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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 19, 2005.

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    - Just how bad were they? Well, your kicker starts off by duffing a kickoff 40 yards. Then he misses a 38 yard field goal. I’m sure Cundiff is a nice guy and whatever, but quite frankly he’s gutless in my book. There’s some kind of phenomenon going on these days where if the snap is a little bit off, regardless of how good the hold is, the kicker doesn’t get blamed by the announcers and analysts. Cundiff should have made that kick and I don’t expect him to make every kick, but I do expect to have some modicum of faith in him in clutch kicks or on the road.

    Anyway, La’Roi Glover gets called with not one BUT TWO defensive holding calls on running plays in the same game. That’s a first time I’ve ever seen that in a game. Oh yeah, their thunderous leg punter shanks a 15 yarder.

    Out of the entire team, I only thought 3 people played well. Pepper Johnson, Tyson Thompson, and Marion Barber. That’s a pretty sad statement in itself.

    - The smart play I think come this offseason is to go after a tackle in the first round and a guard in the second round. Preferably a RIGHT TACKLE, so I don’t have to hear how he’s struggling to make the adjustment from the left side to the right side. I actually believe the right tackle situation *could be* pretty good next year. Flozell will be back and I believe Pettiti will get better and Torrin Tucker could probably be pretty decent over there. HOWEVER, they cannot chance it and they need to look for a replacement for Flozell in the future. You can find top notch guards in the second round much easier than you can find top notch offensive tackles in the second round.

    - Well the “book” is out on the defense. Utilize running stretch plays against the defense, most notably towards the strongside which is occupied by Fujita and Shanle. I thought Shanle played well early on this season, but he’s not taking on blocks like he once was.

    - People will probably rag on the D-Line. But, I thought they played okay for the most part. Sure, the pass rush stunk, but when you give a team great field position and they can move the ball by running it, it’s tougher to sack the QB. But the real problem was the LB play which was the worst it’s been all year long. Plenty of times I saw the D-Line contain the gaps and the LB’s were not making the tackles while the D-Linemen were engaged with the blocker.

    - Joe Gibbs did the dumbest thing that almost all coaches do on every level. When you’re killing a team, take your starters out. For one, you don’t want them to get injured (i.e. Randy Thomas) and secondly, I think it’s always good to give a bench player some playing time when you can.

    - I don’t think McBriar should be gone, but I can see why Parcells may let him go. He struggles in cold weather and when he’s rushed. But more importantly he can’t kickoff. Thus Parcells not only has to find a good kicker, but one with a good leg to do kickoffs. Sometimes you have to choose between the lesser of two evils and a good field goal kicker who can’t kickoff is more valuable than a punter with a thunderous leg that can’t do kickoffs.

    - I don’t want to hear any more about “Parcells ruined Julius” talk, which was started by Tony Dorsett who probably guessed at the statement. On that long run by Julius he looked an obvious step slower. He’s not Eddie George slow, but certainly doesn’t have the top end speed he had last year. Perhaps it’s the ankle sprain or maybe something worse were he just mysteriously lost his speed and burst, but he’s clearly not the same back he was last year and it doesn’t have anything to do with running technique.

    - Parcells needs to start Barber. I’d guess that Barber has about the same top end speed as Julius right now (4.55 or so on the forty), but he’s cutting like Julius used to cut and is a tough cookie to tackle. Oh yeah, he can catch the ball too. He’s like a mini-Marcus Allen and he gives Dallas their best shot to win.

    - I like the way Jacques Reeves has been playing for Dallas this year, but he can’t tackle to save his life.

    - Hopefully Marco Rivera is okay. It’s been a rough year for him.

    - Believe it or not, I’m not upset about getting mauled by the Redskins nearly as much as the way this team has been over the past several years. For the last several years, this team starts out well, especially on offense. Because of that the defense is also able to start out well and they generate sacks and turnovers. But by week 10 or so the O-Line quickly degenerates each week and the offense looks horribly incompetent. The defense also wears down, the pass rush vanquishes, and they are suddenly blowing assignments and looking like a poor football team.

    If I was going to spin this positively, I’d say that this has been going on before Parcells. Also, this team has an uncanny knack for getting injuries on either the O-Line or crucial spots on offense. And considering that studies show that defensive players are almost three more times likely to get injured in the NFL than offensive players, it’s kind of a head scratcher that they keep getting injuries on offense.

    I could also positively spin that the pass rush is better this year, if ever so slightly and the defense doesn’t wear down nearly as much this year as it has in the past.

    But even with all of that, I still have to wonder why this happens. Inability of the coaching staff to make adjustments? Perhaps. But, I seriously doubt or at least I don’t understand how a team can “fool” teams early on each year under Parcells and then make the proper adjustments to run amuck.

    WHATEVER the problem is, I’m quite frankly sick of seeing this team fizzle towards the end of year, each and every year.

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    Nice summary.

    Yeah-it's a head scratcher why the players just aren't responding to Parcells. Maybe he's working them too hard? Maybe the game has passed him by?
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    Rich, I totally agree... Don't you think a lot of this is because we are so old on offense? I know it's been said a billion times, but we haven't spend any high picks for YEARS now on offense. Even if you count linemen, Andre Gurode is a bust and Al Johnson is playing just "okay". But the last *playmaker* we added who was young enough to not die out by the end of the year was... Antonio Bryant? That has to change.

    Oops, I almost forgot about Julius... Which this year has been an easy thing to do. :(

    I still say we have to get younger and faster at QB and WR, and I'd add an athletic TE/H-back type, too.
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    I don't think its an issue of 'responding'. Actually, other than yesterday's game, this team has done a great job of staying in ballgames, and fighting hard to the last minute. Campo's teams, and even Bill's 2004 squad, would generally fold the first time they got hit in the mouth. Until yesterday, this team has been very good at weathering adversity in games.

    I think its a question of talent. We have several rookies who seem to be all hitting the wall at the same time. We have several key injuries, and while we are a better team than we were, we still don't have the depth that true contending teams like NE have. Our sub-par replacement players are being exposed - completely and totally in the cases of Tucker, Pettiti and even Shanle.

    JJ has also clearly lost a step, which behind this line is a magnified tenfold. Why Barber is not getting the bulk of the work is beyond me. Henry's injury has forced Roy away from the LOS again, and we saw how that sets back our Defense last year. Our kicking has been inconsistent all year.

    I don't buy that this team didn't come 'prepared' or didn't 'respond'. We just got forced early into a hole that we are simply not talented enough in key spots to overcome, and its spiraled downward from there.
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    It's time to make changes. whether that means benching jones, or tucker or whoever. whe need to make changes on offense if nothing else that bad play will not be tolerated. rivera for one could be benched and nobody would know the difference. same with tucker or petitti. crayton should also start ahead of glenn or johnson. specially against the panthers. ware on defense is another one who needs to sit to watch and learn. shanle could be replaeced by fowler and nobody would know the difference.
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    I think injuries are a bigger part, which theoretically could be attributed to age.

    To me, Terry Glenn is at a point in his career where he's not going to beat double teams by himself. But, he can still beat any CB in the league if left one on one. You could then say that Keyshawn is a problem, which may be true. But, after yesterday's O-Line performance (which if anybody blames Bledsoe for, they're nuts) I'm 50 x's more concerned about O-Line play than WR play.

    Look back at 2003. Al Johnson goes on I-R in preseason. They are able to keep a manageable center situation with Lehr and Dinapoli. But, Dinapoli gets put on I-R and the center position declines rapidly in play. Oh yeah, the best RT play they've had since Parcells has been here came from Ryan Young who hurt his knee and wound up retiring.

    In 2004, losing Julius was a colossal problem and losing Terry Glenn hurt probably just as much. But, that team wasn't good in any regard and they had a lot of injuries on defense as well.

    Then we've got this year. Just as soon as Julius starts to look good, he gets hurt and isn't the same. Flozell was a gigantic loss. Crayton hasn't looked the same since he got hurt, then against he needs somebody to throw him the ball. Sign Marco Rivera? Gets hurt on a freaking treadmill two weeks after signing.

    I still think what this team needs to do is to address the right tackle situation once and for all. They've shown that IF they can get some good play out of one tackle position, they can protect the other tackle. I'm guessing they don't want to spend too much money on a right tackle, so a first round pick is probably their best. Hopefully Auburn's Marcus McNeil.

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    Yep - couple that with the injuries and you get a bad cocktail.
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    The Dc is the same in all the years you mentioned. All the past players are gone and the ones with some hint of that team have been phased out( somewhat). Look at the Chargers, Redskins, Giants, and Patriots D this past weekend ( I believe we have been ranked ahead of them all season) They just put it in a different gear( game plan wise, speed wise, and tackling wise). Our D shows no imagination. It only has two methods play the base 3-4 or bring total blitz. You can only play off ability for so long you need scheme to keep teams off balance.

    How many times in the last 4 weeks have you seen power sweep to our right side of the D and how many times has it been stopped. Ware struggles even when a TE blocks him on the sweep. The DC knows this yet the play comes his way again and he engages again and around the corner the other team gets. Why doesn't the DAMN DC call for him just blitz in and disrupt the blocking scheme what is the worse that can happen that is not happening already. The scheme on D makes no sense.
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    draft: QB WR OT G C LB FS.
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    I agree on the preparation part. Parcells tried to open the game up and tried to work on things that the Washington defense is weak at. But, every time they'd move the ball, they'd have a stupid penalty or mental error. Then in the second half it was a full blown jail break on Bledsoe. Parcells cannot block out there for them. He cannot catch passes. And he cannot make the linebackers tackle when the D-Line has done a reasonable job at stonewalling Portis.

    And I'm always a firm believer that if you're a pro athlete and you can't get up for a game like this, then it's the athlete's fault, not the coach's. Randy White, Roger Staubach, Mark Tuinea, etc didn't need a coach to "get them up" for a game.

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    Yeah, that's been the hardest thing to take under Parcells, a guy who historically has had his best records at the end of the year. :(
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    The problem is that there is a good chance they are worse at most of those positions. I wouldn't bench Glenn or Keyshawn...they've done nothing to deserve it. I could live with Petermann over Rivera, but while I'd like to see somebody different besides Tucker and Pettiti at OT right now, I'm afraid that Columbo and Price could be even worse and get Bledsoe hurt.

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    I'am starting to believe that the players are tuning out Parcell's, his old school methods just don't seem to work nowdays. We need a shakeup on the Coaching staff mainly a new Offensive line coach and A young,fast WR, along with 2 new starters on the offense line.
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    How does a 3 yd and out route hurt the Redskins. The same play to the otherside has killed us early in games. Yet hear we go again. Power sweep to the right side of our D on the first drive. This team on D is to young to not be influenced by their coaches.
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    I'd say Offensive tackle in the first round for the reasons stated.

    Then I'd look at a speed WR with punt return skills or a guard in the second round. Take whomever is the better of the two. Guard obviously has importance, but they still need to find a replacement for Glenn in the future and it gets much tougher to find those good speed WR's as you go later in the draft.

    Whatever position you didn't take in round 2 (WR or OG), take in round 3.

    Go after a cover FS in round 4 and then make sure you draft the best kicker available.

    Go after a solid, run blocking center in free agency to help out with Al Johnson. Theoretically, they could wind up with 3 rookies on the O-Line and that's too risky. Especially at the center position which makes all the line calls. So, you're better off getting a veteran there.

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    Based on what?

    Did anyone think that least week when we beat KC on a last minute drive?
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    He didn't look slow on that play to me. Taylor had an angle on the play, just like Ken Hamlin had an angle last year on Julius' 53 yard run in Seattle -- when people also wondered why Julius didn't have the "top end speed" to take it for a touchdown.
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    I guestimated that his 40 speed is probably at 4.55 seconds or so *right now*. That's still pretty fast for a RB. Julius ran a 4.40 forty at the combine last year.

    So, like I said. He's not slow by any means. And while there may have been people questioning his top end speed against Hamlin, I certainly wasn't one of him.

    That play in the Seattle game was the same play I had in my head when comparing the two runs. He just seemed slower in yesterday's run than that run against Seattle. I'd like to somehow time the two runs myself. (although there are factors that would make it an unfair comparison)

    Even still, it's obvious he isn't cutting like he used to. Either that or Barber is cutting faster than Julius was last year and is just making him look slow in comparison.

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    JuJO is not a power runner never has been never will be. I needs to run off a 3 wr set formations. Emmitt's favorite run was the lead draw, that play set up other plays. Just like a draw in 3 wr sets would set up other plays. The less people in a bunch at the line of scrimmage the less a Oline player missing his block. Haven't you notice other team's D get in our backfield on a consistent basis.

    Just like against the chiefs they used their aggressiveness against them. Use the Dlines aggressiveness against them. 3 Wr Set trap blocks would get D lineman to be more hesitant( help out your line). No need to revamp your team because of a lose.

    The Giants and Redskins you have already played and the previous games were a close Defensive struggle. Now You get outplayed by not the colts or Bengals, but by a team you know very well. What was the difference?????
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    Thank you, I was thinking of the same play.

    I also think Ware was stopping the run on his side quite well earlier in the season. I think the guy is just worn out at this point.

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