My bowl game observations on prospects

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    Carlos Rogers, the cheaper yet equally effective version of Rolle. Similar size and ridiculous speed, also not afraid to come up and make a tackle. A much better bargain than Rolle. Value: mid to late first
    Corey Webster, has done nothing to impress me. Other than his size and speed I see no reason for him to go in the first round although I know he will. Value: second
    Marlin Jackson, pure cover corner, probably the best technique CB in this draft, also great size and speed. Value: mid first

    Antajj Hawthorn, i read and hear about him but every time I see him play I certainly don't notice him. No doubt he's a fat body in the middle but I just don't see him pushing upfield and being disruptive. IMO, a second round pick at best. Value: 2nd round

    Rod Wright, could use another year in college and may take it. The best DT in a thin DT draft if he declares. Great size/speed but is also helped by another quality DT lining up next to him. Doesn't make as many plays as I'd like for us to use our first pick on him. Value: mid first

    David Pollack, bar none the best DE in college football this year. Disruptive to an offense in every sense of the word. Non-stop motor and finds his way to the QB. Lacks just a little in athleticism but will start somewhere in the NFL next year. Heart of a lion. Value: mid to late first

    Matt Roth, he's my #2 DE. Also lacks a little in athleticism but is just flat out disruptive. Uses his wrestling background to polish his technique. Seems like he's in the backfield on every play. Value: early 2nd round

    DE Marcus Spears: continues to fail to impress me. Has all the tools, i.e. size, athleticism, speed but just doesn't seem to make any plays whenever I've seen him play. Seems like a carbon copy of a DE we just let go and another we signed this past offseason. He will probably start somewhere next year but I just don't think he'd excel in our system any more than what we already have. Value: late 1st

    LB Derrick Johnson: crazy speed and athleticism but small. Has problems when teams run right at him which was very noticeable in the Rose Bowl. Has to rely on big DTs and speed to avoid blockers. Sound familiar? It should, we've been complaining about the same problem with our LBs for two years now. I like DJ and think he will be a good pro but he's the same size as our SS. I think Ahmad Brooks would be a better fit for us. Value: Pick 10 or later
    Note: this is a LB heavy draft also with Burnett, Ruud, Lance Mitchell, Golsby, and more

    WR Braylon Edwards, few are more skeptical of Mich WRs as pros than I (okay maybe Detroit Loins) but this guy has almost convinced me he will break the trend of Mich WR NFL busts. He has a great combo of size and speed, good hands, and thrives on the "go-to guy" status. Sometimes his route running concerns me but with current NFL DB rules, I think he will shine as a rookie in the right system. Value: 10th pick or later

    Fred Gibson, purely unimpressive to me. Value: mid to late 2nd round
    Note: this is a WR-thin draft with the only guys I'd even consider in the first two rounds are:
    1. Mike Williams
    2. Braylon Edwards
    3. Mark Clayton (a Terry Glenn without the constant injuries and better after the catch)
    4. Terrence Murphy (will do better as a pro than a collegiate)

    Well, those are the folks I was paying close attention to the latter half of the season and my observations. After the bowl games it seems like this is a much thinner draft than I originally thought. Not a lot of guys I think are going to be worthy of our first pick much less available. I also won't be surprised if we use one of our firsts on a RT also. This is an OL-heavy draft and a guy like Jamaal Brown will probably be there at pick 20. If we grabbed him and Flo continues his current level of play, Brown would be our best OL in a year or two.
    I hope we shore up DT, FS, and look at Plaxico or Porter at WR before the draft. I expect we'll do some wheeling and dealing on draft day.

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