My "What I Think Jerry Will Do" Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy06, Apr 8, 2011.

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    I put this together without any trades (highly unlikely to happen)

    1. Tyron Smith-OT USC
    2. Benjamin Ijalaua G/potential Center--Villanova
    3. Eric Hagg-Safety and Nickel LB-Nebraska
    4. Jerrell Powe-NT, potential 3 technique in subpackages-Mississippi
    5. Rashad Carmichael-CB Virginia Tech
    6. Alex Green Hawaii-RB
    7. DeAndre Brown-WR Southern Miss
    • 7b (Compensatory Pick) Nick Bellore ILB Central Michigan
    I believe that Jason Garrett will have some influence on this draft that may actual curb Jerry's enthusiasm to trade and move around. Yet, I could be wrong. I also think that teams will be hesitant to gamble with Free Agency happening AFTER the draft.

    My quick thoughts on my selections are as follows:
    • Tyson Smith will most likely NOT be selected by Jerry, but he would be a good solid pick. Sometimes the obvious pick is the hardest pick for Jerry to pull the trigger on. He could potential start immediately on the right side of the line and then move to the left side the following year or just be a sound swing tackle the first year. Remember that Sam Young may come around and play some this year.
    • Benjamin Ijalaua is intriguing to me. I think IF healthy he could replace Kosier in the next year. He reportedly has a very high football IQ. I think that with the lockout and Jason Garrett running the team that smart players will be at a premium.
    • Eric Hagg can play LB, SS and FS. Rob Ryan will need flexible players to fit his scheme.
    • Jerrell Powe is a space heater and if properly motivated could play on 1st and 2nd downs and short yardage/goal line packages. I don't want Ratliff to move to DE full time, but it would be nice to have the option of moving him around to create matchup problems.
    • Rashad Carmichael Ballhawk, plays in positions, smart, potential slot cover man. Better in Zone, but with good coaching could good 3rd or 4th corner
    • Alex Green would be a good pass catcher, short yardage runner, and learned out to read blitz packages. If Marion is let go, would be a good person to bring in for a look see
    • DeAndre Brown is very tall and would be great on the goal line. Could be a undrafted FA. You can't create zize and he seems to use his size well. Hide him on a team for a year or so and he could be a steal
    • Nick Bellore is big and tough, could be a player that with better coaching could be a player that plays in early downs and plays faster than his 40 times when it's game time. Needs to play on the inside with smart players around him to keep him out of chasing runners and getting himself out of position.
    Well have at it and let me know what you think.
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    Excellent Draft.

    Ijalana could be the most underrated player in the draft. I think he is Top 4 at OT and top 2 at OG. At 6'3-1/2 he looks like a guard, but with 36" arms and very good athleticism he could play OT also. He might fall due to recent Hernia surgery.

    Ijalana reminds me of another small school guy with a small medical issure that played LT and both guards spots during his Cowboys career. (You might not remember, but LA required shoulder surgery after he was drafted. I think it was related to being stabbed when he was in high school).

    I like Hagg, but think he will be available at least 1 round later.
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    I don't like it because I don't see a kicker listed. ;)
  5. Cowboy06

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    I see your point about the title, but again it's Jerry that pulls the trigger regardless of what we all may think. I also believe that there are way too many players coming in and out and way too many visits to really narrow down who they may draft on that basis. In the past there have been too many players drafted that said they never even met with the Cowboys...perhaps that's a bad thing based on past drafts...
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    Nice post, but I have questions.....

    What makes you think Jerry wants to trade down?
    What makes you think Garrett would talk him out of it?

    Is it because you think any trade is a bad idea and if its a bad idea it must be Jerry's?

    Could it be possible that given the way the draft plays out in front of us and the offer we get to trade down, that trading down is the smart play?
  7. sonnyboy

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    I like him as well and he could fit multiple needs including our least discussed and that's back up LT. As I see it, Free is the only legit LT we have on the team.

    Everyone keeps talking OC/G type to replace Gurode when he doesn't need replacing, when I see a player like Ijalana, an OG/LT guy as a huge need.
  8. Cowboy06

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    I never said trade down. I said trade around. I don't think trading is a bad thing, but you must have a plan with the entire draft prior to trading any pick. If you reach or try to get cute you may miss out on a player you may need or covet. Nor do I think Jerry is the reason for all bad trades. I do believe however that he often reaches for need when he should just draft based on need and staying put with he draft positions.

    In fact I believe trading down in the 2nd and 3rd rounds can often be a very smart move because by then talent will begin to slide down based upon other teams draft needs.

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