My Cowboys Mock 1.0 What do you think?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigtommyb, Feb 26, 2011.

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    First release Barber and Columbo, Let Kosier,Spears leave for F/A. Sign Bowen, Hatcher,Sensabaugh and Free or Franchise him, Sign Erick Weddle- SD

    Trade down swap picks with SD and take there 18th and 50th pick

    (RD-1) - 18 - Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin - 6'7 320lbs
    (RD-2) - 40 - Quinton Carter - S- Oklahoma- 6'0 5/8 211lbs
    - 50 - Stefen Wisniewski - C - Penn State - 6'3 1/8 306
    (RD-3) - 71 - Quan Sturdivant - Ilb - North Carolina - 6'1 7/8 240
    (RD-4) - 109-Nate Irving - Ilb - North Carolina St - 6'1 1/4 242
    (RD-5) - 140 - Kenrick Ellis - DT/DE - Hampton - 6'4 7/8 336
    (RD-6) - 171 - Alex Herry - K - Nebraska - 6'1 180


    3rd 4th Ilb's are future. Bradie 's getting older and with the debacle of lbs we drafted two years ago, this cleans that up. Also with Lee we address needs before Bradie is finished like Brooking? Start Bowen, have Hatcher backup.
    Keep Ratliff at Nt with Brent backup, unless kid shows vast improvement in camp. If so move Rat back to DE start kid and have Ellis at DE or DT. Cb's you have three that's set with McCann your fourth and at Saftey you have MCcray, Church Backup Weddle and Sensabaugh. Herry solves kicking problems.
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    Def not two ILB's I dont think bradies done yet throw a DE in the 3rd round and a CB in the sixth . I don't see us drafting a kicker either instead I see us going with a OLB or another offensive lineman. Also I don't want us to trade down I'd like to take the most talented player at number nine.
  3. Bigtommyb

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    I stay at nine if Peterson or Prince are there. However if there not then i wouldn't take a OL that high. I have two linemen i agree with the maybe a Cb at third rd though. Possibly Ellis plays DE because i hear he plays upright anyway, but at 6,5 he may play DE, So you have your DE. He is not projected to go in third or fourth.
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    So you see us starting two rookies on our OL, and one of them being the Center?

    I guess seeing Romo run for his life was exciting for you the last 3 years
  5. TD-33

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    At 9 I would take BPA unless it was a decent trade. 9 will have an impact player and for FS I would strongly consider signing a vet this year depending on which linemen are available -weak FS class this year.
  6. Bigtommyb

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    I mean if there blue chippers then thats different. It looks like Romo has been running for his life with who we had. If you draft a Ol in 1st round he has to start. As far as Wisniewski if he is good enough why can't he start. He plays C and G, so switch them if your not comfortable ok

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