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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by plymkr, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Last night I went to bed angry just like everyone else. I had a dream. I dreamt that I was at a Cowboys' game and they were losing. I jumped up and started chanting "We hate Jerry" over and over again. Eventually the whole stadium was chanting "we hate Jerry" and the big screen in the stadium showed Jerry crying in the owner's box. IT was glorious. I took that as a sign from God to write a letter and it may be heard. I am going to send the following to: USA today, Dallas Morning News, (I doubt they'll print it tho), Sports Illustrated and any other online sports reporting website I can think of. I wanted to run it by you guys first and see what you think, give me feedback, watch my grammar and spelling. let me know what y'all think

    Dear Cowboy nation,
    I am writing this as an attempt to heal painful wounds and communicate a plan for our beloved team. In the last 17 seasons we have witnessed one playoff win. Prior to this decade and a half of mediocrity there was a standard of performance that was demanded by the fan base, players and front office. Between the years of 1997-present day what does Aikman, Romo, Irvin, Owens, Emmitt Smith, Sanders, Carr, Murray, Livings, Carter, Page, Switzer, Gailey, Parcells, Campo all have in common? Answer: Jerry Jones. Jerry is famous because he is rich and in a position public attention being the owner of the Cowboys. Jerry brings a lot of attention to himself. With this attention he has created a polarizing figure in sports and pop culture. Most people know of Jerry Jones and have an opinion, either they hate him or they love him; but everyone watches what he will do next. If you will he is the Paris Hilton of sports. He’s famous because he is rich and the public is glued to the TV to watch him fail. This public obsession with Jerry failing has resulted in teams with below average results repeatedly being shown on national TV. Jerry Jones has reduced the Dallas Cowboys to a very unfunny reality show based on himself. Jerry enjoys being rich and famous, and frankly who wouldn’t. The problem for the Cowboys from this fan’s perspective, is this attitude of being happy with trying really hard and satisfaction with being famous has trickled down throughout the franchise. If Jerry is satisfied with mediocrity then why do we as fans feel the players should rise above the owner and establish a culture of winning? Or more importantly how can they? Jerry Jones has established himself as the icon of the Cowboys. Jerry Jones’ desire to be the uncontested face of the franchise regardless of the performance outcome has made this franchise a ship without an anchor. The Dallas Cowboys are a directionless team floating amongst the sports world. Everyone always sees them but there’s little fear because the captain of the ship has lost his compass.

    I openly doubt Jerry Jones’ desire to win football games. The last 17 years has shown me he is content with losing football games but remaining the face of the franchise. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys is a business man who is enjoying the hollywood aspect of his wealth. How can this situation change? It is time for we as Cowboy fans to unite and boycott everything Jerry Jones. I am not calling on fans to turn their backs on the Tony Romos and the Demarcus Wares. That would be blasphemous. But we as fans can help the players by taking away the two things that Jerry can not live without: money and attention. I challenge the Cowboy nation to turn the TV off on Sundays, to stay home from the games, not to buy any Cowboys related merchandise and most importantly do not go to Arlington Stadium for any event. We have to hit Jerry in the one spot he will not ignore and that is his wallet. Jerry the owner will not change until he loses money and Jerry the narcissist will not change until the public ignores him. We as a unified group can make Jerry change by changing the ratings, causing local black outs and having him lose money on his stadium. As a unified group we have to show Jerry he must put his stubbornness and ego aside and place a winning product on the field so Romo, Witten and Ware stop toiling in vain.


    A fan of 35 years and counting
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    thank you for letter. we need to collectively do something.
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    I commend your efforts, but I think your premise is flawed. I have absolutely no doubt Jerry passionately wants to win. He hates losing. You can see it in his face and body language any time we lose. His strategies just have not been effective in creating a winner in a very long time. He meddles too much and has made many poor decisions as a GM because his is not a great football mind. He's good at the oil business, not a the football business. IMO he should step down as GM, but remain the owner. However, to claim that he's perfectly happy with a mediocre team just seems to me to be untrue.
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    You're wasting your time. That's as nice I can possibly say it.
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    I agree with the statement that he is happy with a mediocre team. Good feedback, I feel he is not uncomfortable enough with being mediocre. Mediocrity appears to be more comfortable than stepping down as GM. So good call on him not being happy with losing, I agree that is an incorrect statement. I'll go back and look for wording/verbage that either outright says he is happy or infers he is happy and change it to comfort level. He seems comfortable, albeit unhappy, with being average than it would be to hire a GM and maybe win more games. It's almost like he's stuck in this proverbial staring contest with Jimmy Johnson for who built the '90's Cowboys and Jerry is the only one playing. But anyway my point was not to say he's happy with losing, but losing has not made him uncomfortable (or painful) enough to swallow his pride and get some help. Thx again for the head's up.
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    Aren't we all wasting our time?
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