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    Although some may question my picks, I have given somewhat reasonable reasons why we have selected those particular players.

    #18. Winston Justice OT USC-Pretty obvous pick by the looks of it. BP and JJ are shooting for one of the big 3 OLB's to fall (Carpenter, Wimberly and Lawson), but they watch them go off the board. Also, with Young, Leinhart and Cutler all going in the Top 10, other teams are moving around like crazy. All of the RB's, Williams, Maroney, Bush and White are all moved off the board with teams like the Colts, Steelers and Vikings moving up or selecting a RB. Justice gives the Cowboys depth at both OT spots, a future starter at RT and possibly LT, and a player who could have been selected as high as #8 by Buffalo, great value pick at #18.

    #49. Jason Allen S Tennessee Another obvious BPA/need pick. Allen, with a failed physical(s) is freefalling from what would-have been a sure mid-first rounder. That hip issue might scare off teams, but the Cowboys have drafted players with injury history in the past few year with mixed results. Allen looks the part, but will need to concentrate on typical rookie flaws like tackling and coverage mishaps like biting on pump fakes. With compentant vets like Aaron Glenn and Roy back there is no reason for him to fail. Another great value pick by BP.

    #80. There has been a trade. BP and JJ are looking for a starting OLB/ILB/Olineman has failed when players like Kai Parham/Abdual Hodge and Charles Spencer are picked. They send that pick to the Jets for pick #103 & 138. The Jets move up to grab Brian Calhoun, a RB similar to Curtis Martin and Julius.

    #103. Paris Haralson OLB/DE Tennessee A bit of a suprise to those who havent seen his tapes, but this man can get to the passer. Although a prototypical tweener, with someone like Al Singleton and Burnett in front of him he can afford to learn the postion of SOLB without being thrown in the fire. Probably wont play anything more than special teams this year but he will eventually come around similar to Bradie James.

    #138. Robin Meadow OG Washington. One tough SOB. Although a bit tall for a OG, he will need some pushing by a Oline coach and some motivation BP style. Will become a solid starter within 3 years. Reminds the coaches of old-timer Joe Andruzzi. Great pick for the round.

    #150. Marcus Maxey CB/S University of Miami. Freakish athlete played in the shadow of Brandon Merriweather, Kelly Jennings and Devin Hester. Very good size for either a CB or a FS. Very fast and hits like a LB. Good tackler even for a S. He is a bit of a project after only starting for one year a da "U". Might be gone here but it is my mock....

    #184. Delanie Walker WR Central Missouri St. A poor mans TO. Is huge, is buff, uses his 6-2 235lb frame to outmuscle CB's for jump-balls. The downside is his poor grades that forced him to go Div 2. He was recruited by the big schools of the ACC da "U" and the Gators. He needs some seasoning before he is to produce. Is a project that if he pans out, he will be a steal.

    #224. Sir Henry Anderson DT Oregon St. Your prototypical run down NT. Although conditioning has been a issue at OSU, BP will have him whipped in TC. Remember where Fergi was drafted? In the same exact round when BP coached the Jets...

    Thoughts? Comments? Should I go and hide?
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    Actually, at that 103rd choice, I would rather go Mark Anderson or Chris Gocong if we're not going to address OLB in the 1st 2 rounds. But I do like your 1st pick. I'm a tad bit concerned about picking Allen so high since he failed his physical, but because of what he brings to the table when he's healthy, I would like the pick there. Good job.
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    That is pretty close in overall scope to what I would love to see happen. Games are won and lost in the trenches. Having the better trench players keeps you from having to have great players at the glamour positions.

    David Harrell - Pokes
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    Bet the farm that Justice is gone at #18 and come up with another strategy.
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    Go and hide, but first turn in your mock draft card.
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