Must win, no win situation for Tony

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dfense, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Dave_in-NC

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    Bull. Romo has played with no supporting cast in FRONT of him. He has a supporting cast in skilled positions but nothing of a O line or running game till now.

    People want to point at one guy, football is a team sport on both sides of the ball. Most QBs in the game would be huge failures on this team right now.

    They are where they are BECAUSE of Romo, not inspite of him.
  2. MissouriCowboy

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    Haters gonna hate.
  3. cowboyfan4life2

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    Not at all, we would build a statue of the guy if that happened. He has one playoff win, I like the guy a lot, but if he wants to be considered elite, he needs to win some more playoff games.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    What about the rest of the team?
  5. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah noone expects anyone to be perfect, which makes this road hard for Romo. I'm not one that will blame anyone, we win as a team and we lose as a team. But the perception is what we are talking about here, and Romo does have a chance to change that perception on a national level.

    I'm a huge Tony Romo fan, always will be, and not ashamed to say it. He was an UDFA and now he is in the top 5 QBs in career QB rating, and the second fastest to 25,000 yards......ever. I do hope others see what I see in him, as he really shouldn't even be expected to carry this team as an UDFA QB should be a bus driver cause you didn't have to spend any resources on him, but unfortunately thats the hand Romo is dealt.

    All I want from Tony, and this team, is to never say die. Thats something they are showing, and hopefully they show on Sunday.
  6. Nav22

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    In the playoffs? Bull.

    Eli Manning, for example, is 8-3 in the playoffs.

    In all 8 wins, the Giants D held the opposition to 20 points or less.

    In all 3 losses, the Giants D allowed over 20 points.

    The Giants offense averaged a mediocre 19 points/game in the Super Bowls vs New England and won both games. If a team did that for the 2012 season, they'd currently be the 27th ranked scoring offense. So why do you think 19 points/game was enough to win both times?

    John Elway would've retired ring-less if the Broncos didn't build a dominant D (plus Terrell Davis) in his last couple seasons. Peyton Manning would still be called a "choker" if the Colts D didn't dominate in the '06 playoffs while Peyton was off his game.

    I can't even believe that on an NFL team's message board, it's still necessary to point out to people that football is a team sport and that elements like defense and special teams are also critical factors in a team's success.
    It's honestly kind of sad. :laugh2:
  7. aikemirv

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    The sad part is that The offense could go down and score and take the lead with a minute left and we could still get beat and Tony would get no credit.

    That is just the way it is and its very idiotic but it just show the lack of perspective that many fans and media people have.

    You can drive your team into FG range after a remarkable 4th quarter and miss the FG and get no credit whatsoever.

    You can put the ball in the hands of the WR in the end zone twice in the final 3 minutes and the WR does not make the play and get no credit whatsoever. You can make the right read for a TD and the WR stops the route and get labeled a choker.

    Bizarre stupidity!
  8. StanleySpadowski

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    How about "people who don't know football and those in the media with an agenda to garner ratings/site hits from the people who don't know football".

    People point to "intangibles" or "leadership" when their pre-conceived notions fail to mature because those points can't be measured so they can still claim to be right.

    Was it Romo's lack of "intangibles" that caused Crayton to drop passes or run the wrong routes in the playoffs?

    It must have been Romo's "leadership" last week that caused the hitch in Bryant's slant in OT.
  9. SDCowboy85

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    It's amazing how this game is already being put ALL on Romo. This team which is decimated with injuries shouldn't even be in this position. Romo got them there though. Romo could throw for 300 and 3 TDs and this team can lose, and ESPN will put the loss on him.
  10. Doomsday101

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    Cowboys have to win, Romo can do his part but it he does not play defense or any other position. What some morons say is about as worthless as it gets. QB's are important but games are won by teams always has always will. Funny people talk about being realist well reality is QB's can only do so much
  11. SDCowboy85

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    The game just last Sunday should prove that QB's don't win games. It's amazing how many idiots still don't get football is a team sport.
  12. Doomsday101

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    It has always been like that were success or failure is thrown to 1 person. It is amazing the ultimate team sport and many are so brained washed into thinking it is 1 person who determines success or failure?

    No question poor QB play can get you beat quicker than any position on the field however as important as the QB is he has to rely on so many others to do their jobs and if they fail the team loses not the QB.

    As you mentioned Romo did everything you could ask of a QB last week but there is so much he has no control over.
  13. DFWJC

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    Is that ever true.

    I hadn't thought of it until now, but you triggered a real question:

    Has a QB ever in NFL history had 400 yards passing, 4 TDs and ZERO turnovers....and LOST?

    I would bet the answer is no. I bet that was the first time in the NFL history that it's happened, but can't prove it. I'm sure one of our stats guys around here can though.
  14. JohnsKey19

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    The Cowboys OL and defense is what everyone should be discussing in terms of the outcome of Sunday's game, not Romo. If the OL shows up and competes giving Romo time, he'll pick apart the Skins pass D. If the OL comes up small, Romo will be running around all game under pressure and will be an easy target for fans/media after the game. Defensively, all I'm asking from this group is make enough key 3rd down stops. That way, you limit TDs and force FG attempts or even better punts.
  15. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Right now with the defense I know they will struggle what I hope to see are some key plays that can help the offense. As hard of a time as they had vs NO this past weekend they still made a tackle that caused the fumble in OT and right now those type of things are what I hope this unit can do just come up with some key plays to help the team win.
  16. ilovejerry

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    Couldn't have said any better Theebs.
  17. mldardy

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    What game were you watching? Did you not see Drew Brees throw the ball and win the game for the Saints. Of QB's wins games and Brees won it on Sunday.
  18. Rack Bauer

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    No he didn't. The SAINTS win it on Sunday.
  19. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Yeah brees won it, not the Saints. Cuz there weren't RBs and WR's catching his passes. There weren't linemen blocking for Brees either. Nope.

    And that fumble in overtime? Brees totally recovered that fumble.

    You want to know who is lost? Take a look in the mirror. I'd bet my house you've never played football before.
  20. mldardy

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    Of course the Saints won, just like the Packers win, the Patriots win, etc. The point I'm making is Brees made the throws like he did all game. He threw for over 400 yards that game so if you think Brees had nothing to do with the win you can :lmao2: at yourself for that idiocy.

    You and this 'team' thing man you are trying way too hard to make a point and it's not working.

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