moving down not up makes the most sense

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. mmillman

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    If you don't have insider it essentially says to move down collect more picks. Also trading a second for a first next season or a third for a second next season etc........

    Similar to what the Pats always seem to do.

    For Dallas I would trade down from 14 to the 20's pick up another second. Trade a second this season for a first next season.
  2. jimnabby

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    I can't read the article, but yeah, there's research that suggests pretty strongly that the best values in the draft are later in the 1st and in the 2nd. With the new rookie contract rules, though, the numbers will shift around - the sweet spot may very well be different now. In a draft like this one, with what looks like a lot of depth, extra picks in the double-digit numbers are probably very valuable.
  3. johnnyd

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    I would absolutely love to do this. Im not loving what we might be staring at us at 14 if the latest buzz is correct.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    I'm all for trading down.
  5. TheCount

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    I don't think trading up is even being entertained. I'm not for trading down unless we are landing a first rounder in a future draft or at least the value has to be overwhelming. Don't get too cute for your own good.
  6. Hostile

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  7. da_boyz_mk

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    I'm sure they've at least entertained the idea of moving up. Just simple due diligence. But to me it's an unlikely scenario simply because I don't see anyone falling worth trading up for from #14.

    I think a trade down right now is probably 50/50. If Barron,Brockers, and Cox are all off the board and DeCastro is there to take I think Jerry bails out. I personally would take DeCastro over the other 3 mentioned but I can't see Jerry pulling the trigger.
  8. PullMyFinger

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    If Barron is still on the board around 12 or so, and JJ thinks hes gonna get swooped up, I think Dallas trades up.
  9. Risen Star

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    That depends on what our board looks like. Trade downs make sense when you believe there isn't much of a difference in value from where you are to where you are dropping down to.

    But if the Cowboys have a player that's on the board at 14 that is just head and shoulders better than the rest, they need to stay where they are and take that player.
  10. Risen Star

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    Absolutely. You have to do your homework and know exactly what value is out there. Of course what's being proposed right now can be very different from the offers you'll get during the draft.

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