My Experience at the Linc

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Byrdman1531, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Alexander

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    That is so true. The scum fans make it even worse.

    I hate the Redskins because of the petty way their franchise approaches things.

    I dislike the Giants, but I do respect what they have done as a franchise and save a few snowballs on Junior Seau's back, I respect their fans.

    I hate the Eagles because of their fans.
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    Not me, I hate the Eagles, Redskins, and Giants with a passion. Throw in their fans, logos, uniforms, stadiums, etc.
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    could'nt of said it better myself!!!
  4. Waffle

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    I'm wondering when AJM1613's going to chime in and argue his "Cowboy fans wearing Dallas jerseys/shirts are to blame for getting harrassed at the Linc because they should know it was going to happen to them" nonsense. ;)

    It was and is a poor defense of his Eagle brethern.
  5. Kilyin

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    I had to do a doubletake during one of Parcells Press Conferences last week. He actually talked up the Philthy fans and went on about how passionate and devoted to their team they are. He called them a flagship franchise. He said sometimes they take it out on you being rivals, but that's okay. If he knows about the mob violence going on, I hope he doesn't condone that sort of thing.
  6. CliffnMesquite

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    What does krispy Kream and the Linc have in common?
    They both have Sixty Thousand glazed donuts. :)
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    You, sir, are a jackass... apparently, you'd sanction the actions of Iggles fans that we've read about in this thread... you sound like the kind of guy who'd approve of beating some poor schlub in the parking lot, for no more reason than daring to root for the wrong team... of course, you'd be like those Iggles fans, and make REAL sure that you had plenty of backup...

    As far as I'm concerned, a guy has a right to attend a game and root for whomever he d*** well pleases, without having to risk bodily harm doing so...

    In my only trip to Texas Stadium, I was in the company of my cousin, who is a Skins fan, for the Cowboys-Skins game on MNF opening the 92 season... we were both in full team regalia, and ol' Lee took some good-natured booing (I guess I did too, for being with the "enemy") as we walked through the parking lot going to the game... during the game, I was flanked by my cousin on one side (he's an Italian boy, built like a tank or a nose tackle, about 5-10 and maybe 280-290 pounds), and a guy on the other side who dwarfed him and who was most assuredly a hard-core Cowboys fan like myself...

    Of course, the Boys jumped on the Skins early in that game, Charles Haley sacking Mark Rypien for a safety on the first series, and my cousin Lee was a good sport about the whole thing... by game's end, that mammoth Boys fan on my left had concluded that Lee was "all right", and was exchanging high fives with him... Lee was treated quite kindly by the crowd, except for a coupla drunks after the game, on the way out to the lot...

    That's when that huge Cowboys fan stepped in and told those drunks that if they messed with his new buddy, they had him to face as well... Lee had just put on his radio headphones, and was proceeding quietly to the parking lot, he didn't even know he was being abused... suffice it to say that if those drunks had done more than just talk nasty, the crowd leaving the game would have been treated to the sight of two Cowboys fans puttin' an a**-whipping on two other Cowboys fans in the parking lot... I was pissed, how can you still be hostile when your team has just WON the freakin' game??

    That crowd was quite loud, rowdy and pro-Cowboys, and I was proud of the way they treated a Skins fan that weekend...

    The notion that fans of another team deserve a hostile reception for the high crime of being a fan of another team is both juvenile and asinine...

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