My not all that unrealistic perfect draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. tm1119

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    1st round- Kony Ealy DE Mizzu- The more I watch this kid the more I see a star in the making. Big, athletic, and a good motor and attitude. Needs some refinement to his game, but if he responds well to coaching (no indication he won't) the sky is the limit. (17)

    2nd Round- Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina- Tough passing on a DT in round 1 but it gets easier when Quarles is the consolation prize in the 2nd. Big strong kid who flashes more than enough athletic ability to get the QB. The key word everybody will focus on there is flashes because he didn't always dominate the way he was capable of college. But another kid who doesn't appear to have any character concerns that doesn't suggest with a little work and motivation he can be a good/great DT in the NFL. He certainly has all the tools.(54)

    3rd Round- Terence Brooks FS FSU- Add another inch and 10 lbs to this kids frame and I don't think Brooks gets outs of the 2nd round. But him being slightly undersized makes him a steal here in the 3rd. True FS who is rarely caught out of position and is always around the ball. Would make a perfect compliment opposite of Church and make the entire secondary better. (103)

    4th Round- Brandon Thomas G/T Clemson- Very good LT for a high profile college program. Handled himself well against pass rushers but was even better setting up the great Clemson rushing attack. He doesn't quite have the foot speed you look for in an NFL LT, but his feet would translate very well to G. Strong at the point of attack and can get to the 2nd level. Could easily push for a starting job from day 1 and could fill in at RT when needed. (137)

    5th Round- Devin Street WR Pitt- Not sure if Street actually lasts this long but I'd take him in a heartbeat if he does. Prototypical size at 6'3 200 lbs with great hands. Had a little over 200 catches and almost 3000 yards receiving in his college career. Not a burner who is going to be a deep threat but good size and reliable hands makes him very useful to any offense. (141)

    *Trade up into the 6th for 2 7th round picks*

    6th Round- Ben Gardner DE Stanford- Gardner got hurt this year and only played in 8 games but was extremely productive in the time he does play. Smart, hard worker, and strong as an ox. The exact type of guy you want on any team and would be a good rotation player at SDE. Steal because of an injury he should be fully recovered from by mini camp. (266)

    7th Round- David Fluellen RB Toledo- Big physical runner with pretty good hands out of the backfield. Not the fastest guy in the world but knows how to get the tough yards and is a willing blocker. (323)

    Comp Picks
    Viliami Moala DT Cal- Not exactly sure why this kid decided to go pro after only 1 year of so so starting experience. But he's huge, ridiculously strong, and a surprising athlete. Could be a steal in a couple of years of coaching. Former 5 star recruit for Cal (504)

    Jeff Matthews QB Cornell- Obviously a highly intelligent guy who I believe has enough arm talent to at least make a good career as a backup QB in the NFL (298)

    Avery Williamson LB Kentucky- Limited athlete but tackles anything he gets his hands on and has NFL size

    *# in () represents CBS rankings
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    I really like the positions you are addressing.
    Brandon Thomas in the 4th could have potential.
    But this mock has Ealy and Quarles going earlier than they should (or will) go.
    Maybe a trade down or two?
  3. supercowboy8

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    Not a fan of Ealy. I like Quarles but I like him as a 5 tech SDE. Play him like Oakland plays Houston.
    I like Brooks but don't see anything special in him and would look for more value in the 3rd.
    Love the Brandon Thomas pick. I have him as a late 2nd 3rd round player.
  4. tm1119

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    Really? Where do you see Ealy and Quarles going? Edge rushers with the size/speed combo of Ealy just don't slide too much past pick #20. And I think its at least a small possibility that he's not there at 16/17 if he has a good combine.

    And you see Quarles as a late 2nd round/early 3rd rounder? I'd be pretty shocked at that honestly. I think mid 2nd is perfect for him. Far from a perfect prospect for sure, but I think he has the size and tools to be a really good NFL DT if he wants.
  5. DFWJC

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    I like them both too.

    Just saying, at this stage, I (jmo) think they both may go later. Quarles especially. Maybe even a full 1 to 1 1/2 rounds later than mid 2nd. I've been wrong before.
    Ealy could surprise and go even higher than 16. But it wouldn't surprise me to see him still there in the mid 20s either.

    Bottomline is if you really like someone, there's no problem with taking them earlier than others may think they should go. T Fred on the border of the 1st and 2nd last year, for example.
  6. Manwiththeplan

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    Combine could really be make or break for Early. IMO, he lacks the explosiveness to be an every year 10+ sack guy, like Ware was for so many years. But realistically speaking, getting a guy 16th or 17th overall who gets you between 8-10 and plays the run well, is more than worth it.
  7. CowboysLaw87

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    Not half bad. I'm not a big Quarles fan. Swap him out for Dom Easley and I'd have a huge smile after that draft.

    Ealy is tough to gauge, no doubt. But I agree with you... the potential is very much there. And it was matched by a lot of production this year. His physical metrics are pretty ideal too. Marinelli could refine his game and give us a weapon, IMO. Not my first choice (Donald is), but he's in the next group for me, and maybe at the top of it.
  8. DuDa

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    I hate the first two picks but love the rest of the draft. That is a pretty good start to a mock draft.
  9. Tex

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    Hate the first round pick unless he fell into the second or we traded up to late first. I hope donald is there for our first. I think if he is healthy Ealy will be solid. Donald could be way more then that. I dont think Ealy will get more sacks then the guy we brought in off the street last year. Thats not what I want with our first pick.
  10. DuDa

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    Yea I am not a big Ealy fan either.
  11. XxTDxX

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    I am not a fan at all
  12. tm1119

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    Surprised so many people don't like Ealy. 6'5 275, long arms, and an explosive athlete. What exactly do people dislike about Ealy?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    A lot of people do like him. My problem with him is that he is too one dimensional. I'm not sure he's a 4 down DE. If you watched him at Missouri, he wasn't all that good against the run. He kinda stays blocked. Not physical enough at the point of attack. He's only a Jr. so he will develope more but I don't like him as a Strong Side DE and I don't think you can afford to spend a high pick on him if he's only a pass rusher. JMO

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