Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

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    I have gone through a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
    - too buggy, lag time when going from portrait to landscape and easy quick ways of doing things dont appear so obvious / so phone was a NO for me.

    I also went through the Droid Razr
    - was better than SGN, was just smoother and shortcuts were better but still felt like it wasnt much better than my droid X

    So, on the near horizon is the Droid Razr Maxx

    supposed to be a tad bit thicker than Droid Razr 7.1 mm to 8.99mm, bigger better battery.

    8MP camera rumored to be 13MP

    Lets face. LTE phones will be battery drainers.

    But this one claims, “the longest-lasting smartphone on the block,”
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    8MP or 13MP, it's still a crap sensor shooting through crap optics.
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    I always lower the res on my phone camera. End up resizing them anyway to upload somewhere.

    I just fired up my new Galaxy S2 last night. So far I am really liking it. Faster and slicker the Captivate it replaced. GPS works much better. Volume output through the truck stereo is much better. Haven't made a call with it yet. lol It seems to get a better cell signal than the Cappy in trouble areas. Hopefully At&T will put out ICS for it at some point.

    The guy at the Verizon store talked my friend out of the Nexus. Said it had a lot of bugs to be worked out and she would be returning it in no time.

    Congrats on the new toy.
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    Hmm. I responded to this thread and now it's gone. Not sure what happen. Definitely wasn't anything questionable in the post. Odd.

    It was a rather large post. I'm not retyping that. /screwit
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    I'm waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note, phone/mini tablet to come out. Looks like it will be pretty good, and has pretty good reviews so far.

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