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    I know this is probably unrealistic, but if I were GM this is what I would at least attempt in the upcoming draft:

    Round 1

    TRADE DOWN With Cleveland to Pick 22

    Cordy Glenn - Know this isn't a popular pick with everyone loving DeCastro. He might be a small step down from DeCastro. But he is bigger, and more versatile since he is very good tackle as well. If Free struggles more in the upcoming year, we can slide Glenn over to RT in the future. Plus by trading down we get more value and pick up a 2nd round pick

    Round 2 Pick 37 (From Browns)

    Donta Hightower - With his struggles at Alabama's Pro Day and the combine many teams don't feel he has the athleticism to succeed. His stock will drop enough for us to pick him up here. Scouts feel his best position would be at outside linebacker in 3-4. Works out good for us! Plus his leadership qualities could be great for this defense.

    Round 2 Pick 45

    Coby Fleener - Hopefully he drops this low. Teams needing a tight end might target Dwayne Allen first. Love this guy. For all the things he bring. Toughness, speed, size. He can be an explosive weapon in the passing game.

    TRADE DOWN to End of 3rd Rd

    Brandon Boykin - Explosive, physical player. Reminds me a little of Aaron Glenn in his prime. Very good return man, and can get play time if one of top 3 corners gets hurt.

    First 4th Rd Pick

    Malik Jackson - Love this player. Could be steal of draft. Has bulked up to 290. Can play 5 technique when their in base 3-4. Has the ability and athletic potential of Michael Brockers. IMO not much worse prospect but with WAY more value in the 4th round.

    Second 4th Round Pick (Via Trade)

    Ryan Broyles - Another guy I really love, who could be a great steal. If he is medically cleared this guy is a playmaker! If it weren't for injury issues would have been a 2nd round pick. Excellent slot receiver. Viable replacement for Laurent Robinson

    5th Round Pick

    Brett Roy - Another guy who can play 5 technique in the 3-4. Brings more competition to a position that needs more production on this team

    6th Round Pick

    William Vlachos - A center who has seen his share of top lineman. Played well against Jerel Worthy, Devon Still, Fletcher Cox, and Michael Brockers. Doesn't have ideal length, and that is reason he is dropping this far

    Supplemental 6th Round Pick

    Justin Bethel - Could be another steal in this draft. Very fast. Would not have been drafted if it were not for his excellent workout. He is a low risk, high reward type player that brings more competition to a position that was sorely lacking last year

    7th Round Pick

    Tank Carder - Popular pick around here. Need more depth at middle linebacker if Keith Brooking doesn't come back
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    I'd be all for the trade down if we could get 22 and 37.

    The difference talent wise between 14 and 22 will not be much this year.

    If we could come away with Glenn, Hightower, Fleener, Boykin, Broyles we'd all be jumping for joy. Rest of the draft i'm not so high on.

    Dont see Boykin lasting til the end of the 3rd Round either. He could be a mid 2nd guy.

    Good mock
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    and that is why most trade down scenarios are not going to happen...every other team knows this too...

    unless a QB slides to the 14th pick that a team really wants I just can't see it
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    Exactly Zax, there has to be someone on the board to entice someone to trade up, and I am struggling to see that happening.

    As for the mock, that would be an amazing haul, but I think you have several players dropping much further than they will. Boykin won't make it out of the 2nd.
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    I agree it is getting harder and harder to find steals in the draft anymore and Boykin most likely won't get out of the second
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    My response to the first pick using a Mona Lisa Vito quote.


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