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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Concrete Roy, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Concrete Roy

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    1. 49ers- Mike Williams, USC-wr

    2. Dolphins- Ronnie Brown, Auburn-rb

    3. Browns- Alex Smith, Utah-qb

    4. Bears- Braylon Edwards, Michigan-wr

    5. Bucs- Cadillac Williams, Auburn-rb

    6. Titans- Antrel Rolle, Miami-cb

    7. Vikings- Shawne Merriman, Maryland-de

    8. Cardinals- Cedric Benson, Texas-rb

    9. Redskins- Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, West Virginia-cb

    10. Lions- Marcus Spears, LSU-de

    11. Cowboys- Derrick Johnson, Texas-lb

    12. Chargers- Alex Barron, FSU-ol

    13. Texans- Jammal Brown, Oklahoma-ol

    14. Panthers- Heath Miller, Virginia-te

    15. Chiefs- Esramus James, Wisconsin-de

    16. Saints- Thomas Davis, Georgia-ss

    17. Bengals- Travis Johnson, FSU-dt

    18. Vikings- Troy Williamson, South Carolina-wr

    19. Rams- Carlos Rogers, Auburn-cb

    20. Cowboys- Brodney Pool, Oklahoma-ss

    21. Jaguars- Dan Cody, Oklahoma-de

    22. Ravens- Mark Clayton, Oklahoma-wr

    23. Seahawks- Brandon Browner, Oregon St-cb

    24. Packers- Aaron Rogers, California-qb

    25. Broncos- Matt Roth, Iowa-de

    26. Jets- Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin-dt

    27. Falcons- David Pollack, Georgia-de

    28. Chargers- Shaun Cody, USC-de

    29. Colts- Justin Miller, Clemson-cb

    30. Steelers- Roddy White, U.A.B-wr

    31. Eagles- Channing Crowder, Flordia-ILB

    32. Patriots- Khalif Barnes, Washington-ol

    42. Cowboys- Justin Tuck, Notre Dame-de
  2. The30YardSlant

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    Just say no to a safety in round 1.
  3. sybarite

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    As an OU fan, I would much rather have Clayton than Pool----MUUUUUCCCHH.
  4. dwmyers

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    In any draft where we pick up Derrick Johnson at 11 we still have the gaping hole at RDE. Between Pool and Pollack I take Pollack. I can get a FS later in the draft.

  5. Pointguard01

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    No way Minnesota takes Merriman over DJ. Very unliekly draft scenario.
  6. like a dog

    like a dog Panamanian Cowboy

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    Sorry, but this is an AWFUL mock. Aaron Rodgers at 24? Are you kidding me? If he makes it out of the top 3 it will be a shocker. At this point he is the prohibitive favorite for the top pick in this year's draft. This is not a well researched or very informed attempt. Pretty poor.

    As for Dallas, Derrick Johnson is ideal. But Brodney Pool at #20? That is awful. Dallas has much bigger needs at RDE and RT that can be filled by far superior players at #20. Once again, poorly prepared.
  7. Garland powerplay

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    I agree
  8. ghst187

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    love DJ at 11...but the only FS worthy of a first round pick is Rolle and moving him there. If no Howard, it'll probably be Tuck or Pollack at 20 for us.
  9. AJM1613

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    I think the 49ers like Edwards more than Williams.

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