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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rolldog, Apr 24, 2009.

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    After reading player projections and reviewing mock draft after mock draft, this is what I hope happens for the Boys this weekend. I think it's time that the Boys begin to draft like the Patriots draft -- that is, draft players that don't necessarily have all the glitz and glitter, but are simply true football players. With that in mind, here is my draft projection (hopefully, somewhat realistic). Let me know what you think...

    At 51 (or a trade up might be necessary) -- Brian Robiskie -- I keep hearing he may be the most NFL ready WR of this class.

    At 68 -- (a trade might will likely be necessary) -- Rashad Johnson S -- the knock on this guy is that he is too smart. I'll take that anytime.

    At 101 -- James Casey -- I may catch some grief for this pick, but this guy is more than a TE. He can also play FB (and wildcat QB). I think it's time we invest a good pick on a FB. If you all remember, Moose was a second round pick.

    At 117 -- either Jasper Brinkley or Jason Phillips (the nod going to Brinkley) -- again, these guys are football players. I would be happy with either one and think we would be set for years.

    At 156 --if he's here, we have to take Brandon Tate WR NC -- I wouldn't take him earlier because of his marijuana "problem" but I don't think I could pass him up here. In my view, he is much better than Nicks. If Tate is not here, then I take Louis Vasquez -- G -- Texas Tech.

    At 166 -- Nate Davis -- QB Ball State -- I can't believe this guy has fallen so much. I saw him play a couple of times last year on TV and I thought he had a bit of Romo in him. A bit cocky, but always poised and on target.

    At 172 -- Sammie Lee Hill -- NT -- Stillman -- this guy is literally a beast -- you can't coach size. I hear he may be gone much sooner, but I doubt it.

    At 197 -- Dominique Johson -CB - Jackson State -- if this guy is anywhere near here, he's a must have. At this point I think I'm dreaming.

    The rest of the picks would be used to move up as necessary. I don't see the Boys drafting more than 8 guys.

    Let me know what you think. If I reached on some picks or have some guys ranked too low, let me know.

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    Jerreh says that WR will not be an emphasis in this draft-- and I'm starting to believe him.

    You have 2 WR's being selected and not a single OL. Ouch!
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    Yep. Go OL instead of Robiskie and its golden. :)

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