My Experience at the Linc

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Byrdman1531, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Philadelphia is the only city that I'll never go to another game at. They could be hosting the Super Bowl for some reason and I wouldn't go the see the Cowboys win if I had free tickets for a luxury box.

    Four years ago I went with 3 friends, one of whom was a Eagles fan. We were minding our own business walking through the parking lot when 6 guys jumped us. They were trying to even beat the Eagles fan simply for being our friend.

    With two of us being former college wrestlers, one former college D-lineman, and one guy that could take the other three by himself, we were holding our own until four or five more people decided that it was a sin that we weren't being properly beaten.

    Needless to say, security was nowhere to be found.

    I hate the litigous nature of our society, but someone is going to have to sue the team and city for a serious injury before anything changes.
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    I'm officially jealous of you because I would love to see a game like that in person.

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    I've never been to a game in Philly, and I never will. I went to a Raiders game back when they were in L.A. and swore I'd never go to another stadium filled with such loser fans again. Very similar stuff to what has been described in Philly.

    I have been to games at stadiums of other teams (Rams, Chargers, & Panthers) and never had any problems wearing my Cowboys stuff. The fans might turn and make a comment after a big play but nothing vulgar or personal.

    I would have to say it is a toss-up as to which team has the worst fans, the Raiders or the Eagles. If anyone here has been to both stadiums, please give us your opinion on which fans are the worst.

    Most here would probably say the Eagles since they are a rival of ours but to me that is what made the Raiders fans' behavior even more despicable, we aren't even a rival of theirs and in fact when I went was in the 80s and we weren't very good. The people I know that have been to several Raiders games have said that they are like that no matter who they are playing but they are even worse when it is the Broncos or Chiefs, if you can imagine that.
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    yea i noticed the guy in her/him/its way also LOL..

    ..also before the dude got kicked out he was telling the guy in the Bates jersey, "Now why couldnt you have come and just watch the game and not make any comments" when he was the one who started it after Westbrooks first TD

    I cant stand that
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    Exactly what I was thinking (the part about the Eagles being held liable, not the thing about the prison marriage, LOL).

    Uppity, you need to wisen your buddy up and encourage him to file a suit against Lincoln Financial and the team if he's not already thinking of doing so. Like fort said in his post, much more outrageous things have gotten into court and resulted in either a victory and court-awarded settlement, or a nice out-of-court settlement.

    I'm sure you guys saw right through the Linc's security folks' "good deeds" of giving him a free shirt, etc. as a nervous attempt at placating what should be a slam-dunk lawsuit. A sharp attorney would have no problem putting a case together and even being able to dig up concrete evidence of this being a pattern over the years. Physical trauma, emotional trauma, you name it, your buddy is the victim of all that and much more.
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    I swear next year I'm going to the Philly/Boys game in Dallas and if I see any Eagles fans, well, let's just say I'll get banned from this message board if I post what I'll say to them
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    Giant fans are tough but ultimately OK. I've been to Giant stadium a number of times...the last being the 35-32 Monday night game...I wore a Cowboy's jacket and had no problems.

    I was also at Texas Stadium for a Redskin game.

    There was a guy a couple of rows in front of us waving a rather large Redskins banner and no one gave him a rough time.

    Philly is only a hour or so from NYC. I've been tempted to go there for a Cowboys game but haven't because of the rep Eagles fans have.

    Last night couldn't have happened to a more deserving home crowd. :D
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    and why the hell not?

    people at Texas Stadium just let opposing fans come to their house and wave their team's flag without saying something back?

    that's not being polite, that's being a p****
  9. Juke99

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    Well Mr Testosterone :) when I say they didn't give him a rough time, I mean to say, no one beat the hell out of him or dumped beer on him. They abused him verbally...and made sure he put his flag down when a play was being run.
  10. SupermanXx

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    I wasn't meaning you individually, just ppl in general

    I know anyone from this board is no pushover
  11. Juke99

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    Oh, I know that...I was just busting on ya. :D

    I've always felt the Cowboy fans are a bit too reserved at Texas Stadium.
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    When we were down for the Redskins game this year we were by a good sized group of Redskins fans. No way did they get harassed beyond the verbal barbs.

    If I was roughed up at the stadium by Eagles fans I'd sue the pants off of them. Only takes one time to get enough bad publicity to get those neanderthals under control with some decent security.

    Also, good on Roy for mentioning that the bus got egged. I hope we see that clip all week and it's a continual embarassment for Philly.

  13. Wolverine

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    I hate Eagle fans alot more then I hate the Eagles team.
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    I was at the Vet for the 2002 Eagles/Dallas game. I'm a hardy football vet that has been to many a Patriot and Giant game and have seen some fan issues/fighting in the day but nothing compared to what I've seen/heard of at the Vet.

    I too chose to go in to watch a football game and felt putting on Dallas garb would lead to nothing but grief. I'm a big guy and stand my own but few can relate to how nuts Philly fans are.

    For a Sunday game the fans were in the parking lots drinking at 4 and 5 in the morning as if they hadn't stopped from the night before. For a Monday night game my guess is the average fan started in at noon. What then happens is borderline Riot mentality. It almost becomes a mass attack on opposing teams fans.....

    I saw the Pats in the late 80's to early 90's and they had the same issue. They to their credit stopped selling bear to selling LA bear to flat out taking season tickets way from idiots. Then they upped the prices and its now a very enjoyable game. I'd take my 11 year old son to a Pat game, not an Eagle game.

    Its up to Eagle management to fix this - its an embarrasment.

    I'd pay $10G to have been there as Roy was running down the sidelines......
  15. Byrdman1531

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    i still cant get over leaving early.. thats a once in a lifetime thing that will happen

    but i was riding with Eagles fans also and they wanted to leave so basically I had no choice but to stay..
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    I actually respect the Redskins franchise and history somewhat. I wouldn't piss on the eagles to put out a fire. I have met one cool Eagle fan in my life and he was from Texas...poor, misguided soul he is.

    I have SB programs of every SB Dallas played in hanging on my walls and I constantly point them out to him. It is all in good fun, but Eagle fans can take it too far.
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    the best part of winning last night was when they panned the camera around to all those eagle fans with their stupid looks on their faces.......................loved it.
  18. Wolverine

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    This win was better then the 1st win against Philly. They sooo thought they had the win and the game was over. Then outta nowhere they lost. The best reactions came after that McNabb INT.

    Seeing the pain Eagle fans were going through was almost as good as our win.
  19. Nors

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    Best was look on McNabbs moms face - she was horrified!
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    I feel horrified when I see McNabb's mom's face. I think I should sue for mental anguish. I stopped buying Chunky soup when she and McChunky started appearing in the commercials.

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