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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Oct 10, 2008.

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    With a little over a quarter of the season done, now seems like a good time to do one of these just for fun.

    1. Darius Heyward-Bay WR Maryland- He's got the speed to be that deep threat we've been looking for, and at 6'3" 206lbs he has the size to go up against anybody. Pure electricity when he's got the ball.

    2. Jasper Brinkley LB South Carolina- Most likely wishful thinking here since Brinkley is probably the best 3-4 ILB in the draft. Depending on what we do in FA, I could see him being our 1st round pick.

    3 (via Cleveland). Derek Pegues DB Miss St.- Watkins doesn't know how to tackle correctly, and Brown doesn't even like contact. Pegues can cover like a CB, and he's consistently been a top performer in the physical SEC.

    3b. Jonathan Luigs OL Arkansas- Won the Remington Award last year and decided to return to school. He has also played G . Could push for the starting LG spot, or just provide crucial depth.

    4 (via Detroit). John Gill DL Northwestern- Ratliff has been a beast in the middle, and I think that is where he will stay but he needs some help on the edges. Spears, Canty, Hatcher and Bowen really haven't stepped up as much as I hoped they would. Gill is an active interior lineman that IMO should be able to slide out and blossom at DE in the 3-4 (similar to what Wade did in SD with Castillo and Olshanksy).

    4b. Clint Sintim LB Virginia- He's got a ton of experience playing in the 3-4 and he's always been a very active LB. Started 42 straight games so far so he's got excellent durability. He has always played OLB, but I think he'll be an ILB with us.

    5. Jaison Williams WR Oregon- Big WR with plenty of potential, but he hasn't lived up to it yet. Could be a steal here.

    6 (via Miami)- Ron Brace NT Boston College- Not as active as his teammate B.J. Raji, but he's good at taking up blockers. Good camp body and could fight for a spot if Tank decides to leave.

    7. Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska- At one point in time was a highly rated OT prospect. Not really sure what happened to him, but he's got great size and he's able to play on both sides. Worth the risk here.
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    I like it although I don't think WR in the first round will happen. I can definitely see us adding a lot of depth to both offense and defensive line and getting more LB's.

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