My 2nd mock.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wimbo, Apr 20, 2007.

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    1.27: (trade with New Orleans, Dallas gets NO 2008 3rd rd pick) Dwayne Jarrett WR, Southern Cal – 6-4 219
    Huge playmaker who is sliding because of a sluggish 40-time. Has excellent awareness and good leaping ability to compliment his 6-4 body. Gets lots of comparisons to Keyshawn Johnson. Big-time performer in college, gaining the school record for receptions (216) and with 41 career TD’s he destroyed the Pac-10 all time record of 32.

    2.53: Anthony Spencer DE/OLB, Purdue – 6-3 261
    This guy will remind Wade of Shaun Phillips. Good quickness. Proved to be coachable, improving in his senior season in all areas of his game. Can play OLB in the 3-4, and be an effective DE in the nickel.

    3.87 Eric Weddle S, Utah – 5-11 203
    This guy is my favorite draft prospect. Awesome athlete who played S, CB, QB, RB, punt returner, holder for kicks, and punter, depending on the situation (usually lined up at CB). Smart player with freaky athletic skills. Quick & tough. He limited Calvin Johnson to 2 catches for 19 yards in Bowl game. His senior season, he was 4th on his team in tackles, had 7 INT’s, 2 FR, 3 Defensive TD’s, and on offense he ran for 5 TD’s & passed for 1 TD.

    4.118 Ryan Harris OT, Notre Dame - 6-5 300
    Not real big for today's OT, but according to Weis he is ready to play OT in the NFL. Great athlete, who can stop speed guys off the edge.

    5.149 Corey Anderson FB, Tennessee - 6-3 259
    Somebody has to be the Lorenzo Neal of this Offense. Big time lead blocker

    6.180 Courtney Brown CB, Cal Poly - 6-2 200
    Speed. Speed. Speed. This guy can fly, but wasn't invited to the combine because he was considered slow. Ran a 4.35 and a 4.32 at his Pro Day, and has a 41.5" vertical. If he is still on the board here it's a no-brainer... but his stock is rising.

    6.185 Walter Thomas DT, NW Mississippi CC - 6-5 373
    Galveston native who shined in the Texas vs Nation all star classic. He ran 1.70 in the first 10 yards of his 40. In comparison, USC wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett's 10-yard splits was 1.65 and Thomas weighs over 150 pounds more than Jarrett. Very coachable. Not much fat in his 373 pounds. Small school sleeper.

    7.193 Jordan Palmer QB, UTEP - 6-6 231
    C'mon... Jerruh just has a lust for prototypical QB bodies... Plus, he has the lineage (Carson Palmer's little brother). He has the body, but maybe not the brain.

    7.215 Kasey Studdard G/C, Texas - 6-2 307
    Texas boy. Strong blocker, but not much agility. Guard in college who may be able to play Center.

    7.218 Keith Jackson DT, Arkansas - 6-0 305
    Jerry: "Hmmmm... 218th pick... any Hogs still on the board?"
    Son of Pro Bowler Keith Jackson.
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    Another mock with a safety drafted before a corner... and a corner no less that is rated like #25 by Ourlads and #35 by Kiper...

    I must give this effort a...

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    I stopped after Jarrett and it was harad enough to continue after all we got was a 3rd next year from the saints.
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    I like the picks , but I would rather see us get the 3rd this yeat and trade some of the 8th and 7th to move up to get a better CB in the third
  5. Wimbo

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    ... and #16 by USA Today.
    You can't ignore this guy's potential.
    4.32 in the 40-yard dash … 2.48 20-yard dash … 1.46 10-yard dash … Bench pressed 225 pounds 15 times … 4.07 20-yard shuttle … 7.1 three-cone drill … 41½-inch vertical jump

    He is a big corner, which Jerruh prefers.

    The points don't add up. Pick 22 is worth 780 points, and pick 27 is worth 680 points (100 point difference). The Saints 2007 3rd is worth 136 points. I am sure we all would like to get more than next year's 3rd, but that is all the delta is worth. Dallas will have to trade out of the 1st round in order to get another 1st day pick this year, IMO.

    I think Hall & Revis are off the board by the #22 pick. That leaves Houston or Ross as the only 2 potential 1st round CB's on the board. Both guys have enough questionmarks around them to question the value at #22. Plus, Dallas has 2 very well paid 1st rounders starting at DB already. By the 2nd round pick, there are a cluster of guys projected here who are short, slow, lazy, or have character issues. If I thought Ross was a lock to replace Henry, then I wouldn't have an issue taking him here... but, I don't. :) He gives up as many big plays as he makes.

    Hey, I don't necessicerily like all of these picks... but I think if you look at the way this draft is likely to unfold, then guys like Meachem, Ginn, Revis, Branch, Willis, Nelson, etc will be gone. Dallas will have to consider the value that is likely to be available with each of their picks, which means CB slides down the list.
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    If we traded all 3 of our 7th round picks, it would only be worth about 5 spots in the 3rd round.
  7. blindzebra

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    Do we not have ten picks?

    Do we not have 6th and 7th round picks that equal the point difference or near it?

    Who wanted the trade? Was NO wanting to move up or is this just another case of someone with a player in mind that looked for a team at the bottom of the first to make that player look like a value pick?

    If we are going to make this trade for what is essentually valued as this years 4th, why not get a 4th this year to do it?

    We have needs at NT, FB, #3 QB and possibly TE so that extra 4th this year could pay off big...especially with all our late round picks giving us some trade up ability.

    That and guard and safety are needed far less than OT and CB.
  8. Wimbo

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    Every trade, in every mock is purely speculation. It is not possible to project a trade that is fact.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    I agree with that... that's why I'm not big at all on mocks having the Cowboys select a safety before they do a corner.

    And I'm getting less "big" on mocks taking one of the "big 3 guards". I don't see the need and I think it would be a wasted picked. We've got plenty of money wrapped up in Kosier and Davis and if injuries don't come into play both could play several years for this club. At tackle we have far more uncertainty. We could possibly need a developmental center/guard. The kid from Texas Tech is a possible but there are several I would consider.
  10. blindzebra

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    Who was asking for fact? You can't have speculation without a reason, now can you?

    Are you speculating that Dallas was desiring a trade down, thus getting the crappy end of the stick, or was NO desiring a trade up, thus meaning that they might need to over pay?

    All I was asking was for you to explain your reasoning behind the trade, because as it stands, Dallas shouldn't make it.

    I can easily suggest a trade that Millen in Detroit is so scared of having to pick Johnson, yet another WR, that he'll trade that pick to us for our first this year and next...just speculation after all.;)
  11. Wimbo

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    Ok, here you go... New Orleans wants to grab local favorite Dwayne Bowe, so they cut a deal with Dallas since KC will take him with the next pick.
  12. blindzebra

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    Then logically we should get more than next years pick, they should come up a little short on the draft chart.

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