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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Like I said, Cason is more of a bump and run, man coverage type corner. Talib is the zone guy that breaks on routes, etc. Cason was more of a "shutdown" corner in college than any of the other guys coming out.
  2. Hostile

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    The Wildcats play mostly man coverage.
  3. Woods

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    And I bet if Cason runs sub 4.5 at his Pro Day or Combine everyone will be all over him again as a top 20 pick . . . .

    Given Cason's success at the CB position over the past couple of years, I'd think he would be one the least boom or bust type of CBs in this Draft.

    As much as I like Cromartie and McKelvin, they haven't played at the same level of competition as Cason.

    It will be very interesting how our mock drafts (as well as the real draft) pan out with respect to the CB position, esp. if Cason runs sub 4.5.
  4. cobra

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    Well, y'all may be right about Cason. I'll defer to you because you may have seen more of them. I could only stomach 2 Arizona games this past year, and so my sample size understanding of him

    It's not like I'm a scout or anything. I was just going on what my impression was watching him twice (watched the Oregon game which he had an incredible game and the USC game). I just couldn't stomach watching more Az games than that.

    I think he is a good player, but I think he would excel as a ballhawk FS. But I will defer to those who have watched him more than I.
  5. dfense

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    Fell apart in the playoffs? Two drops constitutes falling apart?
  6. Future

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    I would have to change my shorts if Kelly fell to us at 28
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    he's good in man, but his forte is zone coverage

    at least according to Drew Boylhart
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    I'm not in favor of that mock draft... I doubt Dallas will take a WR in the 1st round.
  9. Hostile

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    You sure you're not a Wildcats fan? That sounds like all of us too. They were not a good team by any wild stretch. Only 4 players were worth watching. Cason was one of the 4.
  10. 5mics

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    Neither did DeMarcus Ware when he came out. I wouldn't downgrade these small-school guys. In fact, I think when all is said and done/all the player evals finished, Cromartie, McKelvin, & Tracy Porter will be graded higher than Cason. Just a feeling I get.....
  11. Woods

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    I think the biggest knock on Cason is his speed. I think if Cason runs sub 4.5, it will push him back up the draft. That's not to say Cromartie and McKelvin aren't going to be good. I just think that Cason may be less of a risk.

    As for Tracy Porter, I thought he was getting more mixed reviews at the Senior Bowl? I know Cromartie and McKelvin did well, however.
  12. TDHND

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    i wouldn't mind hardy
  13. CrazyCowboy

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    I sure hope this is WRONG
  14. firehawk350

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    Don't worry, it is. I have yet to see a mock draft that did even a credible job predicting the draft. They are usually only good at predicting the top 5 and even then, I define good as getting 20% of the picks right.
  15. sago1

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    Would love Malcolm Kelly if he stay thee when we pick; would also love James Hardy who may also go late in first round. This mock draft is very different from many I've seen; really believe 2-3 WRs go before us but hope Cromartie who looked real good in Senior Bowl still there when we draft.

    I don't buy into the "we shouldn't use first rounder on a WR" cause bust rate so high or whatever the reason. I guess we shouldn't have drafted Irvin in the first round & also think we drafted Harper pretty high too. We haven't drafted a WR in first round since and so we spent a fortune on TO and host of lesser WRs over the years. Last year we waited til 2nd round and the guys we wanted weren't there when we picked. So we draft Stanbach in the 4th. The Cards seem to be able to draft good WRs and so do other teams. Comes down to how good our scouting department is.
  16. CowboyFan74

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    Don't forget stopping in route for a perfect td pass. With how he ran his mouth whatever the mediots say will be justified, till he redeems himself...
  17. theogt

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    McKelvin likely will for some teams. Cromartie, no. And Tracy Porter not even close.

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