My 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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    1st Round (14): Fletcher Cox, DT/DE Miss St.
    2nd Round (45): Mohamed Sanu, WR Rutgers
    3rd Round (81): Phillip Blake, C/G Baylor
    4th Round (113): Chris Rainey, RB/WR Florida
    4th Round (135): Josh Norman, CB Coastal Carolina
    5th Round (152): Bernard Pierce, RB Temple
    6th Round (186): Brandon Lindsey, DE/OLB Pitt
    7th Round (222): Cordarro Law, OLB/DE Southern Miss

    Supplemental Draft: Bacarri Rambo, FS Georgia. 2nd or 3rd; whatever it takes!!!

    Also in Consideration: Janoris Jenkins, CB North Alabama - If he drops to 3rd or 4th round. Great press corner.

    Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma - If he drops considerably. Athletic freak, but feels like a one trick pony on tape. That one trick may be enticing if he drops.

    Jerry Franklin, ILB Arkansas - I would switch him with Brandon Lindsey if a fourth ILB is more of a need.

    Watching the success of other teams last year I noticed two ideologies that worked to their advantage and one of ours that did not: The Giants massive D-Line that was big, strong, and fast enough to collapse the pocket almost instantly; The Saints use of four RBs, all which had success; and our offensive playmakers which werent so many when they were injured. WE NEED MORE!!! I personally don't feel comfortable putting our team on the shoulders of someone who won a gameshow hosted by Irvin. Don't get me wrong, Holley deserves to have a spot on this roster, if for nothing else but the great story. Installing Chris Rainey, RB/WR, would give us a super fast option that can be placed all over the field. Bernard Pierce reminds me so much of Demarco Murray, patient and quick with his change of direction. He may be my favorite pick. Mohamed Sanu would be a scary slot reciever that would take immediate attention away from Dez and Miles, not to mention, he can be moved around. Enough potential playmakers that if one goes down, we have more. Fletcher Cox needs to be a Cowboy, if for no other reason than watching JPP demolish competition last year. He reminds me of JPP; tall, strong, fast. We have a great O-line rotation now between our young guns and our free agent signings. Install a G/C like Phillip Blake, and we have options on the line. Plus, wouldnt it be a mind@#$% for RG3 watching his trusted college center intimately handing the ball to a more experienced QB. HA!
    There are also two players on the team that I would love to be in the rotation during games. DE/DT Clifton Geathers and RB Phillip Tanner.
    Geathers is a man monster who if he gets better, his 6'7 frame will cloud offenses. Think of a 3-4, having Geathers, Ratliff and Cox on the Line. Not very big for the run, but isnt that why we retained Spencer. Give me Big, Tall, Athletic, and Strong on the front line. looks kinda like the Giants line now.
    I love Phillip Tanner!!! HEART,HEART, and HEART. We keep talking about whether the team should be a run or pass first team. Make them both. Give your number one running back 10-12 carries; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 4-6 carries.
    Who will defenses focus on when you have four versatile runners, and four versatile recievers.
    RB- Murray, Jones, Pierce, Tanner
    RB/WR- Rainey
    WR- Bryant, Austin, Sanu
    Dallas Wants Dogs!! There's your Dogs!!
    Please tell me what you think. What are your selections?
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    Don't see us taking a WR in the 2nd.

    Don't see us using a 2nd or 3rd on Rambo in the supplemental. Dallas stays away from players with drug issues.
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    I like Sanu too, but he is not a slot reciever, so you just used a 2nd round pick on our WR4.
    We have a couple of young guys that may very well end up being good once they have some OTAs and mini-camps behind them.
    Miles can play the slot, I suppose. But he is certainly not a slot receiver either.

    On the other hand, the 4th round WR is not really our of line. Norman could fit in fine for that price.

    Did I read that right: Janoris Jenkins in the 3rd or 4th round?

    Anyway, several good players there and a good idea with the supplemental pick.

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    Yea, I put Janoris there because Im really not a fan of him, but if he drops that low(which he probably wont) it would be an absolute steal. I don't understand the slot reciever. Is he supposed to be the third best quality reciever? I watched tape of Sanu catching in the middle, making huge blocks, and was even utilized in the Wildcat, so he can run through traffic. I know hes equipped to play WR1 or 2, but injuries plagued our WR core last year and Robinson played WR2 at times. I would like a big body, with somewhat assured hands that can be a playmaker. By week eight, we were saying that Romo had no healthy recievers, so lets overload him with some.
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    Good mock except as you probably expected, I'm not in favor of Sanu in the 2nd. If he was by far the BPA at #45 it would be one thing, but there are just too many really good players that will be at #45 that are bigger needs, IMO.

    I would at least be worth bidding a 4th to see is Rambo falls that far.

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    Janoris Jenkins, Dre Kirkpartick are two players highly discussed for our first pick this year. We need a safety, but its not a great class this year. Why wouldn't Dallas give up a 2nd or 3rd in next years draft to get a first round grade safety who ate a pot brownie?
  7. DBOY3141

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    I don't see anyone talking up Jenkins. Kirkpatrick is visiting, but I'm sure that's because of Garrett's and Saban's connection. Does Garrett have anyone like that in Georgia that could vouch for Rambo?

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    I would only hope that Garrett is looking for the best players for his team and not the ones who he has connections to.

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