My new off-season plan..........

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. 50cent

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    FA Signings:
    Ashworth - RT
    Hope -FS
    Longwell - K
    Tauman - TE

    1. Carpenter OLB
    2. Jacobs QB
    3. Lee WR
    5. Vickers FB
    6. HAtcher DE (Grambling)
    6. Cocong OLB
    7. Gordon CB/ST (Jackson St.)

    QBs - Bledsoe/Romo/Jacobs
    RBs - JJ/BArber/Thompson
    WRs - Glenn/Johnson/Lee/Crayton/Cooper
    OLs - Flo/LA/Johnson/Rivera/Ashworth/Gurode/Columbo/Pettiti/Peter(inactive)
    FBs - Vickers
    TEs - Witten/Tauman/Ryan

    OLB - Ware, Fujita, Thornton, Carpenter
    ILB - James/Fowler/Burnett/Shanle
    DE - Canty/Spears/Ratliff/Hatcher
    Nts - Fergy/Johnson
    DBs - TNew/Henry/Reeves/Glenn
    S- Roy/Berry-O/Hope/Davis

    LS - LeDouce
    K- Longwell
    P- McBriar

    Prac. Squad
  2. Clove

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    I like Carpenter,Jacobs, and Gocong on your list.
  3. 50cent

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    Could get better depending on what I can get for Ellis and Glover.
  4. Clove

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    If you trade down.. If we could get an extra number 2 pick, I would swoop up Sinorice Moss FAST! (no pun intended)
  5. MichaelWinicki

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    Nice offseason plan in many regards. Well thought out.
  6. sago1

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    Thought long and hard about Carpenter vs Manny Lawson.
    1) Carpenter has all of the talent needed to play in the 3-4 except one. Hasn't shown enough ability to blitz the QB; that's bad since we need OLB opposite Ware who consistent threat to get to the QB which will take heat off Ware & prevent opponents from focusing their major efforts on Ware. That's the same problem we had with Ellis--no DE on opposite side who threat to opponents QB.
    2) Lawson has shown great ability to sack the QB & also good against the run as a DE. Got the perfect size to convert to OLB, like Ware, but will initially be a handicap in the running game. To offset that, I'd use Lawson initially in obvious passing downs (like SD did with Merriman) and Fujita in the running game/less obvious passing downs. As Lawson develops (from major college program/stiffer competition should be easier for him than Ware since Lawson comes from major college program & competition vs Ware's Troy), he could see increasing action in the running game.

    I could be persuaded re Carpenter if some of you have seen/read where Carpenter brings consistent threat to QB. Aware in some football programs getting to the QB not requirement of OLB but rather DL.
  7. ghst187

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    your draft sucks, Jacobs isn't ready for the big leagues. He'd never beat out Romo. Not sure who the heck half the rest of them are either.
    Carpenter and Vickers I like, the rest is garbage.
    If somehow we had a chance to get both Carpenter and Lawson i would do it. I like WR Moss in the late second too.
    We're going to have to draft an OL somewhere, doesn't have to be first day, but someone we think has the potential to start, probably at G.
    Not opposed to Ashworth, really like Longwell at K over Vanderjerk and I think Viniteri will be too $$$.
    I like Chaveous, Demps, or Shulters better at FS. Huff would be my first choice at FS but I don't think BP wants a rookie back at FS.

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