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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hiero, Mar 8, 2007.

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    since ive been on talking about other ppls mock, figured id put my own up for people to possibly ridicule.

    1) CB Darrelle Revis/Chris Houston
    I'd take any of these guys that are still on the board. I really think we are targeting CB/WR in thefirst rd, seeing as how there isnt likely to be a tackle worth the pick with Levi Brown going to be gone.

    2) OT Tony Ugoh/OG Manuel Ramirez
    If we put Davis at RG, we can draft Ugoh at RT, if we move Davis to RT we can put Ramirez at RG. This is assuming we dont re-sign Colombo. Either way it wouldnt hurt to have more young OL depth.

    3) WR Paul Williams
    Extremely talented player who had a bad year because the rest of his team sucked. But really he could be the next TO for us, and have time to learn under some quality WR's.

    4) NT Paul Soliai Utah 6-4 344
    Stanley I guess didnt work out, but we still need a young guy to backup Ferguson and give him a rest during the games. This guy is humongous and could be a big run stuffer for us.

    5) RB Lorenzo Booker
    Could use a 3rd RB/ RS.

    6a) S Roderick Rogers Wisconsin 6-2 187 4.45
    Don't really know muc habout the guy, but he seems to have speed, and it wouldn't hurt to bring in a young guy to compete with Watkins and also probably play special teams

    6b) 3-4 OLBJustin Hickman
    Height: 6-13/8 | Weight: 254 | 40-Time: 4.75
    Had a lot of sacks this past year, could be a good situational pass rusher and backup pass rusher for us

    7a) CB Marquice Cole
    Height: 5-10 | Weight: 195 | 40-Time: 4.45
    Has a lot of playing experience 5th year senior. Adds some young depth to our secondary and could be a good dimeback and maybe future nickelback.

    7b) C/G Leroy Harris
    Could be our backup to Gurode, and also has some experience at G.
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    it sucks ;)

    it's an alright mock, the only pick that blows me away is your 1st round choice

    I've been playing around w/ the thought of Hickam too
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    I really think its gonna be one of several players at CB/WR:
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    I think you are right...Those are deepest positions, and all those players mentioned are slotted anywhere from 15 to 25

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