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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ceasaleo88, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Ok we have 2 more days until D-Day..

    Here's my last mock, I include some trades, no players just draft picks.

    2nd rd (mid 40's) send 51st and 156th picks and get back a mid 40's spot
    Brian Robiskie WR OSU 6'3 209 -- solid hands, runs great routes, blocks, a very polished WR

    3rd rd (mid 70's) send 69th get back a mid 70's and 5th rd picks
    Darcel McBath FS Texas Tech 6' 198 -- centerfield type FS, good tackler, can contribute on ST, playmaker

    4th rd (101)
    Jason Williams LB Western Illnois 6'1 241 -- our nickel LB, I really want this kid

    4th rd (117)
    Sebastian Vollmer OT Houston 6'7 314 -- nice size, good feet and long arms, needs some technique work, high upside

    5th rd (133) pick gained from trade down in 3rd
    Jason Phillips LB TCU 6'1 240 -- he's just a baller, eventual replacement for Brookings

    5th rd (150's) send 166th and 210th for this pick
    Bradley Fletcher CB/S Iowa 6'1 196 -- good size/speed ratio, plays tough man to man

    6th rd (172)
    Cornelius Lewis OG Tennessee St. 6'4 332 -- guard but will be worked at tackle also, Nasty demeanor

    6th rd (197)
    Nathan Brown QB Central Arkansas 6-1 219 -- My pet cat since Senior Bowl. Doesn't have typical NFL size, but he just makes plays

    6th rd (208)
    Henry Melton OLB Texas 6'4 270 -- former RB, played DE at college, will be OLB with us, good athlete, can contribute on ST, and goal line/short yardage situations

    7th rd (227)
    Ra'Shon Harris DE/DT Oregon 6'4 298 -- depth on the DL, could be a sleeper

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    I like the trades you seem to make good sense, the personnel are reasonable for that level of picking, good job. I hope we do not get Robiske as I do not see a huge difference between him and some of the lower rated WR's, but that is just my observation. Are we are still interested in Ellerbee?


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