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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, May 12, 2006.

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    You really missed out on a great generation.
  2. Bob Sacamano

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    indeed, just reading about them gives me a swelling of pride, I can't even imagine actually watching them and rooting for them on the field, although Staubach does make appearances at Navy games that I attend here in Annapolis
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    I wouldn't call any of them "Mr. Cowboy" that is and always will be Bob Lilly...the teams 1st ever #1 draft pick and a fixture for many years.

    But of the guys you listed (and I can't think of any others who fit better) the one who reminds me of the role that Lily filled for the team was Darren Woodson. HE was the tough, solid fixture on defense who always came to play and was a leader on the field and in the locker room. They were both great people off the field and represented the team well wherever they were.

    Each of the others had their own correspondent on the earlier teams:

    Emmitt - Perkins then Dorsett (Calvin Hill in between but to a lesser extent)
    Troy - Merideth then Staubach
    Irvin - Hayes then Pearson
    LA - Rayfield Wright

    But the one who always exemplified the same work ethic and values and had the same type of impact as Lily was Woodson IMO.
  4. dougonthebench

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    the NFL's All Time Leading Rusher--Mr.Emmitt Smith!!!
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    l. Bob Lilly
    2. Roger Staubach
    3. Emmitt Smith

    Old Geezer
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    Originality would be the best policy here. Like an old Al Stewart song says, "if it doesn't come natural, leave it". Giving someone a nickname for the sake of having a nickname usually results in a definite reach. Nothing could possibly be more of a reach than giving one that someone already has. I mean if we're going to play that game, how about Chris 'Too Tall' Canty, Demarcus 'Manster' Ware, heck, 'Orange Julius' could simply be the 'Juice'.

    While I understand where you're trying to go with this, it should be noted Emmitt Smith will always be remembered as a 'Triplet', and that in the history of all sports, there is no more of a flattering referral than that of just an actual first name. 'Emmitt' certainly fills that bill.
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    Post of the day.
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    There isn't one for this generation.

    There will always be one true Mr. Cowboy.
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    i would say troy aikman, and emmit they were awesome
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    regardless of who is mr. cowboy, the discrepancy between young and old is fascinating
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    Sorry guys -

    There isn't a Mr Cowboy in recent years. Bob Lilly was deemed as much for his image as his high quality play and synonymity with the 'boys.

    I would not like to claim Larry as such - not such a leader, lacking charisma....
    Mike Irvin has WAY too many off the field issues.......Emmitt lost his reputation by pouring out the nonsense about,'..diamond amongst'...... Troy just takes his professional non-bias too far, and seems to lack the support that I'd expect.....

    Woody would be as close as any for me. But I still wouldn't like to suggest Mr Cowboy.

    Am I unduly harsh, with expectations that are too high? Maybe, I don't care!

    [Soapbox off]
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    Great post. Summarized exactly why the title was bestowed on Lilly and why others fall short without disparaging them.
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    Bluto: "Dorfman, you're Delta name is Flounder."

    Dorfman: "Flounder? Why Flounder?"

    Bluto: "(Belch) .. WHY NOT?"
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