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    2005 2 Round Mock Draft:

    Round 1:

    1: San Francisco – QB Aaron Rodgers, Cal

    While he may not be the best QB in recent memory, he is the best this year and SF needs one badly. Many will argue they should take Alex Smith, Rodgers is the best pure passer in this draft and that is what SF needs. They have good young WR talent, now they need someone to throw to them.

    2: Miami – RB Cedric Benson, Texas

    4 straight 1,000 yard seasons in college sums up this kids talent level. He is the best back in this years draft, and with Miami still reeling from the loss of Ricky Williams last year, its hard to imagine they pass him up.

    3: Cleveland – QB Alex Smith, Utah

    Cleveland is yet another team with a dire need at QB. Their recent history at QB includes Tim Couch and the aging Jeff Garcia. Ick. Smith is a big, athletic QB who can scramble very well and has the ability to get the ball downfield.

    4: Chicago – WR Mike Williams, USC

    Chicago has had bad luck drafting WRs the last decade or so, but hopefully that will change with a great prospect in 6’5’’ athletic WR Mike Williams. Even though he missed last year, he is still arguably this year’s best WR.

    5: Tampa Bay – RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn

    Tampa Bay desperately needs a good running attack, and they will place their hopes on Auburn RB Ronnie Brown. Since the loss of Warrick Dunn, they have had a TERRIBLE running game, but Brown is a strong, physical back who can escalate their running game to a new level.

    6: Tennessee - CB Antrel Rolle, Miami

    Tennessee lost their #1 CB in Samari Rolle, so it is only fitting that another Rolle should take his place. The taints have dire needs in the secondary and Rolle is just the big, physical cornerback they need.

    7: Minnesota – LB Derrick Johnson, Texas

    Minnesota has a great offense even with the loss of Randy Moss, their defense however is still a liability. There is a good chance they take Edwards at WR here, but they will likely sign a quality FA WR before the draft. DJ gives them an instant playmaker on defense.

    8: Arizona – RB Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, Auburn

    With Emmitt Smith retiring, Arizona will need a RB for the future. Carnell Williams was the other half of the great RB combo in Auburn this year and should give the Cardinals another weapon to go along with their great young WRs.

    9: Washington - WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan

    Washington has Santana Moss and that’s it at WR. They need more playmakers for Ramsey to be successful. Edwards is a great WR with outstanding leaping ability and good speed to match.

    10: Detroit – DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin

    Detroit is yet another team with a good young offense but a bad defense. They are in desperate need of a pass rusher, and James is arguably the best DE in this year’s draft. He should ease the pressure on DT Shaun Rogers.

    11: Dallas – DE/LB Shawne Merriman

    Dallas has probably the worst LB crew in the NFL, and Merriman is a tweener DE/LB that has explosive speed and playmaking ability and should be a very welcome addition to Big D.

    12: San Diego – DE Marcus Spears, LSU

    Probably the most physically gifted DE in the draft, Spears will be a welcome addition to a defense that hasn’t been good at putting pressure on the QB in years. Don’t be surprised is San Diego goes DT at this spot.

    13: Houston – OT Alex Barron, Florida State

    David Carr has taken more of a beating than any QB should have to, and Barron will help relieve the pressure on him. The best OL in this draft, it will be his job to make sure Carr doesn’t lead the lead in times sacked again.

    14: Carolina – TE Heath Miller, Virginia

    Carolina lost Mushin Muhommod and need another receiving threat, and Miller is the best one at this spot. A great receiving TE who has the size as well as the speed to get it done in the NFL.

    15: Kansas City – DT Shaun Cody, USC

    Wow, is there anything right with KC defense? They could go DE, DT, S or CB with this pick, but Cody is probably the best defender at this pick. After all, it cant get much worse on defense for KC can it?

    16: New Orleans – CB Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, West Virginia

    New Orleans hasn’t had a quality secondary in a long time, and Jones should help vastly improve this area. A player who started out much lower on most team’s boards, he has risen a lot over the last few months.

    17: Cincinnati – DT Travis Johnson, Florida State

    Cincy lacks a true playmaker on the defensive line, and they hope Johnson will give them that. Johnson is remarkably gifted for a player his size and has a quick step off the line of scrimmage.

    18: Minnesota – DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin

    With the return of Chris Hovan next year doubtful, Minnesota will again go with defense and take another difference maker along the front seven. Hawthorne should help put pressure on the QB.

    19: St. Louis – DE/OLB Dan Cody, Oklahoma

    St. Louis just doesn’t put pressure on the QB, and Cody should help in that area. Whether he plays DE or OLB for them, he will be a welcome addition to their defensive unit.

    20: Dallas – WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina

    Dallas lacks big play ability at the WR position, and Williamson gives them just that. He has sub 4.4 speed and good size and has the ability to stretch the field in a way Dallas cannot do as of now.

    21: Jacksonville – OT Jammal Brown, Oklahoma

    Jacksonville has a good D-Line, now they need to upgrade the O-Line. Brown is the most athletic lineman in this draft and should help keep Byron Leftwich upright.

    22: Baltimore – WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma

    Even with Derrick Mason, Baltimo0re lacks much of anything in the way of depth at WR, and Clayton will give them 3 legit threats at wideout.

    23: Seattle – LB Channing Crowder, Florida

    With Chad Brown nearing the end and Simmons being released, Seattle needs to stockpile LBs, plain and simple.

    24: Green Bay – DE David Pollack, Georgia

    Will be a great compliment to KGB at DE and should give Green Bay an elite pass rush.

    25: Denver – DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame

    They are planning to move Trevor Pryce back to DT, so they will need a replacement at DE.

    26: New York Jets – S Thomas Davis, Georgia

    New York needs safety help BADLY and they will get that from Davis, the best safety in this draft.

    27: Atlanta – OG Elton Brown, Virginia

    If they plan on keeping Mike Vick around long, they need more protection for him, plain and simple.

    28: San Diego – S Brodney Pool, Oklahoma

    Another team that needs safety help.

    29: Indianapolis – CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn

    Does Indy even have a defense? Rogers could be the steal of the draft at this pick.

    30: Pittsburgh – CB Bryant McFadden, Florida State

    They have decent corners but they get beat constantly, plus they need depth.

    31: Philadelphia – WR Roddy White, UAB

    They have a bust and a girl backing up TO, they need help at WR.

    32: New England – CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan

    Probably NE only glaring need.

    Round 2:

    33: San Francisco – OT Adam Terry, Syracuse
    34: Cleveland – CB Justin Miller, Clemson
    35: Philadelphia – LB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
    36: Tampa Bay – WR Reggie Brown, Georgia
    37: Tennessee – OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
    38: Oakland – CB Brandon Bowner, Oregon State
    39: Chicago – RB Vernand Morency, Oklahoma State
    40: New Orleans – QB Charlie Frye, Akron
    41: Detroit – S Ernest Shazor, Michigan
    42: Dallas - DE Matt Roth, Iowa
    43: New York – LB Darryl Blackstock, Virginia
    44: Arizona – CB Corey Webster, LSU
    45: Carolina – S John Bullocks, Nebraska
    46: Kansas City – LB Odell Thurman, Georgia
    47: Houston – OG/C David Baas, Michigan
    48: Cincinnati - LB Barrett Ruud, Nebraska
    49: Minnesota – WR Chris Henry, West Virginia
    50: St. Louis – CB Eric Green, Virginia Tech
    51: Green Bay – QB Andrew Walter, Arizona State
    52: Jacksonville – CB Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma
    53: Baltimore – OT Marcus Johnson, Ole Miss
    54: Seattle – RB Ciatrick Fason, Florida
    55: Buffalo – DT Mike Patterson, USC
    56: Denver – QB Jason Campbell, Auburn
    57: New York Jets – TE Alex Smith, Stanford
    58: Green Bay – LB Kirk Morrison, San Diego State
    59: Atlanta – WR Roscoe Parrish, Miami
    60: Indianapolis – LB Lance Mitchell, Oklahoma
    61: San Diego – OT Logan Mankins, Fresno State
    62: Pittsburgh – WR Fred Gibson, Georgia
    63: Philadelphia – RB Eric Shelton, Louisville
    64: New England – OT Chris Colmer, NC State
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    I'd be pretty happy with that draft for the Cowboys (either Williamson or Clayton would be fine by me.)
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    I love the first two and I bet if you did a poll that would be the most popular. But in the second I would rather have the player that went just after him. SIG
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    I dont know if i like the idea of taking Merriman. I think its difficult to draft a player, and for him to be good, when he doesn't really have a definite position. It would be too hard to move him around and figgure out where he is better. Besides, isn't that exactly what Kalen Thornton is (not that hes my hero or anything) I would rather go with spears, a definite DE with talent. If not, trade up to get Derrick Johnson if possible. I do like the Williamson idea though, great fit with Keyshawn and Glenn.
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