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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Manster68

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    Last year, Dallas entered Day 2 of the 2005 draft and went BAM BAM - Marion Barber and Chris Canty. Then came Rob Petitti, Justin Beriault and Jay Ratliff. Four of the five made significant contributions (which should never be expected from Day 2 acquisitions). Beriault, of course, went on the IR before the season started.

    I thought there was NO way this could be equalled (when thinking about this last night).

    Well, in 2006, I believe there is an "Outside Chance" that this could be equalled.

    So what hurts the chances of Day 2, 2006 equalling Day 2, 2005?

    The two 7th round offensive linemen. I do not see either one of them replacing Peterman, Gurode, Petitti, or Colombo at this time. The extra year, or two or three, gives these guys too much of an advantage.

    Not drafting an offensive lineman until the seventh round tells me that the coaching staff is pretty happy with the linemen they currently have.

    I hope I am wrong, but I do see McQuistan and Whitley destined for the Practice Squad (like normal 7th rounders usually do).

    As far as Green, Watkins, and Stanley go, I believe there is a great chance that these three will be in the starting lineup within two years (considering a kick returner as a starter). I am not sure if Watkins will start this year, but he will get plenty of playing time with Coleman.

    Nice job on DAY 2 again! No crying here!
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    Jeff Ireland has done another fine job this year--so it seems.
  3. Manster68

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    If Ireland keeps this up, he will end up a legend.
  4. Dale

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    I like the draft, too, but let's let the players hit the field first before we rename the stadium in Ireland's honor. :)
  5. bobbie brewskie

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    the thing is Ireland isnt everything in putting the talent on the field, Zimmer plays a big part in how he incorporates the player in the scheme, parcells has to groom the player right (along with the position coaches) etc. but 90% of the players success on the field depends on ireland . . . not disagreeing but im putting out another perspective . . .
  6. Crown Royal

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    We can't rename it - the city of irving is a bunch of tools.
  7. DCowboyz

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    Pat Watkins is a great pickup.. He was pretty much a steal in the 5th round.. He will become one of the best Safety's in the NFL one day.. This guy had a great career at Florida State.. Underrated. IMO.
  8. Sasquatch

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    In the short term, I think Green and Watkins could be the two most important pick ups in the draft. A few extra yards in field position and a few long strikes defended would have put us in the playoff last year.

    Overall, I'm pleased. The overall level of talent on the roster has been improved.

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