My Dallas mock (in depth)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by irvin4evs, Jan 25, 2009.

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    First of all, I think we trade up. I think we'll move up with our 2nd or 3rd rounder. For this mock, I'll assume we move up with our 2nd. Our 2nd, our 4th, our 5th, and Tennessee's 5th to get in the top ten of the 2nd round.

    I'm also going to assume we get a 5th for Reeves and a 6th for Jones.

    2nd Round: Louis Delmas, FS Western Michigan 5'10 195
    -Louis Delmas or Rashad Johnson are the way to go. I still like William Moore, but I think we need a real free safety if we can get one. I think Sean Smith goes in the top 25 picks.

    3rd round
    (Cleveland): Herman Johnson, G LSU 6'7 390
    -Jerry is infatuated with linemen like Herm. I have mixed ideas on how he'll do, but he'd be a decent value here.

    4th round (Detroit): Scott McKillop, ILB Pittsburgh 6'1 240
    -Just what we need at ILB. Better lateral movement than James, but built to stop the run.

    5th round (Comp): DeAndre Levy, LB Wisconsin 6'3 235

    -DeAndre is a little light and isn't a 3-4 LB on paper, but his game translates well into a Wade rotational LB. He has extensive experience as a passrush specialist and makes plays.

    6th round (Miami): Rudy Carpenter, QB Arizona State 6'2 220
    -I don't know why he isn't projected to go higher, but he's a Tim Hasselbeck sort of prospect who would be a good project behind Romo.

    6th round (Comp): CJ Spillman, SS Marshall 6'0 195
    -Great run stopper for the Herd, he'd definitely kick Brown off the roster and be a good special teams player.

    7th round (Detroit): Chase Daniel, QB Missourri 6'0 200
    -Pretty bad prospect measurables-wise, but you have to give guys with his smarts and accuracy a chance.

    7th round (Dallas): Eric Vandenheuvel, RT Wisconsin 6'6 330
    -A heavy footed guy, but like most Wisconsin linemen, he's technically sound, tough and smart.
    I know the no DT pick won't be popular, but I don't think Jerry and Wade see it as as big of a need as this board does. Free agency is where they shoot for this, I think.
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    Nice one Irv. I too believe that Delmas won't make it to the 51st pick so I like what you did there. Only thing is the Cowboys have Hamlin at the FS position and I don't know if they will make a move and make him the SS. From all accopunts Wil Moore is dropping and could be there in the 2nd and I would take him in a heartbeat.

    We also may have Henry moving to the safety position and Jerry hanging onto Roy for one more year to consider.
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    Hate it. You need a space eating immovable NT here. Brace from BC or Hood from Mizzou 2nd pick. With a stud NT and moving Ratliff to end you improve two positions with one pick. The only DB I would trade up for is Smith from Utah. I would not mind Beatty from Conn if he falls to 51.
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    I really hope your wrong about smith going in the top 25..I could easily see him slip in the 2nd if he doesnt go by pick 22..I doubt those teams will take a safety. I would do the same thing you did with Delmas but with Sean Smith instead..Get rid of Roy and Henry. Draft Brace in the 3rd..Draft Lankster from WVU(CB) in the 4th and that would be a solid draft.

    Sean Smith
    Ron Brace
    Eric Wood

    I would be happy with that class alone
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    I don't like johnson other than that seems solid. I don't like the double QB pick.
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    I don't have a problem with this mock, especially like the Delmas pick...the kid makes plays. If he is as good as I think he is, they will figure out a way to make it work.
    Not big on Johnson and the Daniels pick...much prefer a project wideout, nose tackle or corner instead.
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    No need to draft two qbs so i'd just draft Daniels in the 6th and use the other spot to draft some depth in either corner or line.

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