My Cowboys Stadium Experience

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by brucekr, Sep 24, 2009.

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    This is kinda tailored for people like me that don't know the area very well and have to fly in from other parts of the country. I went to the Sunday night game against the giants, and these are just a couple of observations that my buddy and I made.

    I booked my trip on expedia and for many reasons, I chose to stay at The Admiral hotel. It's directly along the route from the airport to the stadium, very reasonably priced, has free wireless internet, and free shuttle to/from the game. We came in on a Friday night and arrived at around 10:15 and they were still serving food in the restaurant and had a live band that was pretty good as well. It's older and not as fancy, but had the exact same floorplan that my room last year at the Westin had at probably half the cost.

    Saturday, we drove to probably 3 Cowboys Pro Shops (Outlet, Irving, and Grapevine Mills) before finally just driving to the stadium one. When I read that there was an outlet store, for some reason, I just thought they'd have a bunch of discounted clearance stuff, but it's really not the case. Save your time an energy and just go to the stadium shop. It's bigger than all of the others I mentioned combined. You'll have to deal with longer lines and tons of people, but it's better than all of the driving around.

    I might be pretty weak in this area, but for Saturday sports action, I don't think I'd rather be anywhere other than Cutie Pies in Grapevine. They have every college football game on, showed the UFC and Mayweather fights too with no cover charge or anything. The atmosphere is very nice, the waitresses are very friendly, and have decent food.
    On game day, I was thoroughly impressed with Humperdinks. The place is kind of a madhouse though. Very packed. If you want a decent seat, plan on getting there about an hour or so before the first game's kick off. They have wireless internet access for the fantasy football guys, and offer shuttle service to/from the game out front for $15.
    If Dallas happens to play on Saturday or Monday, another spot I'd recommend is Cool River. We didn't go there this year, but that place is nice. It's more upscale, but the main screen there along with the food makes it very nice.

    The stadium will leave you in awe. It's truly a marvel in every way imaginable. I highly recommend the stadium tour. Of course, you get paraded through some suites, clubs, and such.....but it was a true honor to be able to walk into the locker room and get pictures in front of Marion Barber's locker...or anyone else for that matter. That was the highlight for me anyway. You also get to see where Wade has his press conferences and such and walk through the lounge the players enter the field through. Very very neat. And, if you are a fan club member, you get 2 for the price of 1 on the tour.

    Hope you find this info useful...
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    Good info, thanks. I hope someone will use it. Welcome to The Zone.
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    one day..I hope
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    Do you get to walk on the field during the tour?

    Were the score/down/time outs really hard to see?
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    We went on the Stadium Tour Sat. We were there for the Monday night game. It was terrible. We had a three hour wait and then it wasn't a smooth tour because we had to wait between spot we were going to becasue other groups were still in there. I think we also had a short version because we didn't go into the press room. We were told that very few groups get to go onto the filed because they are still doing some construction.

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