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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Mar 4, 2007.

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    With the way FA has gone so far, the outrageous prices players are getting, and our current holes this is a draft I think would be beneficial for our team now and in the future.

    1. Justin Blalock OG/T Texas- With the price of OL this offseason, I think this is a much needed pick. I'd look for a trade down first, but I really don't see one happening. Blalock really helped himself putting up 40 reps at the combine and running a 5.10 40-yard dash. He brings a nasty demeanor along with some good versatility.

    2. Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St.- I think that Henry stays put and we add a vetern FS through free agency, but Glenn is aging and neither Reeves or Jones appear ready to step up. McCauley is a bit raw and had a down senior season, but he's got all the physical tools you look for. Could develop into a solid nickel corner, if not an eventual starter.

    3. Brian Robinson DE/LB Texas- It appears that Wade is looking for another hybrid to add into the mix and I think this is our guy. His combine times were similar to Ware's from a year ago, plus he's got previous experience as a LB in college. Wade talked to him about playing both inside and outside, and his special teams play will be valued early on.

    4. Kyle Young OL Fresno St.- Another big OL with great versatility. He had some problems in his senior season, and wasn't invited to the combine but I think a good pro day and good interviews might sneak him back into day 1. He should be a decent value here.

    5. Justin Medlock K UCLA- We haven't heard anything about Grammatica yet, and I wonder if we're going to bring him back or not. Medlock has a strong, accurate leg that should provide some consistency that we've lacked since 2004.

    6a. Ola Dagunduro DT Nebraska- Big man that can move. He's good at taking up blockers in the middle, but can provide a decent pass rush of his own. Should provide some depth behind Ferguson.

    6b. Yamon Figurs WR/KR Kansas St.- A bit on the frail side, but his speed will be a welcomed addition in the return game and he might develop into a decent WR.

    7a. LeRon McClain FB Alabama- Versatile FB that is a good lead blocker, but is also a threat as a receiver. Should give Polite a good run for his money and might beat him out.

    7b. Ameer Ismail OLB Western Michigan- 45.5TFL and 25 sacks over the last 2 years wasn't enough to get him invited to the combine. He's slightly undersized for the 3-4, but if he can bulk up he could be a decent sleeper. At this point he's a PS project though.

    7c. Toby Korrodi QB Central Missouri- Had the strongest arm at the combine. Isn't very mobile, but he demonstrated good accuracy in college and should be a decent PS candidate to develop into a backup.
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    for the record, it is Brian Robison......I know we are all used to Robinson, but there is no n before the s in his name.

    not a bad draft...though I would take a different FB....and I don't like your 7th rounders....but then again, I bet all of us would get different 7th rounders

    FB Jesse Allen VaTech is the guy I would take in the late rounds. He seems to be an overachiever, with a Rudy-type work ethic.

    Trade down in the 1st and add 3rd, 6th
    1 - G/T Justin Blalock - Texas
    2 - WR/KR Anthony Gonzalez - tOSU
    3 - DT Kareem Brown - the U
    3 - OLB Brian Robison Texas
    4 - ILB Zak DeOssie - Brown
    5 - CB/KR Travarous Bain - Hampton
    6 - QB Justin Rascati - James Madison / QB Jared Zabransky - Boise St.
    6 - OL Jermon Bushrod - Towson St.
    6 - RB/WR/KR Ramonce Taylor - Texas College (questionable character, but he has awesome talent, and at a late 6th, the reward is greater than the risk)
    7 - FB Jesse Allen - Virginia Tech (6' 247 4.69, Rudy-type of work ethic)
    7 - OLB Jacob Ford - Central Arkansas
    7 - OL Ed McCarthy - Yale
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    not bad but make 3rd rd a WR and its much better.
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    I like it, although Yamon Figurs will go a couple of rounds earlier than you have him IMO

    Ismail may too
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    With the recent signing of Leonard Davis i cant really see the need to draft Blalock, unless he is the Best Player Available....But if dont resign Columbo or another Tackle....Than the Blalock pick would be great.
  6. funkytown

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    The mock is decent....I'm all for taking (BPA) in the 1st round...And if thats Blalock then i'm ok with that pick....I like McCauley, but he could slide to round 3 due to his poor senior season..But if he's the highest rated corner on the board then it would fill a need.....Brian Robison is a good player but i also think the 3rd round is too high for him.....But i like your later picks of the FB McClain and WR Figurs.....And spending a 7th rounder on Korrordi, seems like a safe pick....But i would like to see us getting a QB in the mIddle rounds....Maybe Kolb if he slides to 4 or 5...Or even Chris Leak in the 5th or 6th.
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    I like...

    Love the Blalock, Gonzalez, Robison, and make that Zabransky with the 6th. Thos picks would be really solid the other are nice as well, but love those in particular.
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    I agree if Skyler Green can go in the 4th round, Figurs will go alot higher than the 6th round with proven speed. I think Raymonce Taylor will as well.

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