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    2nd Rd. Trade up 10 spots using a 4th and 6th maybe, need to look at chart, too early to do that now though, and then select

    S.S. Patrick Chung

    I'm assuming Roy will be gone, Chung would be a great compliment to Hamlin, he's good in the box, plsu unlike Roy he's good in coverage also, all around great player and PLUS he's a team LEADER, something we need more of on our defense also.

    3rd trade up again and select N.T. B.J. Raji

    4th trade up again, select top guard, someone around 6'-3 330 pounds.

    Not to IN DEPTH draft since it's way too early to start projecting late round picks or even early ones, but these are the 3 positions I think we need upgrades on and IMO the 3 top positions we will be drafting this year.

    I have us trading up all rounds, cause I honetly believe we'll be doing a lot of trading up with no 1st round pick, and a lot of extra late round picks that IMO we don't need to be drafting that many players this year anyway.

    IMO, I say lets select 5 very good players and use all our other picks to move up in each round to get the players we want, I mean, do we really need a bunch of 6th and 7th round picks who in all likleyhood aren't gonna make this team anyway since most positions are already filled and the backups we got are probably gonna be better than anyone we can get in round 6 or 7 anyway.
    I mean, do we really need to draft a W.R. in round 6 who has a legitimate shot of beating out Miles Autsin or Isaih Stanback?
    Or an O-lineman in round 7 who's gonna beat out Doug Free or Pat McQuistan?

    Bottom line, we have a ton of picks even though we're missing a 1st rond pick, but IMO, any picks after round 5 wouldhave such a slim chance of making our roster that I would much rather use those picks to move up in our earlier rounds since our roster is so deep and talented that I think we need to come out of this pick with 5 QUALITY players and not 9 quantity players.

    I think we should target 3 top players in rounds 2-4, maybe even try and get TWO palyers in round 2 by trading up, and basically go after 3 top players we like and do whatever we can in each round to get those players we targeted.
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    I was expecting more your mocks are normally better than this.
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    Like I said, way way way too early to do any in depth mock, since I haven't researched many late round players as well as I'd like and don't know wnds each player I like is projected at right now to give a full in depth mock, just wanted to throw out a few players at positions I feel we'll need to address in this draft and throw out the fact I feel we need to use all our 5-7 round picks to move up in the early rounds since we really have no need for any draft pick in rounds 5-7 anyway with our current depth and the added depth of about 5 players in the 1st 4 rounds I would like to get.

    I want 4 or 5 top players, hopefully trade up in round 2, then trade away 3rd and 4th rounders to move up late 2nd round, and come away with two good 2nd round plyers, then trade our late round picks to get two or three 4th round players and call it a day, use all our late round picks to move up or trade them away for 2010 draft picks to accumulate ammunition the following year since IMO any draft pick drafted in round 5-7 wll have a slim to none chance of making our team anyway and we on'ly need to fill a few positions, so why not trade up and get QUALITY over QUANTITY at this point of our loaded roster?
    It's not like a yearsa ago where we needed quantity of players and hope a few stuck like Ratliff round 7, etc., at this point oif our team and a team made for a superbowl run over the next 5 years, we need QUALITY at this point over quantity with our roster so deep as t is anyway.
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    just go to, look at the stats, if they're Seniors, if their position is a need for us, or potential one, and make your mock

    pretty easy

    it's early, but your mocks are going to change as you go along anyways
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    Lt, Ss, Ilb, Lb, G, Qb...
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    I don't think our roster is as loaded as you say and I could easily see us parting with 15 guys on the roster this year during the off season and not lose any sleep over it.
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    Care to make a list?
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    We just re-signed Flo

    I don't see L.B. as any real need at all IMO.

    I see 3 key positions that need upgrade, that's L.G./S.S./N.T.
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    I'll try, don't think I'll get 15

    SS - Pat Watkins just isn't very good, need a quality backup
    ILB - already went through that
    OLB - I think we need another pass-rusher, as Ellis is nearing the twilight of is career, and Spencer is a little injury-prone
    CB - think we can improve on Alan Ball, PacMan's future is uncertain, Henry will be dinged, Newman is starting to move to injury-prone territory, preferably someone who can help improve the kick and punt coverage
    OG - someone who can play C too, get rid of Proctor and Joe Berger
    QB - Bollinger is only on a 1-year deal, BJ is done
    2 DEs - really need backups who can play there, Hatcher is a project who just isn't developing as expected, after that it's pretty sad, could even get 2, might need to replace Canty, who we might not resign, and Spears only has 1 year remaining
    WR - at least improve on Sam Hurd
    NT - Tank Johnson sucks, and could move Ratliff to his more natural DE position

    I got 10

    I would add another OLB, for special teams, so count 11 players we could use
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    Deon Anderson
    Issiah Stanback
    Sam Hurd
    Joe Berger
    Tank Johnson
    Chris Canty
    Marcus Spears
    Bradie James
    Courtney Brown
    Patrick Watkins
    Allan Ball
    Pacman Jones
    Stephen Bowen
    Kevin Burnett
    Barbie Carpenter
    Jason Hatcher
    Tony Curtis
    Brad Johnson
    Brooks Bollinger
    Corey Proctor
    Pat Mcquistan
    Doug Free
    Greg Ellis
    James Marten
    Justin Rogers
    Carlos Polk

    I think that's more than 15....I doubt w e get rid of them all in one off season but they are definitely on thin ice IMO.
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    thing is, do you really think we can find anyone in round 5 through 7 that will be better than guys like Sam Hurd or Tank Johnson, or Hatcher, or Watkins?

    I just don't see it, I can'tpicture someone drafted that late to really beat them out of their position.
    I'd rather use our late round picks to move up int he draft and improve some other key areas.
    our backup I.L.B.'s are Burnett and Carpenter, I don't see a 5-7th rounder beating anyone of them out, Carpenter is a bust for a 1st round pick, but he's better than anyone we could get in round 5,6 or 7 IMO.
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    I think we can get more out of a rookie LB than carp. Once again the only reason I'm low on Burnett is because he can't stay healthy I don't see how you can really on a LB that has had as much injury problems as him. You don't know who or what is going to happen between rounds 5-7 but some of these developmental guys time is up.
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    I like Anderson, he's a mean ******* who's a great lead blocker, although that's all he does, but he's a fiery personality and is a battering ram.

    I don't think we can give up on Stanback yet, it takes a normal 1st round W.R. 3 years to have a breakout season in most cases, so you can't think taking a late round flyer ona guy who never played the position before to come along in 2 short years, I think there's no pressing need at W.R. AT ALL, I mean our top 4 W.R.'s are set in stone in T.O./RW/Crayton/Austin, so we might as well take time to develop Stanback and give him another year or two to see how he develops and then make a decision on him.
    I like Hurd a lot, he's a good guy, met him a bunch of times, great guy, but he's also a great special team gunner and for a 5th or 6th W.R., that's what you're gonna need, a great special teamer, and he's a pretty good W.R. on top of that, he's not #1 or #2 W.R., but he's not too shabby either, and his play on special teams along with his ability to step in as a #4 W.r. in case of injury makes him important to keep around IMO.

    Yeah, I have G. as a huge need for us, especially since I don't think we'll resign Kosier.

    I like him, not the ideal N.T., but I certainly wouldn't cut him.

    Getting better each year, I think he's having a great year, he's always getting good pressure on the Q.B. this year, even though his sack total isn't there, he's getting lose a lot of times and getting pressures and the sacks will eventually come, a must resign IMO.

    I think he'll be a cap hit, but you never know what he'll want, a 2 down player only and we can't resign everyone, so I think he'll be gone, and we'll draft a pure N.T.and move Ratliff over to his starting L.E. spot.

    I don't knwo why everyone is down on James, he's our defensive leader, and he is a very good L.B. and was making plays all over the field this past sunday when we needed the defense to step up, he was the man to do it.

    I liek them, cheap, and not great, but not bad either.

    See above

    I think we'll keep pacman, I can't see Jerry letting him go as long unless he has one more incident.

    could use upgrade for him, absolutely!

    Burnett is our nickel L.B., and he's good on special teams and he's a great and valuable backup to have.
    Carpenter is a bust as far as his draft position, but he's not bad as far as backups go and he's very good on special teams, which is key for backups also.
    Hatcher isnt' breaking out, but he's not getting much playing time as I'd like to see him have, but s far as a baup D.E., he's VERY GOOD with potential to possibly be a starter, these guys are BACKUPS, and it's pretty hard to find someone as a backup with that much potential IMO.

    as far as 3rd T.E.'s go, he's very good.

    I think we should cut him NOW, he's USELESS!!!!!

    Both could be upgraded!

    Once again, as far as backups go, they're pretty good!

    With Spencer having some injuries, I think we need Ellis and he ain't going anywhere IMO, even though he's slowed down a lot this year.

    Considering he's not on our team, I think he's a gonner. LOL

    I think they'll be gone to make room for our injured players when they come back.

    Some on thin ice, but IMO, not that many, I think there's more like 6 or 7 that are gonners.
    I'd like to see us have 5 draft picks, use all our remaining picks mostly late rounders to manuever up in the draft in our other rounds and get 5 good players in rounds 2-4 then draft 9 players with 4 or 5 of them being 5-7th rounders.

    I'd like to get
    Pure N.T. 325 pounds +
    another athletic D.T. around 290 pounds to move to D.E. like New England always does.

    Give me these 5 positions with 5 quality players in rounds 2-4 and I'll be a happy camper with keeping most of the same players at all our other positions we currently have.
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    Anderson sucks and he's the reason why Romo got hurt he should be cut fullback is a dying position he gets hurt a lot and doesn't help barber at all. I'd rather a Peyton HIllis type fullback.

    There's no reason to keep either one they are easily replaceable and should be replaced this off season especially stanback!

    thats a joke if we don't resign Koiser....
    we're not going to resign him in the off season he's a bum

    Demarcus Ware is a must resign he is a bum and will cut!!!!!!!!11
    Rookie salaries aren't that bad considering he wasn't a top five pick and a top 20 pick doesn't make that much we could definitely part ways with him I think he has one more year under his rookie contract.

    Yea and have you seen our defense at all this season? This guy sucks and he needs to be gone....I think Zach is our defensive leader!!

    Watkins only worth is ST Brown couldn't tackle a paper bag he's useless they could both be replaced easily. Watkins didn't shine is Williams absence

    Ball can take a hike.

    IDK it's 50-50 IMO
    I don't even know how someone like this is even on our team.

    He's also hurt every year and can't be counted on in the NFL injuries don't equate to being a solid player.
    Carps a bust !!!!!!!!
    Hatcher has regressed !!!!!1 he should be gone

    He sucks he's the reason why McBriar is injured he can go the way of Anderson IMO.

    Don't kid yourself they suck and haven't shown anything to deserve a roster spot only thing is we haven't brought in any OLineman to challenge them for the roster spot.

    Ellis sucks and couldn't play D1 football right now....I think my niece could run circles around him. He needs to be gone this off season !!!!!!!

    He sucks so much he should be cut twice !!!!!!!!!!! na but had him on the I just went by that

    They're nothing more than ST players and they suck. I hope we get rid of them Rogers should be gone in the off season.

    We are lacking depth and this season is showing that the players we counted on last year to be something this year ain't nothing time to cut them lose.
    I can dig it however OLB ILB you are missing and we need help there also.
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    I can't argue with you, everyone in your opinion is a BUM! LOL

    Really? Canty is a BUM? you lost me with that one, I stopped reading after that!

    On Stanback, why replace him?
    He has upside potential, and like said, it takes a 1st round W.R. usually 3 years to breakout into a great player, and that's a 1st round pick who's been playing that position his whole life, Stanback played Q.B. in college, so why would you want to draft a W.R. to replace Stanback only to start over on a project again?
    If it takes 3 years generally for a 1st round W.R. to breakout, why wouldn't you give Stanback at least 3 years to develop, especailly when you have such great p[layers in front of him that you can take the time to groom someone, why throw him away and start all over agsin with someone new.

    I'm curious why you think Doug free sucks?
    I mean, it's not like you see him playing week in and week out to know this, the coachign staff likes him a lot, and I can't recall him playing bad or doing anything in pre-season to say he's a bum, other then the fact that you calll everyone a bum.

    Why would it be a joke if we dont' re-sign Kosier?
    It's not like he's all that, and we can't resign all our vets with the salary cap tight as it is.

    But come on, REALLY? Canty is a BUM?
    It's comments like that which make me not take anyhting you say seriously.
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    I'd like to get
    Pure N.T. 325 pounds +
    another athletic D.T. around 290 pounds to move to D.E. like New England always does.

    Give me these 5 positions with 5 quality players in rounds 2-4 and I'll be a happy camper with keeping most of the same players at all our other positions we currently have.

    You can't fix everything in one draft.
    IMO, if we don't add anyone to our L.B. core in the draft, it's not really a big deal IMO since we'll have all 4 starters returning with Burnett backing up the Inside and Spencer or Ellis (whoever starts) wil be backing up the O.L.B., so we have our starters in place and we have 2 good backups at both positions as well, and I think we have more needs at the positions I mentioned more so than L.B., and if we pick the ones I drafted in the 1st 4 rounds, I don't really see how adding a 5th 6th, or 7th rounder to L.B. is really gonna help us that much anyway, so I'd rather use our late round picks to move up and grab the positions of more immedaite needs and use the 2010 draft to get more L.B. help with Thomas being his last year after next, and Ellis on his way out after the 2009 season also.
    I'd rather stand pat at L.B. in this years draft and then in 2010, use our top pick on a stud I.L.B. to replace Zach Thomas, thn add in a 4th round O.L.B. pass rush specialist.
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    I didn't name 53 players did I ?
    yup he's a bum and he sucks and he shouldn't be here.
    Yes I want to start over Stanback isn't going to grow into another and he sucks on returns so there is no point IMO.

    That's why we can scrap this failed project right now.
    Just because you don't recall his piss poor play during the pre season doesn't mean I don't.
    He is a lot better than a lot of us here thought and he has been sorely missed this season.
    Ok I don't even need to list some of your comments where I shouldn't even take you serious you're OBV overrating our talent and depth I'm not.
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    You said yourself Carp was a bust yet you want to keep that waste of space on the roster? Lets be realistic for half a second.
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    To call Can a BUM to me is laughable, the guy might not be dominating like we all hoped he would, but he's doing a really good job for us, and s a lot of Q.B. pressures this year and he must of knocked down Garcia forcing errant throws at least 4 times this past week, he might not have the stats, but some stats like Q.B. pressures and what not doesn't tell the whole story, he's been playing very good for us, and IMO is a MUST RE-SIGN this off season, I'm not overrating Canty, I think you're MASSIVELY underrating him, I mean, to call him a BUM??
    Come on, Canty is playing very well this season and is a must sign this off-season as most of us in here agree with you being the lone exception I'm sure.
    But hey, we have different opinions on our players evaluation, not a big deal, it's gonna happen.

    About Carpenter, I called him a BUST for a 1st round pick, that's not the same as being a complete bust as aer in general, a lot pf players can be called BUSTS because of where they were draft5ed, but that doesn't mean they are completely useless.
    I'm not high Carpenter, I just think as far as BACKUP L.B.'s go in this league, we could do a lot worse.

    Spears is a BUST, because he didnt' live up to his 1st round draft status, but that doesn't mean he's not half bad and doing a decent job as a 2 down run stuffer.
    If Spears was drafted in round 6 he'd be considered a STEAL, but since he was drafted in round 1, he's considered a bust, I hope that helps you out on why I can call Carp a bust but still think he has value on this team as a special teamer and backup L.B.!

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