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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Sep 18, 2006.

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    -Hey, they won, but they've got a lot of work to do. That being said, it feels great to see a win and less classier fans would probably rub it into Skins fans faces all year long like they did to us last season.

    -The officiating started out poorly, but got back on track. The Colombo tripping call was terrible on every account possible. He didn't trip or attempt to trip the defender and the defender was clearly out of the play. Somehow Skins fans think the Roy INT was pass interference on Aaron Glenn, but I don't see it at all. And the Ware hit on Brunnell just further substantiates my claim that the NFL really needs to treat hits to the head on the QB like facemask penalties where there's a 5 yard penalty for accidental and a 15 yarder for flagrant offenses.

    -I'll have to chart the game, but we really didn't change up the blitzing gameplan that much from the JAX game. We seemingly only blitzed on 3rd and long situations. This week we got a lot more of those situations, so we blitzed more. They also did a better job of disguising the blitz this time, but it wasn't great.

    -Impressions of the O-Line.....Kosier, Gurode, and Colombo are pretty good so far. Flozell played poorly then pretty good. At best, Rivera is an average guard, but for the most part he's been mediocre.

    -Unfortunately, I think we'll definitely have to get McQuistan ready to take over next season. Flo is at the point where he has just enough mobility to keep your average DE in check, but he's relying mostly on his size. I think Umenyiora destroys him when they face each other.

    -They put Carpenter in there because he's probably better at LB than Hoyte is so far. But, he made a mental mistake on his first play and just isn't a very good special teams player.

    -Gregg Williams was blitzing. Problem was that it wasn't working very well and the Dallas WR's showed they could burn the Washington CB's badly early on. Thus he was relegated to changing his blitz heavy philosophy.

    -IMHO, that was the best game I've seen Julius run the ball. Sure, he's run better in other games, but usually that consists of him taking the ball to the perimeter and racking up big gains. This game he ran the ball inside, moved piles, squirted through stuff. Too bad for the fumble, otherwise he played pretty excellent.

    -Glad to see them get Fasano involved. If you're running the 2 TE set, you've got to use both TE's.

    -On offense the Skins seemed confused and Brunnell seemed like he didn't want to get hit. Overall, they seemed like a team that was buying too much into their own hype.

    -Ahh....Jason Hatcher absolutely abused Chris Samuels when he was in the game on nickel downs.

    -1-1 and we're 1-0 in the division. Some things to work on, but the O-Line has been pretty good so far (only 3 sacks in 2 games). Need to get better at turnover ratio, but if they keep getting to the QB, that will naturally improve. Week off this week, and we face a team we should beat handily. But it's still a good test to see if they are ready to do business or are reading too many of their own headlines. I should have my gamecharting notes posted on Wednesday

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    As usual thank you Rich for the effort and the content you provide this board. :)
  3. Duane

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    Honest, fair and as always excellent work Rich.
  4. fanfromvirginia

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    Very good point. JJ has very quietly begun this season well.
  5. percyhoward

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    I remember reading one of the Jags players saying that if you can get pressure on Bledsoe, he starts reacting to perceived pressure and rushing his throws. That's exactly what Brunnell did on Roy's INT.

    I was also glad to see us get Fasano involved, and mix up our pass rushes. Two things we didn't do the week before.

    Your idea for the rule change on hits to the QB is a good one. Another one I'd like to see is the punting team keep possession, even if the punter is roughed after the play (or after the punt).

    And the tripping call on Colombo should've been a no call, because the defender "ran thru the attempt to trip.";)
  6. Doomsday101

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    You get right down to it Dallas was their own biggest problem last night. Washington was not stopping Dallas; Dallas stopped themselves on several occasions from the 2nd through the 3rd qrt with dropped passes and penalties.
  7. DipChit

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    Yeah, what kind of BS call was that on the would-be holding. Just cause the guy beat him anyway shouldnt nullify the flag.

    Also you just knew it was our night when those couple of false starts where the play totally continued anyway, and in our favor, didnt come back and "haunt" us.

    In one of "those" type of games the next plays would've owed to conversions for the opponent.

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    Give the punter a raise, that dude can turn the field around, he's gonna be our secret weapon, Terry Glenn erases alot of our bad draft memories, maybe we should just trade picks for vets....BB
  9. kmd24

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    I'd add that the Skins sack came from a Lemar Marshall blitz that Barber failed to pick up. The linemen have been a lot better so far.
  10. superpunk

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    Rich, nice analysis, but I think you're yanking the chain on Flo a little early. After nearly a year of not moving, I can really understand a serious lack of lateral movement until he gets used to moving that weight around.

    But I would be thrilled to see the Great-Ginger-Hype take over, and us have a young LT for years to come. From the freaking 7th round.
  11. superpunk

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    Wurd. Get my McBriar jersey ready. This guy has a savage leg. Our gunners just need to locate the ball outside the goalline.
  12. Sportsbabe

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    That penalty on Ware for a blow to the head was ridiculous. Just because your face masks touch doesn't make it a penalty. Oh, I guess that's only on QBs. The NFL rules committee needs to get real.
  13. Chief

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    Agree on all counts.
  14. Doomsday

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    Lets give Flo some time to fully recover from major surgeory before we start writing him off. I think he deserves a lot of credit for fighting back so quickly.
  15. Crown Royal

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    I pretty much agree on the OL. I'll take it a step farther - I think our pass protection has been excellent in both games. As far as the three sacks are concerned, one was on Bled last game, and another was allowed by Barber, who just got caught (for the most part he was doing very well on pickup).

    The run blocking is actually getting better too.

    BTW - I think that we have seen the last of the Gurode v. Johnson threads. For the second game in a row Gurode was a man alive. To this point, he is definitely our OL MVP. I would be interested to see your chart results on him in this game.
  16. MarionBarberThe4th

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    The o line gets no push in the middle, JJs best runs seem to come on sweeps, traps and counters.

    BTW what happend to the draw play? Give Julius some room and an open field and hell do some damage

    I think Marion Barber scored like 3 different times on consecutive plays before they went for it on 4th

    I didnt hear Pat Watkins name much, ill take that as a good sign
  17. MarionBarberThe4th

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    He didnt look to be in the best shape, for his standards
  18. Doomsday

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    Agreed but he needs some time to play through it and get into football shape. I have a feeling this early buy week is going to really help this team get on track and work on a few issues that have been holding them back.
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    Yes, but Flozell is 31 years old. He's pushing the age limit for any LT, regardless of past health history. I really just don't see him having much more left in the tank. Madden had him down pretty well, his pad level is still too high and he's now reliant on his long, powerful arms to keep the defender in check. That may work against Andre Carter, but I'll be hard pressed to believe that will work against Osi Umenyiora. And it's not to knock Flozell too harshly, but they've gotta look at a replacement for him after this year. Happens all of the time with players that get past 30 years old.

  20. Future

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    I actually thought the officiating was decent tonite. I did not feel that the Columbo penalty was a bad call necessary, it was away from the play but i thought it was the right call.

    I think you are absolutely right about the Ware penalty. Brunell still had the ball when contact was made, that was bologna.

    The only other bad thing I can remember was on a Betts carry off tackle to the right, one of the Skins' lineman grabbed Spears by the collar and spun him around, but no call. That really ticked me off.

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