Multiple Scenario Mock using 20 different players

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Only going to do 5 rounds for each because guessing who to take in the 6th and 7th rounds is kinda pointless in my opinion.

    Scenario 1- DeCastro is there

    Round 1- David DeCastro OG Stanford
    Round 2- Chase Minifield CB Virginia
    Round 3- Bruce Irvin OLB WV
    Round 4- Akiem Hicks DT/NT Regina
    Round 5- Jerry Franklin ILB Arkansas

    Scenario 2- DeCastro is gone and the FO grades Jenkins well

    Round 1- Janoris Jenkins CB N Alabama
    Round 2- Brandon Washington OG Miami
    Round 3- James-Michael Johnson ILB Nevada
    Round 4- Joe Adams WR/KR Arkansas
    Round 5- Hebron Fangupo DT/NT BYU

    Scenario 3- DeCastro is gone and the FO does not want to draft Jenkins

    Round 1- Nick Perry OLB USC
    Round 2- Brandon Boykin CB Georgia
    Round 3- Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State
    Round 4- Brett Roy DE Nevada
    Round 5- Janzen Jackson FS McNeese St

    Scenario 4- DeCastro is gone, the FO doesnt like Jenkins, and no one else stands out so we trade back. The Rams take Blackmon at 4 and then trade their #22 and #33 picks for our #14 and #82 so they can take their LT in Martin/Adams.

    Round 1#22- Cordy Glenn OG Georgia
    Round 2 #33- Dontari Poe NT Memphis
    Round 2 #45- Jayron Hosely CB Va Tech
    Round 4- Phillip Blake C Baylor
    Round 5- Donte Paige-Moss

    Which scenario would you like most? Feel free to switch a couple of picks that better suite your liking too
  2. fortdick

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    I like scenarion4, but would replace Glenn with Konz
  3. BAT

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    All very good scenarios. Option #2 is my least favorite, but remedied if Irvin is the 3rd pick.

    Very nice job.
  4. visionary

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    give me this scenario, hands down
  5. robert70x7

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    I love this one, but I don't see St. Louis trading up to draft another LT. Saffold is good and Jason Smith was a top 3 pick a couple years ago. If he could ever stay healthy.

    I love the picks that we would get, I just question if St. Louis would do it.
  6. Zimmy Lives

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    I like scenario 3 a lot! Defense, IMO, needs to be addressed in the first two rounds if DeCastro is gone.
  7. Tex

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    I would do that with Glenn or Koonz. I really like them both.

    Not sure if we are just dreaming but none of these scenarios looked bad to me.

    I dont want brokers or kirkpatrick in the first. All the other options for first 2 or 3 rounds were fine here.


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