My dream first round...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by like a dog, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. like a dog

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    ...assuming the Howard trade goes through and we stay in the 4-3.

    Round One

    11. Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas
    The best defensive player in the draft and the best linebacker to emerge from the college ranks since Lavar Arrington. He has bulked up to 240+ pounds and still runs faster (4.52) then most safeties. A freakish talent and a playmaker who will make the Cowboys defense better from day one.

    20. Jamal Brown, RT, Oklahoma
    Right up there with Alex Barron and Khaliff Barnes as the best OT in the draft. Unlike Barron and Barnes, who are more finesse, pass blocking types, Brown is a huge, powerful road grader perfectly suited for the right side. Will solidify the right side of the Cowboys line for the next decade.
  2. Concrete Roy

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    I could live with that and then draft Ernecst Shazor in the 2nd round, but oh we will lose our second rounder. So there for we need to trade our 20th pick back to pick up another second rounder. Also were going to have to move up if we want DJ.
  3. jbsg02

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    That would be a great first round. If we trade our 2nd for Howard then I am pretty sure we will try to trade down with one of those picks though.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    Well... since we're "Dreaming".

    Mike Williams
    Derrick Johnson


    I don't do realism. :)
  5. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Active Member

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    How bout:
    11 DJ
    20 Roddy White
    42 Brodney Pool
  6. Put Henson In

    Put Henson In New Member

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    Give me DJ and I'll be stoked.
  7. chicago JK

    chicago JK Well-Known Member

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    mine will change several of time prior to the draft but as of today

    11- Merriman or Derrick Johnson
    20-David Pollack
    42-Mike Patterson

    Watch out QB's
  8. like a dog

    like a dog Panamanian Cowboy

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    If we don't get Darren Howard, my dream first three picks would something like this:

    11. Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas
    Can't pass on the best player in the draft. Ideal size (6'3'', 245) and speed (4.52) to be an SLB in the 4-3. Instant playmaker for the Cowboys defense.

    20. Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
    The most talented pass rusher in the draft may fall because of injury concerns. An explosive talent with John Abraham like potential if healthy.

    42. Brodney Pool, FS, Oklahoma
    True centerfielder with good speed and natural ball instincts. Effective coverage safety will allow Roy Williams to creep up to the line and wreck havoc.

    Dallas could then sign a veteran RT like Victor Riley (NO) or Ethan Brooks (Bal) to start/push Torrin Tucker.

    The starting lineups:


    QB - Drew Bledsoe
    HB - Julius Jones
    FB - Richie Anderson
    FL - Keyshawn Johnson
    SE - Terry Glenn
    LT - Flozell Adams
    LG - Larry Allen
    C - Al Johnson
    RG - Marco Rivera
    RT - Victor Riley
    TE - Jason Witten


    LE - Greg Ellis
    LDT/NT - Jason Fergueson
    RDT - La'Roi Glover
    RDE - Erasmus James (R)
    SLB - Derrick Johnson (R)
    MLB - Dat Nguyen
    WLB - Al Singleton
    LCB - Terrance Newman
    SS - Roy Williams
    FS - Brodney Pool (R)
    RCB - Anthony Henry

    A solid group, certainly capable of grabbing a wild card berth.
  9. like a dog

    like a dog Panamanian Cowboy

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    Looking at it, I actually like the second, sans Howard, scenario a lot better then the first. Fills all needs and leaves the Cowboys younger and (I think), better in the long run.

    The one concern is age at WR, but you can't get everything done in one year. Key, Glenn, Morgan and co. should be good for another season; the emphasis would be on WR in 2006.
  10. makaveli

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    Braylon edwards
  11. Dayton Cowboy

    Dayton Cowboy Active Member

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    Shazor just seems to be more of a strong safety.. I'd rather have Bullock in the second, he is more the ballhawking FS(if one is drafted and not picked up in FA) we need to slide Roy over to SS

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