My Monday Camp Observations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Saw both practices today:

    Morning Practice most players were on field and doing light drills by 8:45AM. TO came running on by himself about 5-10 minutes later.

    Offense was on far field and most of AM practice was across on that far side.

    Not sure who number 80 is, if Merritt has been released. He looked like a tight end, but made a number of nice catches over the middle, a couple of which were behind him.

    Polite got a bunch of reps it seems, and they are trying to find way to keep him it looks like.

    TO dropped a few tough balls on sideline, but shows the danger he is in the Yards After Catch department.

    Petiti is in much better shape as has been widely reported already. He has an intimidating look to him. Besides Flo and Columbo he is biggest guy out there on offense. Coleman still looks like a beast on Defense, size wise. Canty has gained noticeable size and towers over many. Ware looks significantly thicker.

    Roy Williams looks huge, but very quick for his size. I saw him 2 years ago, and his footwork and focus on ball in pass defense look remarkably more comfortable. Over the day I saw him one hand 4 passes. He's hamming it up, and looks ready to start season now. Biggest safety/DB I've ever seen.

    Keith Davis shows no signs of bullets. He was cocky and confident, particularly in AM practice. He broke up 2-3 passes nicely. He looked more confident than in past as well. Surprised me. He and Roy were starters.

    Newman looks just awesome. Incredible feet. He went up against TO alot, especially in PM. Big size dif but Newman played him tight in one on one pass practice. TO did get open and snag a come back route pass in AM on Newman where Newman gave him a big cushion, but these 2 are gonna only get better playing each other.

    Henry looked solid. Newman/Henry 1/2, with Glenn 3 in practice.

    Watkins stands out at safety. He made a beautiful pick in AM. He doesn't backpedal as smoothly as some and his transition from one direction to next is slightly hampered by his height by a tiny degree, but he eats up space quick and makes up for it, and moves really well in general. His anticipation was what really impressed me and he looked like a vet out there.

    Ellis practiced with linebackers and was making an effort to learn. He was really paying attention and asking a bunch of questions and seemed genuinely interested in this new role. He really is a tweener. Now that we have such big young guys on roster, you can see the size difference. Smart player, wish he'd see that this hybrid role could extend his career a few years. Kudos to him making effort out there, although I always question a guy that says he doesn't want to be there. How can you let it all hang out?

    Peterman is a squat guy with low center or gravity. He has worst flexibility of all the players out there from what I saw. Seems strong enough, but doesn't show a huge intensity or motor from what I saw. He was backing up right guard.

    Columbo was somewhat impressive. Huge wide/tall frame. Was hamming it up and looked real confident out there. Might be over the injury hump and a real nice reclamation project providing quality/experienced depth out there. Petiti was first string with Columbo/Fabini alternating second.

    McGistin (sp?) made a real nice block and showed power pushing Canty I believe. Got a nice bellow from a few coaches and I think Parcells called him out by name on play, telling him that's how to do it!

    Stanley looks the part of a DT. So does Pepper Johson. Pepper looks bulked up big time, and has DT written all over him not DE. Ferguson looks healthy. Nobody looked fat. All our DT's are short and wide compared to ends.

    Flo was in a big brace and favouring the bad knee when he ran, but he did everything, was first string, and still manhandled guys on one on one and two on two blocking drills. Didn't seem to slow him.

    Bariault (sp) was limping a bit from what I saw and had a sleeve on knee. Did not show in PM practice. Has an edge to him, but I think his knee might tank his career. Apparently he got concussed, and that's why he missed. He is a bit bigger than before, but still pretty slender for a SS. Still looked to me like a free safety out there. I hope knee is just getting used to grind again, but his body language kinda showed frustration (or maybe it's just his intensity, he really seems to get in peoples faces and pushes a little extra in practice compared to some). He ran well, but there is a small hitch when he plants bad wheel.

    Hard to see the QB's and RB's. Julius and Barber were looking quick and agile. Julius seems very healthy. Mroz seemed to have a couple of bad series in AM.

    The PM practice was more exciting and I'll post some observations on that tomorrow. I'm trying to get some pictures that a fellow next to me made and promised to email me.
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    No. 80 is Sean Ryan.
  3. LarryCanadian

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    Sean Ryan.

    That makes a ton more sense. The roster they handed out on entering part had it down as Merritt which didn't click.

    Witten looked his normal excellent self. He is a lot quicker than people would guess and cut upfield nicely a few times after snagging ball.

    Fasano made a wicked catch in PM practice hauling in a one hander after leaping into air. He is squatter and a bit shorter than Witten, or at least looks like it, but had nice hands.

    It's nice that Ryan made a few grabs. With Pierce hurt he could snag that 4th TE spot if there is one.

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    Thanks for the great notes.
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    great news...thanks
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    Great note. Thank you for sharing with us!
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    We will keep at least 4 TEs for this offense. Polite may even be kept on as a 5th TE/FB but we'll see about that one.

    Ryan and Curtis should have a good battle for that 4th TE spot with the top-3 already locked up by Witten, Fasano, and Hannam. Ryan is probably the better receiver while Curtis is the better blocker. It will likely come down to which is the better STs player, which is probably Ryan, since that was where Pierce was slated.

    Nice recap Larry, thanks for posting. I look forward to your PM practice notes.
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    Great stuff, thanks! Did you see Hatcher? What are you impressions?
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    These recaps are really great, way better than what we're getting from the Dallas media. Did you notice Kosier one way or the other?
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    Hatcher had impressive size, but from where I stood it was very difficult to get an idea of his athletic ability or football savy. Sorry I can't give any decent feedback on him.

    As for Kosier, he is very average size for an oline, but is not fat at all. He moves very well and on one 11 vs 11 drill he pulled from left guard behind center and hit the RDE hard. It was something Larry Allen had trouble doing for a few years. Kosier was quick and exploded into the block taking the end by surprise (might have been Ellis). I was impressed because he got over so fast. From what I saw this guy is pretty solid technically and is in the right place. He isn't impossing or spectacular or dominating, but he seems real solid. Again didn't see him too much as oline was on other side of field 95% of time. I'm guessing less big plays from his position and less mistakes as well, with the ability to do different plays as he is different player from the massive powerful Allen.


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    You gotta have at least 5 TEs to run a two TE offensive practice.
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    I'll take that all day long.

    Thanks, Larry.
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    this is about the best set of notes I've seen.I gotta remember this for next years TC in San Antonio!

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