my idea for the big east/MWC/C-USA

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by MC KAos, Oct 26, 2011.

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    This is what i think these conferences should do after the dust settles with the SEC and Big 12......

    first, you keep the conferences as they are for all sports besides football. you then create 3 divisions that are as close to the current conference alignment as possible, while evening them out and maybe making them a little more geographically sound. For arguments sake, lets assume that West Virginia and Louisville end up leaving to the big 12 and either BYU or ND join to make it 12 teams. Mizzou moves to the SEC, and Rutgers and UConn never get invites into the ACC. (i think these are the most likely scenarios of what will end up happening).

    we would then have the MWC with....

    Air Force, Boise, Colorado State, Nevada, New Mexico, San Diego State, Wyoming, UNLV, Fresno and Hawaii

    Conference USA would have....

    UAB, UCF, E Carolina, Marshall, Memphis, S Mississippi, Houston, Rice, SMU, UTEP, Tulane, Tulsa

    the Big East would have.....

    Rutgers, S Florida, UConn, and Cincinnati

    The Big east would add Army and Navy and be paired up with get Marshall, East Carolina and UCF from C-USA and be at 9 teams and call that the eastern division of football.

    the Remaining 9 C-USA teams would form the central division and the 10 MWC teams would for the western division.

    you could then play all the teams in your own division every year and only make those count in the standings, rotate whom you play with the other 2 divisions so everyone playes each other at least once every 10 years and have the last game (west) or two (central and east) be whomever the schools want to schedule. At the end of the season, you would have three division champions; the team ranked the highest out of the three would have a bye week, the other two would play in a semifinal game at the home of the highest ranked remaining division champion. the winner of the 2 vs 3 would play the 1 at a neutral site to determine the BCS team.

    so what do you guys think? the only thing that i dont know if it would work is the 2 vs 3 game, they might have to just go with the 2 highest ranked division winners, have an at large team play the top ranked division winner (another thing id like).
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    PS, if Louisville goes to the big 12, and Uconn and Rutgers go to the ACC, the big east is dead. Conference USA and MWC could just keep their currently planned merger and most likely get that auto BCS bid. and one of the 2 remaining football schools, Cincinnati, might also join the big 12 if we ever go to 12 teams and ND decides not to join a conference and the big 12 and BYU doesnt end up working out.
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    No offense, but as a follower of Boise St. I really don't like this Mega-conference idea. Our competition would get worse and our crappy Mountain West TV deal would continue. Instead, I would still like the best remainng teams of the MWC (Boise and Air Force), the best Conf. USA teams (Houston, and SMU) combine with BYU and maybe one more Western school (maybe San Diego State, Tulsa, or Nevada) to form the core of a western division of the revamped Big East. It would give us better competition and a much better TV deal. If the Big East does completely dissolve, those six schools could start the foundation of a new Western conference.
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    Air Force needs two free slots to schedule Army and Navy for the CIC trophy.
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    So SMU, after two years of decency, is now one of the two "best" CUSA teams?
    Anyway, I see your point geographically. Teams like So Miss, E Carolina, and UCF don't fit with Far West schools geographically.

    The way McKAos laid out the mega-conference would work, but it still does leave the competition (prior to the conf playoff) fairly weak.
    I'm assuming if they had 3 divisions and they wanted a BCS bid, they would have to have a conf champ game following a semifinal. That adds a week, so gets dicey.
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    i like the idea of the best teams forming a football conference, but the problem is that politics always comes into play in those situations. For example, even though SMU is prob one of the better football programs, they would most likely be included somewhere because they have some powerful alumni. im not sure if thats true with other schools, but im sure some of the worst schools have more political pull than others (much like baylor back in the 90s and similar to what is happening right now with louisville and west virginia)
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    The Big East is dead....
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    Yep and John Marinatto is the killer.

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