MY Offseason 3.0 (Realistic)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dantheman41, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Well in the last couple weeks, things have changed. And ideas on who the Cowboys might and might not sign have come out. Based on that, here is what I think the team should and very possibly will do.






    Spencer - After not agreeing to a reasonable 3 or 4 year deal, the team decides to cut bait. Franchising him would tie too much to the cap this year.


    Dan Connor - Compete with Bruce Carter for starting inside spot. Both guys will still get significant playing time, and maybe all 3 can be on field in certain packages

    Kamerion Wimbley - Can replace Spencer at around the same price, or maybe even better since teams might be sketchy as to why Oakland released him. Has worked with Rob Ryan. And is better at pressuring QB

    Scott Wells - Sign to a 3 year deal. Veteran on the offensive line this team needs. Can be solid contributor and be much better value then Grubbs or Nicks

    Brandon Carr - Already on Cowboys radar according to multiple sources. I think this one is most likely to happen. Hopefully team doesn't pay him outrageous money so we can resign Jenkins next year


    1st Rd - Fletcher Cox - Can rotate with Lissemore and Hatcher at end. Is a proven pass rusher. Very impressive at combine. As much as we want Ratliff to go outside, it doesn't seem that will happen in the base packages. So Cox gives us even more of a pass rush threat from the front 3

    2nd Rd - Amini Silatolu - Love this guy. Extremely physical and has HUGE upside. Absolutely dominated competition. Don't know if he will fall to us, but if he does will be GREAT value. I am assuming DeCastro is off board to us in 1st. If Silatolu is picked already, maybe Zeitler will fall to us here

    3rd Rd - Dwight Bentley - Continues to improve draft stock. Very competitive. Team loves him. Won't be around past 3rd anymore

    4th Rd - Trumaine Johnson - Can compete with Church at safety. Great range, and can cover receivers. Projects better as safety then corner in NFL

    5th Rd - Chris Rainey - Don't know if he will drop this far either. But proven return guy, and we can use him as slot receiver or running back in certain packages

    6th Rd - Michael Williams - Proven blocking TE that can replace Bennett. Helped Alabama running game immensely

    7th Rd - JB Shugarts - Can play tackle or guard. Better at guard, but can be used at tackle in emergency

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