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    With the season at a close (for all intents and purposes) and everyone's mock drafts coming out I figured I would tip my hand.

    I have tried to stick to my value board which admittedly needs to be updated due to juniors declaring/staying, injuries, etc. Each round has a list of players I considered and my actual draft at the bottom. These are players I think would fit the Cowboys and are assumed to be available when we would pick (As I say, my board needs updating).

    I must say there are plenty of players that I would love to list but I don't think are feasable. For instance, I would love Blalock but think our first is too high and our second is too low.

    Therefore, on to the players.

    Alan Branch DT
    Gaines Adams DE/OLB
    Quentin Moses DE/OLB
    Marcus McCauley CB

    Jarvin Moss DE/OLB
    Manuel Ramirez OG
    Aaron Ross CB
    Dwayne Bowe WR

    Brian Leonard FB
    Kareem Brown DT
    Doug Free OT
    David Harris ILB

    Joel Filani WR
    Jonathan Wade CB
    Tim Duckworth OG
    Anthony Waters ILB

    Stewart Bradley DE/OLB/ILB
    Rhema McKnight WR
    Tyler Palko QB
    John Talley CB

    Mansfield Wrotto OG
    Germaine Race RB
    Ben Patrick TE
    Chris Davis WR
    C.J. Ah You DE
    Dustin Fry OG/C
    George Batiste OG

    The Draft:
    1) Quentin Moses OLB - Really want Gaines Adams....Quentin had a slump last year playing DE but projects better at OLB.
    2) Aaron Ross CB - Sat behind some very good players until his senior year when he turned in 6 INTs. Might be a little high here, but he has the speed, size, skills to be a starting corner. Can he put it together?
    3) Kareem Brown DT - Inconsistent, occasional starter until his senior year when he registered 8.5 sacks.
    4) Joel Filani WR - Many are down on his 4.7 speed, but he has the production and nice size.
    5) Stewart Bradley DE/ILB/OLB - Good at everything, not great at anything. Versatile player.
    7A) Dustin Fry OG/C - Raw prospect with nice size/strength. Might be workout warrior.
    7B) Ben Patrick TE - Transferred from Duke to Delaware to beat up on small schools. More of a nasty blocking TE...
    7C) Brian Smith OLB - Has fractured both hips but is a rush linebacker at heart. If he can get past them, who knows.

    Hmmmm, for some reason I have gone very strong on defense.....I am not pleased with who I have chosen because each person has major questions surrounding them, so I will call this version 1 with another release once I have updated my value board. This is a very weak draft at some positions which hurts.

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