My Camp Notes - 7/31/06

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dyluke, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Just got home after a long day up at Oxnard

    1. Player's were in full pads for the morning practise and i got a chance to watch all the lineman. First thing that really stood out is D-line looks can just see the depth out there and that is w/o Spears on the field. I thought the Oline performed better than yesterday, but individually speaking, the D-line is just more talanted. Hopefully the O-line will start to jell soon. I thought Columbo had a good practise, standing up players and holding his ground.

    2. Pat Wakins! Pat Watkins! He is starting to become the talk of camp as he picked off another 2 passes today. He is just so tall and such a long strider, he covers a ton of ground quickly. As you watch him, you can see he has a great ability to bait the QB into throwing the football his way. He closes quick and snatches the ball out of the air at its high point. The kid is alot of fun to watch, and quickly becomming a fan favorite.

    3. Fasano had a great day as well. He had the catch of the day while doing the 1v1 drill. I dont know who was covering him, but he made a spectacular one handed catch over the defender. He is a big guy and can uses his body to shield away defenders.

    4. Romo is really starting to come together. He doesnt have the strongest arm, and sometimes his throws aren't the best looking, but he gets the job done. He gets the ball out fast, and you can see him go through his progressions quickly. Just watching him walk around, you can see he has got a swagger the other QB's don't have. Seems like he knows this is his time to prove himself.

    5. T-New continues to impress. He is so much faster than everyone else out on the field there is no comparrison.

    6. Bobby C worked with the #2 team for the 11 v 11 drill. He didnt make any plays that stood out to me today, however he just seems to be a smart football guy and always be at the right place at the right time.

    4. Burnett is another guy who is starting to make some noise. The guy hits hard and is quick to the football. He is making a strong case to crack his way into the starting lineup. I thought i saw him playing inside the 3-4 some today...

    5. One WR who caught my eye is #17...Sam Hurd. Very quick and catches the ball with his hands, not his body. Hurd has got some "moves" to those feet of his, and can cut on a dime. Had a ton of YAC during practise...this may be one guy to watch out for. After Crayton, the WR battle is up for grabs.

    6. Thats it for now...hit me up if you have any questions.
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    Thanks bud!!!
  3. Screw The Hall

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    Thx alot man, love these reports.

    Have you had a chance to focus in on how Ellis is taking to his new role at LB? Does he look lost most of the time or is he making alot of plays?
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    I must say Being there today myself. I was very happy witht he way henson threw the ball. I thought it was his best practice yet. Also I though KD was doing well till the 1v1 te drill. he just didnt seem to have that recovery. Also Crayton is going to be real real good! I am also happy to see Big Rob doing well also! same with columbo. JJ looked good as did MB3. Was it me or did RW look like a man on a mission?
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    Great's wonderful how many people we have posting stuff from TC... a lot more than in years past...

    I still am waiting to hear any news about Kai Parham, i haven't heard his name mentioned anywhere...

    Also, Miles Austin? Good things have been expected of him, but not much has been said about is he looking?
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    Thanks a bunch! I like Burnett but don't see him starting anytime soon unless some gets injured. It is nice to have good depth at the lb position though. I especially like that he can play outside or inside.
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    Ellis is only working with the LB's. I would say he looks somewhere in-between lost and making alot of plays. He looks great when standing up and rushing the passer. However coverage is a whole new game to him, so he spends alot of time speaking with coaches when he is not in. Physically he moves well in coverage, it looks like the mental aspect of it is what's slowing him down. If his heart were in it, i'd assume he will have no problems
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    Thanks Dyluke!

    Your obsrevations seem to be right about in the middle of what everyone else has been reporting thus far today, leading me to think you're probably right on the money.

    The word on Pwat (sorry, it just looks hilarious to me) isn't just out on the practice field, the Zone has been going nuts over him all day. Its great to hear though. Hopefully he's the real deal.

    That is however some of the first news i've heard on Fasano. I'm a ND fan, have seen him alot, and wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him make the greatest impact of all of our rookies. He blocks well, has good hands, has above average athleticism, and plays with intensity.

    Thanks again. Keep it coming.
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    I think the best thing I have heard about camp so far is that Watkins will at the very least push Davis for time at FS, man I can't wait to see this kid in these early preseason games!
    A close second is that Burnett is already playing well and seems to be 100% healthy.
    The defense seems like it has the ability to come together quickly and really be strong right out of the gate.
  10. tomson75

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    several posters (and Spagnola) have reported that Austin and Hurd look very good so far.
  11. Screw The Hall

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    Thx again.
  12. ddh33

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    Thanks again to everyone who is reporting all of this information back to the board.

    I'm very interested in the battle at wide receiver. I know that Parcells prefers to be a running team, but with the recent injury to Brett Pierce and this team's talent at the other skill positions, I wonder if Parcells might actually find a way to give that fourth TE spot on the roster to a sixth receiver? I can't hardly imagine that though...

    Pat Watkins is exciting to me. Sometimes when the draft rolls around it's easy to talk about all of the flaws of a player. I'm sure that Watkins isn't as physical because of his frame. I'm sure his height hurts his man coverage skills some. But I always saw a guy who could be a great centerfielder. On some rosters that wouldn't mean much. To me, on this roster, it means a ton. I want Roy Williams to be able to roam freely as much as possible since I think he is one of the single best big play makers in the league. If Watkins will just allow him to do that, I'm going to be thrilled.

    Marc Columbo was already one of my favorite stories coming into camp. I hope that he's able to continue playing well. He's still young, and he has plenty of talent. If his health will cooperate, he can help this team.
  13. TheEnigma

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    Nice to see him move up to the 2nd team. Hope he makes the leap up to the 1st team.
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    very good report...thanks!
  15. dmq

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    Great stuff. To think Pat Watkins fell into our lap!
  16. baj1dallas

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    does anybody know if Hurd can make a difference on ST?
  17. MONT17

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    what QB did Pwat pick? have u got an idea of what types of offensive formations they like? oh and who is on the Nickel D?

  18. Juke99

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    I am still tremendously hopeful about Burnett. I loved the pick when we made it...still do.
  19. WoodysGirl

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    We need a new nickname for Pat Watkins. No way should a dude be called "Pwat" It looks and sounds way too close to something else. How about just Pat or Wats or sticks? Anything but Pwat.
  20. DCBoysfan

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    Thanks fore the info, keep it comming

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