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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Let's see...

    - A new CBA is reached, giving many teams millions to spend.

    - The first couple of days saw players signed to astronomical contracts.

    - Dallas joined in, getting Kosier, Gurode, and Ayodele.

    - Cowboy fans were playing Superman off of the high rises.

    - Dallas later signs Hannum and Fabini.

    - Which leads to today, better known as ARMEGEDDON!

    First off, keeping Gurode was smart. Dallas was not going to shell out huge dollars for Bentley (plus, Bentley probably would have signed with Cleveland anyways). He must really be a Parcells favorite.

    Kosier was another smart signing. He is experienced, relatively young, and came fairly cheap.

    Ayodele brings high savvy to a position Dallas really needed to address. He is young, experienced, and a significant upgrade over Shanle.

    Dallas also got younger with Hannum replacing Campbell - and he came fairly cheap, too.

    Fabini was a no-brainer regardless of age. I do think Petitti will get better, but Fabini will be able to handle 1-on-1 rushers much better at eachother's point in their careers. I am not giving up on Petitti though (or Colombo).

    Which all leads to the signing of one of teh most classless pieces of horse dung in all of professional sports.

    I feel like I am walking on eggshells. Oh well, what's done is done.

    What I am hoping for is that Terrell wants to prove his critics wrong so bad that he keeps himself more reserved this season and does not start a riff in the locker room.

    I'll say this though:

    "Whatever Terrell Owens' best is as a football player, we fans will see it this year."

    But I will NEVER, EVER forget what he did in 2002.

    The offseason is going pretty well. Hopefully Dallas signs a kicker and drafts either Lawson or Carpenter in the first round of the draft.
  2. DeepBleu

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    what did t.o. do in 2002 to anger you?
  3. theogt

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    What a (not so?) cleverly disguised TO thread.
  4. Manster68

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    Wasn't that the year he danced on the star?
  5. DeepBleu

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    it was? i thought it was 2000.
  6. Rogerthat12

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    Sorry 2000.:eek:
  7. Manster68

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    BTW, I do not see Larry Allen with the team this season. I hope he restructures, but I am not expecting that.

    If Larry is let go, then I can definately see the Cowboys taking a guard in the second round of the draft.

    And a free safety in the third.

    I wonder how many mock drafts will have the Cowboys taking a wide receiver with the 18th pick now?
  8. bford24

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    I know it was just a slip-up but its kinda funny that you are upset about something you don't even know the year of.
  9. Dale

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    I've hated TO as much as anyone over the years. I all but cheered when Roy did what he did, considering Philly's reaction to Irvin's injury and TO's actions on the star.

    With that said, I'm willing to forgive if he comes here and helps this team win its ultimate goal.

    Now, if he comes here to collect a big paycheck and plays poorly and acts just as poor, then I'll go back to hating the guy.

    But as of this instant, my mindset is the following: We have the league's best receiver (when he's not deactivated) -- our first true #1 and Pro Bowl threat at the position since Michael Irvin. It's been so long that I've even forgotten what a Pro Bowl wideout looks like.

    We have the chance to having something special on offense. We have one of the best tight ends in team history. Now, we have one of the best receivers in team history, too -- and, you know what? Combined with Glenn, on paper at least, we have one of the most talented receiving duos we have ever had. Bledsoe isn't a bad quarterback by any means when provided weapons and protected, and Julius has shown flashes of greatness.

    If the offensive line can pass protect and run block, this offense could be one of our franchise's elite. And considering all of our focus on retooling the defense with young talent over the last several seasons, and, who knows, this team could be on the right track.
  10. the_h0wey

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    You knew what he meant...
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. :)

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