My report of TO's camp (long)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboyeric8, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Was that before or after purposely failing an eye test so he could get the Cowboys playbook on an audio cassette?
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    If the money that goes to charity is the net proceeds, which is the gross income from the event minus the expenses of catering, etc., How much does TO actually contribute? He gets full tax deduction for the amount of the contribution without actually paying any of it out of his own money and looks like a hero. Pretty slick. Even if he matches the amount raised, he gets a deduction of twice his actual payment of his own money. Crafty to say the least. McDonald's does it all the time with those collection jars for Ronald McDonald house and other charities they collect for and get deductions for other peoples' contributions.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the practice, it's just a little misleading, that's all. The charity still gets the money, the collector gets extra credit and the CPA loves it. It's just not all it seems to be, that's all.

    I'm trying to like, or at least respect TO, but it ain't easy. Granted he's an excellent receiver, but it's hard to overlook his attitude and the things he has said and done for years. I'm even trying not to make any negative posts about him, but that ain't been easy either.

    I'm glad the kids got some good memories and some practical football tips to improve their game out of it and even if I wasn't in favor of it, I'm glad the kids got to go and report on their experiences and it looks like they are capable of making up their own mind about things.

    I'm just hangin' back and watchin' an' waitin'. No matter what happens, this is gonna be a very interesting year.
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    Cowboyeric good read. Thanks.

    Reading the reports it sounds as if you are right on about your opinions. I expected T.O to take a larger role in his camp, and I'm sure many of the participants/ parents did as well. About the autographs, that's a stinker. I'm sure many of the kids were disappointed that it was not real, or they will be.

    I am happy to hear you had a great time and got an award. Again thanks for the read!
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    Good report but hey, mine's longer :p:
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