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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Kangaroo, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Lucky for me that Dallas had the evening game or I would have missed part of it but hey what I was doing was more important in my book.

    Anyways we had a Cubscout camp out this weekend (Poor souls I am the Assistant Cub Master so I have a leadership role).

    Anyways we did a Flag Retirement Ceremony Saturday (was my 1st and we retired 2 flags). It was emotional even for me and you could feel it in the air and you could see the kids grasping the magnitude of what we where doing. Everyone of them wanted to help in the color guard. We had are young kids Tigers and Wolfs be Color Guard it seem to leave a lasting impression on the kids as well as the parents. Several parents came up and talked to me about it and I am so glad we did the Ceremony.

    Yes we did more than that but that was one of the best parts.

    So as much as I liked the Cowboys winning it was like an extra topping on the sundae compared to the rest of my weekend

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    Not to seem critical, but I have no idea what this thread is about.

    Care to enlighten?
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    Thanks for sharing

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