My hope for the new year.........

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Mr Cowboy

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    to get a new coaching staff. A complete overhaul of the staff.

    No more Jerry forcing the new coach to take Zimmer as the Def. Coordinator.

    Besides the obvious solution this brings, we will have news of the team throughtout the off season. From the coaching search, to hiring of the coach, to the hiring of a new coaching staff, all star games, combine, draft and all that info that BP refuses to talk about.

    No more hiding out by BP after the last game, and refusing to answer for the shotty season he gave us. We will have news coming from teh Ranch to help our off season move along, and get our hopes up again.

    I can hope can't I?
  2. Woods

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    I'm o.k. with J. Ireland.

    I think our drafts have generally improved since he's been with us, and not to mention our Free Agent pick ups.

    But if BP does leave, I think it's almost guaranteed that Zimmer and the OCs are gone. The only way they stay is if JJ brings in someone he can bully around. And I don't think JJ is going to do that. He needs a coaching staff with authority to keep the players in line.
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    I don't want to get rid of Ireland.......he should be in charge of the drafting.

    If you remember, when BP was hired, Zimmer had just signed a new contract and Jerry asked Bill to see if he could keep him. BP kept him, his biggest blunder, with not letting him go to Nebraska a close second biggest blunder.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    At this point that is all we can do.
  5. lane

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    my hope is that you can some way........somehow........

    find a new avatar.:)
  6. Woods

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    Yes, I do remember.

    That may end up being BP's downfall.

    I still remember when BP was telling Zimmer to get up to speed on the 3-4 during the off-season. And Zimmer was calling up coaches who ran the 3-4, etc. to get a better understanding. After about 3 months of cramming game film, talking to coaches, tutorials from BP, etc. Zimmer had graduated to atleast getting a basic grasp.

    But end of the day, BP probably would have been better served to get a DC at least somewhat experienced in running the 3-4. And not necessarily a DC on another team, but even a well respected LBs coach, for example, on a traditional 3-4 defense.

    That's partially why I think that if BP stays, he's going to get someone who's completely fluent in running the 34, someone who can disguise blitzes, and so on. The other reason why BP brings in a new DC is due to the obvious: our complete meltdown on defense this past month. Someone has to be accountable. And if it's not JJ, and it's not going to be BP, that leaves Zimmer.

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