new 24-hour cable channel?

    I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I'd like to have my dad co-host it with me.

    Do you think you could get Bill Parcells on the show?

    I'm not that big-time yet.

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