My 2 days at Training Camp! Part 1

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dgbam, Aug 18, 2006.

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    1st I want to say I had a great time...I got to meet a member from this board name Keds...He's a great guy, flew all the way from Conneticut to see the Boys practice... Thats a true fan, I want to give you all a no non sense idea of what went down these last few days and who I spoke to and such.

    Lets start with Sam Hurd spent a few minutes getting an autograph and chatting, He was a great guy to talk to, he said TO has been very helpful and that he would not be this far along without his help. I witness this first hand and TO and coach Hailey spent 30 to 45 min working on hand placement and throwing pass to both TO and Sam. TO spends a great deal of time standing next to Todd and same goes with Sam during most drills.

    I also got to talk to Junior Glymph he was very open and said he still feels he a bubble guy and is really trying hard to make this team. He took pictures with me and my daughter and was really a great person to talk to.

    I also got to talk to Roy and Terrance but just on a joke around type basis, but I can tell you they are ready to play and there are way ahead on defense. I really like talking to Rocky Boiman we talked about his injury and he told me his thumb was broke through the skin and was just hanging there. He said he didn't know how long he would have to keep the cast on but He said just 6 days ago it was hang there and now I am here going head on with the offense.

    I never saw Vanderjagt doing anything more than hold him self up and keep his hands on his hips, he did NO work. Drew Henson was a by stander also, the whole time I was there, Shaun Suisham took snaps with the 1st 2nd and 3rd offensive unit YES as a QB...He did pretty good Here is my take on this...We need a Kick off specialist and and 3rd string QB They are checking him out to see if he can do it and I am here to say its a thought they are really considering him as 3rd string QB and KOffs... YOU HEARD IT HERE 1ST. I thought Romo looked better than Drew in most practices and Drew was getting frustrated. Romo had a better command of the offense.

    Are Defense is going to be great.

    Recievers this is a tough group to pick from I am going to say from what I saw in practice You are going to have TO as #1 T Glenn as #2 SAm Hurd as #3 Crayton as #4 Rector as #5 snd its a real toss up between Copper and Tolver. I really have to say it is going to come down to Special Teams play. I am going to post this part and work on part 2 later...

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    Are you sure that wasn't Romo wearing Suisham's number (#4)? If Suisham was playing QB, the media would be all over it.
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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? If that is true, and I dont mean to doubt you, but WOW.
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    Henson out, Suisham in. :laugh2: I love it. This should spawn about 32 threads.

    BTW man, I'm Jealous. Sounds like you really got some good interaction with the players.

    Thanks for the report.
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    Rivera played a joke on Romo and switched his #9 for a #4. Rivera the ex-Packer knows Romo is Favre's biggest fan.
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    It was Romo wearing #4
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    I do remember reading that, so its easy to see how someone who saw it first hand could get confused. It wouldnt surprise me if the mediots from the DMN and the Startlegram missed something like that though.
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    I am VERY SURE !!!!
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    Why was Romo wearing No. 4?

    Quarterback Tony Romo said he was duped into wearing No. 4 in Thursday afternoon's practice by veteran guard Marco Rivera.

    Romo, who grew up idolizing Packers quarterback Brett Favre, said Rivera switched out the jerseys before practice, and that he didn't realize it until someone said something to him on the practice field.

    "I caught a lot of flak," said Romo, "but I'll get Marco back."

    Rivera and Favre played together in Green Bay for years, and he knows about Romo's devotion to Favre.

    Posted by Matt Mosley at 8:00 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
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    I hope that Hurd does do something special. We are looking for the next great home grown receiver and quarterback. So I'm hoping for Romo and Hurd to get it going.
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    It's official. The sky is indeed falling.
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    Next year I hope to go to TC. SA is a lot closer than Oxnard. :D
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    Shaun Suisham replacing Tony Romo? Holder, kickoff specialist, AND backup QB? How great is this? You would think if Romo had any talent he could beat out a placekicker.....
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    But can you tell the difference between Romo and Suisham even when their wearing the same number?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Looks to me like Suisham still has his soul. Romo.....not so much.
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    DGBam, it was great meeting up with you in camp... I can't wait to post my pictures.

    Definitely felt a lot of excitement in camp for this year's team. The thing that impressed me the most about camp was how professionally Parcells runs it... The players looked really focused and the camp was run in an efficient productive manner. That looked to have spilled over into the preseason game against N.O.

    This team may or may not win the Super Bowl but they look poised to make a run into the playoffs. The talent is there...

    The O-line, our main weakness, goes up against a tough defrensive line in practice every day so hopefully that makes them better.

    Going to camp was well worth the time and money, a must for any Cowboys fan...
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    Nice to see you made it home OK Nice meeting up with you in TC..

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