My Mock Draft Rds 1 thru. 4

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Charles, Mar 21, 2005.

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    If Clarrett gets drafted, he should consider himself VERY lucky. There are sooo many good RBs in this draft WITHOUT baggage and ones that actually PLAYED football the last two seasons, he could slide right on out the back door. Now remember that Jerry isn't running the draft alone anymore so no more Quincy picks in the second. I think its pretty clear that if we don't trade our second for Howard, then we go FS in round 2 and even if we do I expect a trade down from one of our first rounders to recoup the second and then go FS.
    I understand that you have this man-love nonsexual crush on Miller but I really can't think of a position on our team with more talent or depth so I just can't see any sense in drafting yet another TE.
    I don't mind and wouldn't be surprised with Spears at 11. He's a quality player. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Howard that we're trying to acquire, except bigger and not quite the pass rusher, but close. IMO, Spears would probably end up getting moved around. He's bigger than Glover. They might swap around at DE. But really, Spears is ideally suited to be a 3-4 DE. He doesn't fit so well in a 4-3 because he's huge for a DE and light for a DT. However, he could give us the ability to switch between the 4-3 and 3-4 by dropping Ellis back to LB. Before getting further convoluted in my thoughts I'll just say that Spears will probably be a good player like Ellis, workman, very solid and consistent performance, but not elite.
    So basically what I'm sayin is that this mock sucks and leaves us desperate and wanting at FS, WR, and LB.
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    Gotta agree with you there. No way Miller is picked by this team in round #1. Too many other holes to fill then pick a 3rd string TE. Don't mind the Spears pick, but other then that this mock doesn't make much sense.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    I think that statement about sums up your character.
    Do us all a favor and go join the Raider nation.

    In the future, I wouldn't post "feel free to ridicule and criticise" if you don't mean it.
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    No way we spend that high of a pick on a TE! We have far too many pressing needs.
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    Ah, I've finally figured out your problem. Your living in the 90's. Yes we had bluechip Backups in that day and age, all the good teams did. Teams can't do that now, because of the cap.

    You once again found a case of a team without a lot of holes putting a high pick into getting a replacement for an older player. Not an analogous situation.

    You did manage to find one interesting one ins Watson and Graham. If I had the faith in our drafting and talent analysis that I do currently in the Pats, then I would think differently. But still NE is a more solid team top to bottom than we are and can still afford to think differently in most situations then we can at this point.
  6. Hiero

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    sorry this is easily the worst draft ive ever seen. I'd kill myself.
  7. kartr

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    I agree with Hiero, If want the best player available at #11, you take Merriman. He's probably closer to Julius Peppers than anyone we've seen in awhile. He could be your starting right end or your starting rolb. What other players in this draft or previous drafts can you say that about? Unlike Spears, he doesn't take plays off and unlike Miller, he start right away and unlike Clarette, he's a character guy who has played the last two years and starred on a team of defensive stars.
  8. Bizwah

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    But the Eagles were a team coming off an NFC East Championship. We're far, far away from that point. We're not good enough for that large of a luxury.

    Again......economics....We'll pay HUGE money Miller as a first round pick. Witten, a better player, will surely want his due. I can't see a pro-bowl TE stomaching a rookie making more than him. We'll either have to sink HUGE money in two TEs, or split with one.

    Not only that, you keep chanting, "Best player available!"

    Do you honestly think that Miller will be the best available at 20?

    Please.......most draft gurus are now beginning to pencil him in as a low 1st, high 2nd round pick.

    In other words, he'd be a major reach at 20.

    Are you related to this guy or something? Seriously........You've been salivating over this guy for some time.
  9. junk

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    Did I read that right? You advocate moving UP to take Heath Miller? Grabbing him at 20 is a reach, trading up for him is crazy.

    Why take Clarett in 2 when you can get him in 4?

    I happen to think there are 20 players better than Heath Miller in this draft.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Don't take this personally, but that is the worst Cowboy mock draft I have seen this year. Bar none. I mean, second place is waaaaaaaaay down there.
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    Gotta agree with you there. Why draft a TE when we already have a pro-bowler and why draft a RB in the 2nd when we already have Jones. Your picks don't make alot of sense. Especially when you have Clarrett going in the second. Most people say 5th round is still early.

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