My new Mock (If we get Pacman)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 50cent, Mar 26, 2008.

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    #22 - Kentwan Balmer, DT: Yup you got it, my WOW player. I know we have Ratliff and Tank at T, but am I the only one that thinks Rat needs to replace Spears at DE?

    #28 - Felix Jones, RB: Great compliment to Barber, that has experience sharing the load with another quality RB. Add ST effect as well

    #62 - Mario Manninghaam, WR: Great value at this point if his lies continue to hurt him.

    #93 - Antwaun Molden, CB: Yup another CB. We lost 2, so we need to replace two. From everything I'm hearing here at the worldwide this guy is a special talent, but his competition level will drop him. Hopefully right into our hands!

    #124 - Josh Johnson, QB: This is not a project QB. The kid can play and has been coached by a former NFL QB, if you want to call Jimmy Harbaugh a NFL QB.

    #158 - Owen Schmitt, FB: Battering Ram that can catch. Red will love the combo of him and cricket. This pick could be gone in the Pacman deal, but in my Mock we lose the 6th rounder instead.

    #220 - Spencer Larson, ILB: Just for you Hos!

    I'd cuddle up in a babies position with my thumb in my mouth, and wearing a thong, with a Dallas Cowboy bumper sticker on my butt, wearing tube socks, being hung from my loins at the bottom of an airplane, flying through turbulance, recorded on national TV for the world to see and still be happy if this was our draft.
  2. Rampage

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    we are the only team with 2 1st round draft picks and 90% of this site actually thinks were gonna stay put.
  3. Woods

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    I'm not keen on Balmer. From everything I've read, he's got a high boom/bust potential. He basically turned it on this year. I'd prefer a "safer" pick in Round 1.
  4. Sarge

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    if thats what our draft ends up being, i may move to miami and root for the dolphins. not real worried about it though, of all the mocks i have seen...this one seems the least likely. (at least as far as 22 goes)
  6. ThatsmyQB

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    Just cause you got 2 1st round picks doesn't mean you gotta trade one of them.
    The Jets who had FOUR 1st round picks one year stayed put with Parcells at the Helm.
    I don't see what having TWO 1st round picks has to do with staying put or moving up, sure you have the ammo to move up if you choose to, but I don't see us moving up, and moving up or down has more to do with who's on board and who will be left if we trade down then it has to do with the amount of picks we have.\
  7. ThatsmyQB

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    I'd love a beast on the D-line to replace Spears, Balmer is more of a 3-4 D.E. though, so I don't like the pick for that reason, unless you keep Ratliff at N.T. and play Balmer at D.E.

    I like the Jones pick at #28, Manningham won't last till our 2nd, and I like the Josh Johnson pick, but other than that I hate it.
  8. ayjackson

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    I agree with this. We're probably better off just taking Bryant or Rubin to play nose and having Canty, Ratliff and Hatcher as our DEs. And someone can come and give us a pick for Spears (he probably deserves a look at DT in a 4-3).

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