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    Cowboys FA's resigned -- I think we heinously underestimate the amount of resources we'll use re-signing guys not named Spencer.

    Holley -- key special teamer who at least knows the offense and is cheap
    Geathers -- solid depth along DL for cheap
    Dockery -- picked up scheme and graded out quite well
    Robinson -- solid fit here and fit means a lot to him and cowboys.
    Fiametta -- has to be healthy to make team, but proven value when healthy.
    Kosier -- short-term deal as swing interior guy; day 1 starter who ideally gets passed by younger guy like arkin.
    Bennett -- price key here but proven blocking TE whose never lived outside Texas.

    **Spencer I let leave in FA. Dallas simply doesn't franchise many guys historically and it isn't really a good way to handle team-building. Spencer very likely wants to be the top pass rusher for someone and get paid like it.


    1 big ticket item:
    Cortland Finnegan -- Dallas kicked tires on Nnamdi last year and passing cost them a playoff spot imho. This is a pass first league and you gotta spend money at CB. Finnegan brings attitude and swag to a Defense without much fire after Brooking retires. Best all-around CB available in 2012. If not Finnegan I go right down the line at CB.

    3 Mid-Priced FA:
    Robert Mathis -- Traditionally a 4-3 DE but Dallas runs a hybrid D anyways and Mathis is 250 pounds. Probably not an every down guy but a much-needed pass rush boost. Stop gap guy that doesn't preclude any draftee options.

    Michael Griffin -- Easiest way to improve communication in the secondary is import a couple teammates. Griffin plus Finnegan with Jenkins and Sensabaugh makes a heck of a foursome IMHO.

    Kyle Orton -- Orton has had a few shots at starting and now looks for a spot where if a starter goes down he has real tools to work with. A winner without a big arm should make Garrett see his own reflection.

    1 Low-priced vet:
    Jarrett Johnson -- Can give you a little inside and little outside help. Not an every down guy but good proven depth in an area where we have none at all. Played a lot of 4-3 and 3-4 so knows the schemes well and does his job.


    14: Unless unexpected value falls to us trade down to 18-20 area. Swap our 3rd for the team's 2nd.

    Say we end up with picks 20, 52 but give up 82.

    20: Nick Perry OLB USC. Young guy who can play in both a 3-4 and 4-3. Much like Tyron will only get better with experience. Elite upside.

    45: Ben Jones OC Georgia. Walk in starter.

    52: Brandon Boykin CB Georgia. Other Bulldog adds much needed depth and provides great value.

    r4: Jairius Wright WR ARK. Dallas adds fastest draftable WR left on the board. Ogletree replacement.

    r5: Derek Wolfe DT Cincy. Added depth up front.

    r6: Brad Smelley FB Bama. One of few programs who use a legit blocking back. Will also help on special teams as key blocker.

    r6c: Kyle Martens Punter Rice. McBriar probably out due to injury.

    r7: Najee Good ILB WVA. Depth ILB. .

    TC Depth Chart:

    QB: Romo, Orton, McGee
    RB: Murray, Jones, Tanner
    FB: Fiametta, Smelley
    WR: Miles, Dez, Laurent, Jairius, Holley, Harris
    TE: Witten, Bennett, Phillips

    LT: Smith, Pernell
    LG: Kosier, Nagy
    OC: Ben Jones, Kosta
    RG: Dockery, Arkin
    RT: Free, Pernell

    OLB: Ware, Mathis, Perry, Butler
    ILB: Lee, Carter, Johnson, Good, Lemon
    DE: Ratliff, Spears, Hatcher, Geathers
    NT: Brent, Lissemore, Wolfe
    CB: Finnegan, Jenkins, Scandrick, Boykin, Butler
    S: Sensabaugh, Griffin, McCray, Church

    K: Bailey
    P: Jones, Martens
    DS: LP

    Overall plan is to add numerous young defensive players while immediately upgrading the group as well. Offensively we need to get healthy and execute but talent exists in house everywhere but Center. Add pass rushers to rival the Giants when we go Nickel with Ware, Mathis, Perry and Ratliff all on the field. But it all starts with Finnegan who can lock down a team's top threat allowing Jenkins to lock down the #2. Sensabaugh and Griffin will make tons of plays if they aren't in an umbrella all the time protecting weak CBs.

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