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    I don’t thing we are far from becoming a great team, but we really need to put the resources towards the OL as well as focus on creating a better pass rush and secondary.

    I think having a full offseason with Ryan will go far in improving the overall defensive rating (3 less TDs over the course of the year and we are in the top 10 in scoring). Also putting Ratliff at DE and bringing in Finnegan as well as everyone getting on the same page defensively will improve the pass rush and secondary

    McBriar 2yr - if he checks out
    Robinson 3yr - Definite signing
    Spencer 3yr - While his productive wasn’t what we wanted, his overall performance I believe warrents a resigning.
    James 1yr - backup
    Bennett 2yr - great blocker-depends on the cost
    Fiammetta 2yr - great blocker
    Holley 1yr - special teams
    Elam 1yr - drafting replacement
    Ball 1yr - special teams/backup

    Kosier-need to move on

    Free Agents From Other Teams
    Carl Nicks, OG, New Orleans Saints
    Finnegen CB Tenn
    Jeff Saturday C Ind

    1 DeCastro G Stanford - Starter
    2 Dontari Poe NT Memphis - Starter
    3 Markelle Martin FS Okla ST-give him a year before he starts
    4 Michael Brewster C Ohio ST-give him a year before he starts
    5 Cliff Harris CB Oregon St-
    6 Mychal Kendricks ILB Cal
    7 Chris Rainey HB/KR Florida

    QB - Romo, McGee, FA
    FB - Fiammetta
    RB - Murray, Jones, Tanner
    WR - Austin, Bryant, Robinson, Holley, Harris, Rainey
    TE - Witten, Bennett, Phillips
    OT - Free, Smith, FA, FA
    OG - Nicks, DeCastro, Arkin/Nagy/Kowalski(pick 1)
    C - Saturday, Brewster

    DE - Spears, Ratliff, Hatcher, Lissemore, Geathers
    DT - Poe, Brent
    OLB - Ware, Spencer, Butler, Albright
    ILB - Lee, Carter, Kendricks, James
    CB - Finnegen, Jenkins, Scandrick, Harris, Ball
    S - Sensbaugh, Elam, Martin, Church, McCray

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    The Cowboys will not carry six WR's, so Holley will be gone

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    Did Dallas sign OG Brandon Carter. He was from Texas Tech.
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    Good draft but too much you're bringing back too much junk from years past IMO

    Oh and cliff Harris is a real bad pick

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